23, May 2024
Exploring Japan’s Healthcare Landscape, Opportunities, and Challenges at MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO

Tokyo, Japan, May 23, 2024 — MEDICAL JAPAN 2024 is set to return from October 9 to 11 at Makuhari Messe, Japan, presenting an exclusive platform tailored for professionals spanning the medical, elderly care, pharmacy, and healthcare sectors while providing exhibitors and visitors access to the Japanese and Asian markets to expand their business footprint.

As a premier medical trade show organized by RX Japan Ltd., it serves as the optimal gateway for healthcare stakeholders looking to forge valuable connections and explore new opportunities in the region.

According to the Business Research Company, the global healthcare market is projected to reach $9,816.85 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3%. In the Asia-Pacific region, a CAGR exceeding 4% between 2022 and 2027 is anticipated due to rising demand for consumer health products. The adoption of advanced technology and robotics improves patient care and operational efficiency, with Health Tech solutions playing a vital role in addressing the needs of Japan’s aging population.

While Japan’s healthcare sector offers opportunities, breaking into the market also presents challenges, like Japan’s complex regulatory landscape, fiercely competitive market, and strict compliance to product safety, reliability, and efficacy.

Considering opportunities and challenges, MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO emerges as a beacon for healthcare exhibitors. This premier exhibition is an invaluable platform for companies to showcase products and services to a targeted audience of professionals, potential clients, and key decision-makers across medical, elderly care, pharmacy, and healthcare sectors. Exhibiting at the event signals credibility and commitment to the market, showing stakeholders dedication to serving healthcare industry needs.

One of the standout features of MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO is its emphasis on face-to-face interactions, fostering connections, collaborations, and partnerships, where exhibitors gather valuable contacts, explore sales leads, and nurture forged relationships further.

Moreover, the exhibition provides a conducive environment for firsthand market research. Engaging with attendees allows businesses to gain insights into market trends, customer preferences, and competitor offerings, empowering them to fine-tune market entry strategies.

This October 2024, MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO is poised to welcome a projected 18,000 visitors. The event boasts six dynamic sub-shows: Hospital Expo, Clinics Expo, Elderly Care & Welfare Expo, Pharmacy Solutions Expo, Infection Prevention Expo, and Japan Wellness & Health Expo. Adding to the excitement, this edition will introduce seven new fairs nestled within these sub-shows, catering to various facets of healthcare: Aesthetic Medicine Fair, Health Foods & Supplements Fair, Dental/Oral Care Fair, Nursing Fair, Sleep Fair, Work Style Reform for Doctors Fair, and Patient Acquisition Marketing Fair.

This diverse array of sub-shows and new fairs empowers exhibitors to strategically align their products with the most relevant expo, maximizing visibility and engagement. Similarly, visitors can swiftly discover tailored solutions within this comprehensive framework.

MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO is still open for exhibitors, including importers, distributors, and proprietors of hospitals, clinics, and elderly care facilities, to showcase their innovative products and solutions. Renowned as a premier event, it offers a seamless platform for connecting with key players in both Japanese and Asian markets.

23, May 2024
Author Don Mahoney’s New Book, Seventh Son of an Irishman

Author Don Mahoney’s New Book, Seventh Son of an Irishman

Hilton Head Island, SC, May 23, 2024 — Don Mahoney, who currently resides on Hilton Head Island where he is enjoying his retirement, has completed his new book, “Seventh Son of an Irishman”: a heartfelt memoir that documents the author’s life growing up in a large Irish American family, including the struggles they face, hilarious stories from his youth, and moments of triumphs as they navigated their journey in America together.

Mahoney begins his tale, “I was born the seventh son of eight siblings. This story is based on true events as I remember them. My mother was Doris Courtney, and my father was John Mahoney. They married and had eight children, seven boys and one girl. Each one has interesting life stories, but growing up together kept us all very close and was an adventure every day.”

Published by Page Publishing, Don Mahoney’s engaging tale will transport readers back in time to a bygone era as he shares moments from his family’s past with equal parts sincerity and humor. Deeply personal and emotionally stirring, Mahoney weaves an intimate self-portrait that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of readers, inviting them to spend time with the author’s family over and over again.

