2, Jun 2023
Nestlé Health Science collaborates with IAPEN to strengthen awareness on Gut Health Management

Nestlé Health Science

As part of its commitment to enable people to live healthier lives, Nestlé Health Science collaborated with the GI Core Committee at Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition on World Digestive Health Day. Nestlé Health Science, a part of Nestlé India has roped in strategic partners, clinical research, and advanced education association to drive awareness on gut health management. The collaboration is aimed at providing education on possible solutions to gut issues and positively impact the confidence and lifestyle of those who suffer from it.

Through the collaboration, Nestlé Health Science reached out to more than 800 Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs) across 26 chapters of IAPEN. The Healthcare Practitioners were briefed on the role of Prebiotics & Immunonutrients in gut health along with probiotic supplementation, and Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum (PHGG) as a novel gut health solution. The educational session was led by Dr Biju Pottakkat, Associate Dean Research and Head, Surgical Gastroenterology, JIPMER and Dr Amit Goel, Professor & Head of Hepatology, SGPGIMS, Lucknow followed by Dr Jalil Benyacoub, Global Medical Affairs Lead, Nestlé Health Science, Chairman, ILSI Europe, PhD, University of Lausanne.

Dr Sreemathy Venkatraman, Clinical Dietitian & National Executive Committee member IAPEN India commented “Many patients are in need for a gut health solution that is not only effective but is also gentle on the body. Today’s engagement was to educate our colleagues how a combination of prebiotic and immunonutrients can help improve the gut health of any individual. We are happy to see reputed organizations in this space are trying to address a strong need gap.”

Mansi Khanna, Head, Nestlé Health Science commented, “We are proud to collaborate with a reputed body like IAPEN to drive awareness around a category that people are usually hesitant to talk about. At Nestlé Health Science India we strive to empower individuals with the power of nutrition to help them live healthier lives, including advanced innovative solutions. We recently launched Resource Fiber Choice, a unique gut health solution to address a key consumer need gap. It contains PHGG (Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum) which is a prebiotic dietary fiber that is proven to help relive constipation and improve gut health. It is also rich in immune nutrients, easy to consume and can be mixed in water or any beverage and food.”

Nestlé Health Science is a global leader in the space of nutritional science. It focuses on advancing the therapeutic role of nutrition to change the course of health management for consumers, patients, doctors, nurses, and its partners in healthcare. The key products include- RESOURCE High Protein, OPTIFAST and RESOURCE Diabetic, PEPTAMEN, RESOURCE Dialysis and Thicken Up Clear. Nestlé Health Science also has a dedicated team of clinical experts who engage with healthcare practitioners across India for awareness and education.

1, Jun 2023
Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids: 6 Fun and Nutritious Options

Healthy Summer Snacks

The much-anticipated summer vacations have begun and it is time for more outdoor play. The temperature during summer rises with each passing day and one common concern among parents is whether their children are getting enough fluids in their bodies to bear the heat. It is necessary to keep kids healthy and hydrated — but it’s not always easy! Dr. Ganesh Kadhe, Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Abbott’s Nutrition business shares 6 nutritious and hydrating foods that you can feed your kid this summer:

  • Cut up Fruits: Watery fruits like watermelon, oranges, and apricot can boost your kid’s hydration. Apart from being rich in water, these fruits are also good sources of vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium which have several health benefits[i], [ii], [iii], [iv], [v]. These fruits can be served in smaller pieces or even sliced into shapes like triangles, stars, and rounds.
  • Popsicles: Kids love popsicles. If getting your child to drink liquids is becoming a challenge, you can make a popsicle out of fresh fruit juices or even their favourite fruit milkshakes in a small glass. These are also excellent choices for children who may be craving something cold. These popsicles can provide both fluid and key nutrients from fruits that can help them rehydrate.
  • Fruit Lassi: If your child shies away from drinking the required amount of water, try serving a yoghurt and milk based lassi to them. This can be given to them in their favourite cup and throw in a silly straw in their favourite colour to get them excited about drinking the lassi. For example, you can make a papaya and pineapple lassi which make the drink more appealing to your child’s taste buds. Additionally, pineapple is not only high in water content[vi] but also a significant source of vitamin C making it an excellent summer fruit option. Papaya on the other hand, is high in vitamin A and C [vii].
  • Vegetable Salad: A bowl of mixed vegetable salad is a great source of protein and fiber. Salad consisting of watery yellow and green vegetables like cucumber, watermelon, olives, and cherry tomatoes can be a perfect summer savoury.
  • Tea Party: Offer your child warm kid-friendly teas, such as peppermint or chamomile. Having a teddy bear or doll tea party might encourage some children to drink up and hydrate. Natural compounds in peppermint may have beneficial effects on energy as well for your kid’s playtime[viii] whereas chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory qualities and is high in nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and folate[ix].
  • Spa water: Spa water is for kids, too! Add sliced strawberries, cucumbers, or lemons to your child’s glass of water to give it a flavour and colour boost. They have hydrating properties and will also appeal to children. Berries can also add a sweet flavour to water and can be added for that bright colour pop.

If your child is a fussy eater, it may be difficult to ensure they are getting the right nutrition through their food during the summers. Serving these fun and colourful food options will make it easier for you to incorporate nutritious foods in their diet. Consider trying a combination of these options to help your child maintain a consistent intake of fluids and nutritious food throughout the day this season.

29, May 2023
Dr Shashi Tharoor launches Kamal Shah’s new book Silver Lining

Dr Shashi Tharoor launches

Hyderabad, 29th May 2023: Dr Shashi Tharoor. Indian politician and Member of Parliament (MP) launched a new book titled “Silver Lining – Overcoming Adversity to Build NephroPlus, India’s Largest Dialysis Provider” written by NephroPlus co-founder and author Kamal Shah. The event was also graced by the presence of renowned singer Usha Uthup. The book details the journey of Kamal Shah and how his spirit of resilience and perseverance has led to tremendous achievements and triumph.

The book, published by one of India’s leading publishers Penguin Random House, reveals how the young Mr Shah overcame huge health setbacks and has today built one of India’s leading health institutions. A first-of-its-kind story in India, the book is a testimony of how the 21-year-old Kamal Shah was struck by kidney failure which threatened to end his life, but he fought back to not only survive but thrive despite the punishing setbacks he had time and again.

Kamal Shah Co-founder, NephroPlus, narrates his story as he witnessed people facing diverse challenges today. “I simply want to let them know that they’re not alone, and no matter how rough the road may seem, they can’t stop pushing. I encountered a lot of challenges after kidney disease struck, but they made me stronger. I took the pain and adversity and turned them into lessons. I’m glad I have been able to bring about solutions in the healthcare sector and I hope my book inspires people around the world,”

Silver Lining is written in a narrative voice as Mr Shah takes the reader through his journey of strength and stoic bravery, overcoming each challenge that life threw at him. The first part of the book captures this gruesome journey of Kamal Shah told in a cheerful voice. The language is both emotional and uplifting and is sure to encourage and inspire everyone going through similar health challenges or setbacks in life.

The second part of the book details Kamal’s entrepreneurial journey and how he has used his personal experience to transform NephroPlus into India’s largest chain of dialysis centres that is passionate about the treatment of patients and ensures they lead a good life. This informed the introduction of protocolised dialysis care at NephroPlus to ensure they live quality lives through events like the world’s first Dialysis Olympiad for patients.

The chief guest and endorser of the book, Dr Shashi Tharoor, an Indian politician and a Member of Parliament (MP), in his words said, “Kamal Shah, a dialysis patient himself, refused to let his disease defeat him, instead, he used it as a source of inspiration; how could he prevent others from suffering as he had? It was this focused mission that gave rise to NephroPlus, a story Shah tells deftly here. His journey is a truly inspiring one, and I’m glad he has decided to put it on record forever, even for generations yet unborn.”