23, May 2024
JobAccess Launches a New Conversation Guide to Boost Employer Confidence on Workplace Adjustments

Sydney, Australia, May 23, 2024 –– JobAccess, an Australian Government-funded program, designed as the national hub for disability employment information, has launched a new Conversation Guide on workplace adjustments to facilitate an open, empathetic, and actionable discussion between employers and employees with disability.

The resource has been developed through feedback received in the recent national survey by JobAccess, which found that 6 in 10 Australians lack awareness of workplace adjustments.

The survey also highlighted that most people are unaware of the costs and benefits of implementing adjustments in the workplace. A common deterrent for employees to request adjustments was having to speak with their manager and the risk of being stigmatised.

“Having the conversation about workplace adjustments is usually half the battle. In most cases, employers and employees with disability aren’t sure how to approach the discussion and might not be aware of the supports available to them,” says JobAccess General Manager Daniel Valiente-Riedl.

Workplace adjustments are vital in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that promotes equal opportunities for everyone. They are an important enabler for people with disability to work safely, productively and feel included.

An effective conversation is a good starting point for employers and people with disability to help identify any barriers and find potential solutions. Offering workplace adjustments are critical to support people with disability in employment and help bridge Australia’s disability employment gap.

“This conversation guide is a ready-to-use, practical resource that employers and employees can download and apply in their discussions with openness and confidence,” Daniel adds.

Karla Fernee, National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) Manager emphasises, “Employers play a crucial role in fostering a supportive, inclusive, and safe workplace for both current and future employees. Knowing how to initiate the conversation about adjustments is key to understand and meet the diverse needs of your workforce.”

“This approach not only sets a positive tone across the organisation but also enhances employers’ confidence to attract, employ, and retain people with disability,” Karla adds.

The guide also features a list of good practice considerations for employees to identify and discuss workplace adjustments with their current or prospective employer.

Manager for Advisory and Workplace Adjustments at JobAccess, Georgia Miller says, “Sometimes people with disability may choose not to share information or talk about their disability in the workplace because of myths and misconceptions about disability. And, that completely one’s own choice,”

“However, it’s good if employees and candidates feel comfortable sharing information about their access requirements. It can build trust and create an open relationship between their manager and colleagues. It also enables employers to put effective adjustments in place to enhance workplace efficiency.”

“Each person’s accessibility needs are different. Making simple adjustments can support productivity, lead to greater job satisfaction, and help people with disability sustain employment,” Georgia concludes.

23, May 2024
Light Novel “ContRact” Gets Global Print Release

Danville, VA, May 23, 2024 –Brandon Nowakowski’s urban fantasy light novel “ContRact” will be globally distributed as a paperback book on Tuesday, May. 28. It is available for preorder through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

You can also ask if your local bookstore will order a copy of the book for you to pick up after its release. The retail price is $14.99.

Amazon preorders are available at mybook.to/ContRactVol1. Vic’s Lab, LLC, is serving as the distributor for the book.

To celebrate the print release, the ebook version of the book on Amazon is on sale until Sunday at various price points each day.

A short description of the novel from the back cover blurb is quoted below.

“Desire. Terms. Payment. Every contract needs them. There are rumors circulating that if you find a blank contract asking for only these things, you can fill out whatever you wish, and it’ll happen.

“College student Issa Aono dismisses this as just another urban legend … at least until the mysterious paper he finds is accidentally covered in blood and summons an interdimensional wish-granting vampire!

“It doesn’t help that she has no idea how to actually fulfill his contract and is now stuck as his roommate.

“As Issa adjusts to his bizarre new living conditions, he soon discovers that the world around him is influenced more by these contracts than he could ever have guessed.”

The novel was initially released in serialized format on Kindle Vella as a timed exclusive. The first three episodes can be read for free, and additional episodes can be unlocked by using Kindle Vella tokens. To find the Kindle Vella version of the book, search “ContRact by Brandon Nowakowski” on Amazon.com or use this URL: www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0C57TVVLH.