Apart from Dr Shashi Tharoor, the book is also endorsed by playback singer Usha Uthup, R Gopalakrishnan – author, business commentator and former executive director at Tata Sons, and film producer Madhu Mantena. The book can be found in all leading bookstores and online e-commerce platforms, including Amazon.

NephroPlus, the company he co-founded along with Mr Vikram Vuppala, is a patient-centric dialysis company which has revolutionized kidney care and treatment in India and beyond. The brand is today India’s largest dialysis services company, with centres spread across the country and beyond.

29, May 2023
On World Digestive Health Day, Paediatrician Urges Parents to Prioritize Children’s Gut Health to Prevent Common Digestive Problems

New Delhi, 29th May 2023 World Digestive Health Day comes as a gentle reminder for all of us to keep our guts healthy. However, to keep the gut of the children healthy to prevent the emerging common digestive problems, paediatrician urges parents to be to prioritize children’s gut health to prevent common digestive problems. The commonly observed problems of the gut in children are constipation, hyperacidity and diarrhoea. Constipation affects up to 30% of children [1]. This is the most common cause of stomach pain in children and is often overlooked. Hyperacidity affects 22-25% of infants in India [2]. Diarrhoea kills an estimated 300,000 children under-five in India each year. [3]

Dr Arun Wadhwa,

Elaborating on the importance of digestive health in children, Dr Arun Wadhwa, Visiting Consultant, Paediatrics, Rainbow Children Hospital, New Delhi said, “Diarrhoea is a very common problem in the early years and it is not necessarily related to teething. You should immediately start WHO’s ORS, probiotics and Zinc if not given in the last three months. It may take 5-7 days to settle and don’t be in a rush to start antibiotics – unless there is blood in stools.”

It is also important that children are properly vaccinated with rotavirus and measles vaccines. This greatly helps in preventing diarrhoea. On observing any symptoms of digestive problems or for information related to vaccination, immediate consultation with a paediatrician is required.

Adding further Dr Wadhwa says, “Hyperacidity and reflux in infants below 9 months of age are also common problems. Most of them will settle with age and proper diet, though, rarely we may need a course of appropriate antacid medication.”

Trillions of bacteria live inside our gut. For those who think bacteria is only of the bad kind, think again! In our gut, thrives an ecosystem of bacteria that is very important for our health, especially for our developing children.

Uncomfortable digestion, stomach aches, poor nutrient absorption, poor immunity and sleep, mood fluctuations and general fatigue and tiredness are commonly observed symptoms of a poorly functioning gut. All these can have a detrimental impact on the overall well-being of any individual, especially the children.

There are many ways to boost children’s gut health such as breastfeeding them including more fibre in their diet, cutting down on fatty foods and opting for probiotics. Giving children small and frequent meals, ensuring adequate water intake and encouraging them to go out and play, providing safe outdoor exposure, are very useful for their gut health. Avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics is very important as these cause serious problems to their gut.

The significant role of our gut health in ensuring holistic health is well-known. With 70-80% of immune cells being present in the gut, [4] this is very important for everyone, especially for the parents to pledge to invest in their child’s gut health to improve their overall health and set them up for good health later in life.

25, May 2023
Apollo Hospitals Addresses Employee Well-Being at HR Conclave 2023

New Delhi, 25th May 2023: With an objective to address mental wellbeing for healthcare professionals, Apollo Hospitals, Group, hosted the HR Conclave 2023 in New Delhi. The event was addressed by Dr Tarun Sahni, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi and Dr Nandini Ali, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Hospitals Group who spoke about harnessing the benefits of a dynamic health ecosystem.

Addressing the conference, Dr Tarun Sahni, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, said,” We believe that a dynamic health ecosystem is the cornerstone of unlocking untapped potential within employees, leading to enhanced performance and productivity. By prioritizing comprehensive healthcare strategies, we empower individuals to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through our innovative approach, we are revolutionizing the workplace by fostering a culture of well-being, enabling organizations to harness the full capabilities of their workforce and achieve unprecedented success.”