Vic’s Lab, LLC, which was founded in 2014, is the first U.S. publisher focused on original English light novels (OELNs). OELNs are short novels similar to Japanese light novels but originally written in English. The company focuses on fans of young adult books inspired by manga/anime, superhero movies/comic books, video games, and similar media.

The company has a social network at VicsLab.com, where members can read or post stories and connect with fans and authors.

23, May 2024
Women-Owned Ventures Lead Advocacy Efforts in Washington

Women-Owned Ventures Lead Advocacy Efforts in Washington

Seattle, WA, May 23, 2024 –The event took place in Washington, D.C which included Diane Najm, Founder/CEO PhotoPad for Business, Erin Alexander, CEO Finally Social, Valarie L. Harris, CEO Varris Marketing, Heather Saulsbury, Co-Founder/CEO PNWBUSHCRAFT and Vimbainashe Madya, CEO Vimbai Madya.Together, these businesses wielded their collective voice to champion small enterprises, sharing insights into the challenges and opportunities arising from digital transformation. Vimbainashe Madya emphasized the potency of data-driven advertising for small businesses, citing its ability to enhance targeting and bolster profitability. However, she cautioned against excessive restrictions on data usage, which could impede growth.

Furthermore, Diane Najm expressed, “As a female founder and advocate for small businesses, especially women-owned businesses, “that any proposed legislation should prioritize small businesses, especially micro businesses such as ‘main street mom and pop shops’ which face different challenges than larger corporations.”

During the event, These Women Business Owners from Washington State engaged with esteemed Washington State representatives, Senator Maria Cantwell and Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, delving into the intricate ways that digital transformations and privacy concerns impact our businesses. All Women owned Businesses seized the opportunity to discuss potential policy adjustments crucial to shaping the trajectory of small business success and growth. Erin Alexander, reflecting on her experience, highlighted the inevitability of challenges for small business owners, particularly as a woman-owned minority entrepreneur of American Indian descent, navigating unique obstacles. Furthermore, Valerie Harris underscored the importance of addressing the advertising cost gap between small and large businesses. She expressed concerns that removing targeted ads for small businesses could hinder their ability to reach their audience and remain competitive in the digital landscape. Reflecting on the experience, Heather Saulsbury remarked, “Engaging with Senator Cantwell’s office was truly remarkable. We had the chance to share our family’s journey as a small rural business in Whatcom County, highlighting the potential implications of forthcoming legislation on our online customer outreach. It was an invaluable exchange.” Participating in the Meta Business Leadership Network event was a unique opportunity for all to share their story and connect with other business owners across the United States. Small businesses are the heart of the communities, and all proud to be a representative for the small business community at this prestigious Meta Business Leadership Network 2024 in DC event.

As Women Owned Businesses collectively are grateful to Meta for providing a platform to amplify the importance of small businesses in Washington State communities, economy, and society as a whole.

23, May 2024
RoddyMedical Selected for Mayo Clinic & ASU MedTech Accelerator Program

RoddyMedical Selected for Mayo Clinic & ASU MedTech Accelerator Program

Wauwatosa, WI, May 23, 2024 –RoddyMedical, a Wisconsin-based medical device company, has been chosen as one of ten participants for the MedTech Accelerator program hosted by Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University (ASU). This exclusive program, now in its fifth year, offers a platform for companies like RoddyMedical to engage with top global experts in healthcare, business and entrepreneurship over a 10-day period.

Pat Deno, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of RoddyMedical, expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Being selected as one of ten cohort companies, out of hundreds of global applicants, to attend the MedTech Accelerator program means that our patient-centric approach to improving clinical safety and patient outcomes and saving lives with the SecureMove-TLC ® is being recognized by leading healthcare institutions like Mayo Clinic and ASU.”

The program culminated in a pitch contest where RoddyMedical’s SecureMove-TLC®, a wearable, single-use line securement device, obtained the Audience Choice award, highlighting its significance in enhancing patient safety, comfort, and therapy efficiency.

Lindsey Roddy, Founder & CEO of RoddyMedical, emphasized the transformative experience of attending the program, “Having the opportunity to attend the MedTech Accelerator program and create lasting relationships with others who have been on a journey similar to ours has already been transformative for our business. We look forward to strengthening our network and expertise with guidance and collaboration from Mayo Clinic and ASU, and continuing to grow our patient safety and mobility solutions to support healthcare organizations around the world.”

23, May 2024
MICRODIA Launches Flagship Store on Amazon Japan

San Jose, CA, May 23, 2024 –Global electronics manufacturer MICRODIA proudly announced its flagship storefront on the Amazon Japan marketplace, as it seeks to further develop its presence in the East Asian nation’s mobile electronics and accessory landscape.

The launch of the MICRODIA store on Amazon Japan’s marketplace builds upon the brand’s presence in the country through relationships with major electronics retailers and distributors. It provides a direct sales channel for MICRODIA to introduce its portfolio of innovative mobile accessories and productivity solutions to a broader audience of technology buyers across Japan.

“We’ve received tremendous support from our Japanese partners and customers since first entering the market years ago,” said Louis Leung, Founder and CEO of MICRODIA. “Launching our own dedicated store on Amazon Japan takes our presence to a whole new level, allowing many more technology fans to experience our hallmark of innovative design, quality engineering, and excellent customer service.”

The purpose of setting up flagship stores across various Amazon marketplaces is to gain quality recognition through certification processes, boost brand recognition internationally, complement regional and local distributors through branding and product information support, provide global purchase access that complements localized distribution, and ensure market exposure as major brands maintain flagship stores.

Housed within the Amazon Japan digital and physical infrastructure, the new MICRODIA store will bring the brand’s catalog of high-quality products to consumers’ fingertips.

Initial highlights may include the popular SNAPStation wireless charging stations, which offer fast and efficient inductive power for multiple devices simultaneously. Also featured are MICRODIA’s renowned lightning fast GaN wall chargers, available in varying power options from 30W to 200W to offer the most advanced, quickest, and safest mobile charging experience.

With strategic placement alongside top consumer electronics brands on Amazon’s Japanese mega-marketplace, the new online store provides MICRODIA enhanced visibility and easy discoverability. It also affords the opportunity to reach new potential buyers through Amazon’s extensive selection of products.

23, May 2024
Flexxbotics Expands Robot Compatibility with Hexagon for In-Line Inspection

Boston, MA, May 23, 2024 — Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, today announced advanced robotic machine tending in-line inspection connectivity compatible with the full line-up of Hexagon inspection equipment. Now, companies can enable robot-driven manufacturing with Flexxbotics using Hexagon to achieve precision quality with six sigma consistency and faster cycle-times.The new Flexxbotics capabilities enable higher yields and greater throughput on complex parts for increased profit per part.

Flexxbotics solution’s breakthrough innovation, the FlexxCORE technology, enables the robots to securely connect and communicate with Hexagon machines. With Flexxbotics the robots receive closed-loop feedback based on automated inspection results enabling real-time adjustments to CNC machine programs for autonomous process control. With in-line inspection, Flexxbotics orchestrates the fleets of robots in the smart factory to achieve continuous unattended operations.

Hexagon offers a wide range of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) for high precision measuring tasks, as well as, laser scanners, laser tool setters, infrared probing systems, radio wave-probing systems and production probe systems. Flexxbotics compatibility includes Hexagon’s PC-DMIS CMM for bridge and gantry CMMs, the TEMPO robotic-enabled CMM system, NC measuring software, the full Q-DAS product line for Statistical Process Control (SPS), and Intelligent Machine Control (IMC).

“We believe in-line inspection technologies make autonomy in the smart factory possible, providing the closed-loop coordination necessary for autonomous process control,” said Tyler Modelski, CTO & Co-founder of Flexxbotics. “That’s why we have focused on making inspection equipment interoperable with CNC machines and the production robots which control and coordinate robot-driven manufacturing.”

Flexxbotics robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of the Smart Factory, delivering robot-driven manufacturing at scale with autonomous process control for continuous operations. Flexxbotics’ SaaS/hybrid architecture runs both online and offline so production continues with or without internet access, and Flexxbotics works with existing business systems such as CAD/CAM, DNC, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, MES, ERP, PLM and others for comprehensive process integration.

A full set of bi-directional communications, transforms and routing capabilities are available in Flexxbotics for the inspection tools, robots, and machinery that are connected including loading programs, sending instructions, updating parameters and status awareness depending on the machinery’s capabilities so the robots drive the Hexagon equipment along with the CNC machines and other asset in the smart factory.

“We see the inspection equipment in the smart factory as the ‘eyes & ears’ of the robots running lights out manufacturing,” said Tyler Bouchard, CEO & Co-founder of Flexxbotics. “By connecting Hexagon’s inspection capabilities to production robotics with Flexxbotics, global companies are able to achieve next generation manufacturing at unprecedented scale.”

23, May 2024
Stock & Trade Design Co. Announces the Opening of Stock & Trade Outlet in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, May 23, 2024 –Stock & Trade Design Co., renowned for helping customers elevate their living spaces with timeless elegance and unparalleled style, is excited to announce the launch of its new outlet store, Stock & Trade Outlet, in Atlanta, Georgia. This change to the Stock & Trade family of stores offers savvy shoppers exclusive access to designer furniture at a reduced cost.

With established locations in Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Nashville, TN, Spanish Fort, AL, and Destin, FL, Stock & Trade Design Co. has built a reputation for exceptional quality and impeccable taste. The new Stock & Trade Outlet in Atlanta serves as our flagship outlet, featuring a curated selection of top-tier brands. This initiative makes luxury home decor more accessible than ever before.

In addition to the new outlet in Atlanta, Stock & Trade Design Co.’s main stores in Birmingham, Nashville, Spanish Fort, and Destin continue to showcase an extensive range of furniture collections, decor accessories, and design services and solutions. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and timeless design, each store provides a unique shopping experience.

The Stock & Trade Outlet in Atlanta is now open and welcoming customers. For more information about Stock & Trade Design Co. and the new Stock & Trade Outlet, please visit our websites at stockandtrade.com, and stockandtradeoutlet.com.

23, May 2024
Web3 Enabler Partners with Pound Token to Launch Blockchain Payments v1.7 for Salesforce

Miami, FL, May 23, 2024 — Web3 Enabler, the leading provider of blockchain payment solutions within Salesforce, proudly announces the launch of version 1.7 of its Blockchain Payments extension, alongside a significant partnership with Pound Token (1GBP), the first regulated GBP stablecoin issuer in the British Isles. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in simplifying transactions in the Web3 space for Salesforce users globally.

The latest version, branded as “Blockchain Payments for Salesforce,” is uniquely positioned to support businesses looking to embrace cryptocurrency, particularly through the acceptance of Pound Token. This integration not only facilitates seamless crypto transactions but also enables companies to tap into new markets with the trusted, stable value of 1GBP.

With the combined strengths of Salesforce’s leading CRM capabilities and the innovative blockchain technology from Pound Token, companies can now manage their finances in the crypto space more straightforwardly and securely, ensuring they stay at the forefront of digital payment solutions.

Alex Hochberger, CEO of Web3 Enabler, emphasizes the impact of this partnership: “The integration of Pound Token into our Blockchain Payments extension is a game-changer for businesses within Salesforce. This strategic partnership not only enhances our platform’s capabilities but also aligns perfectly with our vision to make blockchain transactions accessible and beneficial for all enterprises.”

Mike Crosbie, CEO of Pound Token, adds: “I am excited to witness the transformative impact our partnership with Web3 Enabler will have on global commerce. By embedding Poundtoken into Salesforce, we are not just simplifying transactions but are also pioneering the future of financial technology. Our goal is clear—to make digital transactions not only easier but inherently secure, propelling businesses into a new era of efficiency and trust.”

The release of Blockchain Payments v1.7 and the partnership with Pound Token are set to revolutionize how companies transact using cryptocurrencies, offering a robust, secure, and innovative platform to leverage the growing digital economy.

Web3 Enabler’s Blockchain Payments v1.7, featuring Pound Token integration, is available immediately for all existing customers. New clients are encouraged to explore the transformative potential of combining Salesforce with leading crypto payment solutions through Web3 Enabler’s innovative offerings.