Dr Nandini Ali, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “Our mission at Apollo Hospitals is to cultivate a culture of well-being that not only fosters healthier lifestyles but also drives productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction among employees. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs seeking to enhance their employees’ performance. The hospital’s holistic approach encompasses personalized health assessments, wellness programs, mental health support, and cutting-edge technological solutions, designed to empower individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.”

At the event the leaders highlighted the importance of cultivating an eco-environment where every individual’s engagement & wellbeing can flourish, and also that prioritizing holistic development and happiness of the people should be of utmost importance to organisations.

22, May 2023
SPARSH Group of Hospitals Hosts Graduate Felicitation Ceremony 2023 for SPARSH Academy Fellows

SPARSH Group of Hospitals Hosts

Bangalore,22nd May 2023 In what was a coveted and eagerly anticipated day, over 75 fellows were felicitated by SPARSH Academy, the educational wing of the renowned healthcare services provider in Karnataka, the SPARSH Group of Hospitals. The specialist medical graduates were provided certificates and mementoes of their achievements by the legendary orthopaedic surgeons and educationalists – Dr. Sharan Patil, Chairman of SPARSH Academy, Chairman of SPARSH Group of Hospitals and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon and the Guest of Honour at the event – Dr A V Gurava Reddy, Chairman and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon of Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad.

It is to be noted that the Chief Anaesthesiologist at SPARSH, Dr Sharanu Patil was recently appointed Dean of the Academy. At the event, the SPARSH Alumni Association was also launched with the adoption of the Association Charter by the Founding Executive Committee which consisted of Dr Ravikumar Mukartihal (President), Dr Chandan S (Vice President), Dr Vikram GK Bhat (Hon. Secretary), Dr John Paul M (Faculty Nominee) and Dr Chetan N (Treasurer).

The SPARSH Academy’s Vision is to educate and train post-medical students, and fellows in the art and science of medical and surgical practice including diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases as well as communication, professionalism, and ethical principles which are believed to be integral to the training of any medical leader.

Dr. Sharan Patil in his Inaugural Address stated: “SPARSH Academy was set up on the strong belief that an enquiring mind facilitates constant learning is the most enriching process for any human mind. We opened our doors to the student community to keep this quest for greater knowledge alive. The vibrant energy that comes with becoming a teaching and learning organization will help in propagating knowledge and wisdom. It allows us to multiply our impact exponentially and this is one of the most significant ways that we contribute to our society and build a larger legacy of professionals who are committed to serving the human race.

“Education is the Bedrock of our Legacy. We remain Differentiated because we Share”– these are the words that encapsulate my vision for the unique SPARSH culture. I look forward to building a larger presence for our Academy with a dedicated Campus and R&D wing soon. Education and Innovation are at the heart of our growth plans at SPARSH.”

“I was a fellow in joint replacement surgery at SPARSH in 2022. This event brought back some wonderful memories of my times with colleagues and mentors at the Hospital. It was a great platform to meet everyone and I am excited that with the Alumni formation, I can continue to engage with them while also getting the opportunity to connect with the wider network. I hope to be part of all the activities.” said Dr Sriharsha B, MS ORTHO, FIJR, FASM. Assistant professor at ESIC and Model Hospital Rajajinagar, one of the graduates who were felicitated at the ceremony.

Addressing the graduating medical students at the gala ceremony, noted orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. A.V. Gurava Reddy said: “It was a great fortune and privilege for me to attend the 1st annual meet of SPARSH in Bangalore. Sharan Patil has been a good friend of mine for the last 20 years and he is a great teacher, academician, entrepreneur and more than anything an excellent human being. I believe that whatever Sharan does, he does with style and aplomb. The alumni meeting also showcased his style and it was very well organised and attended. I was very happy to see these youngsters getting inspired with each other and I spoke to them about the 12 ingredients I believe they need to have to achieve peace and prosperity in life. It was a wonderful interaction with them and I am certain the SPARSH Alumni Association will grow to become the platform for many youngsters to launch their careers and be groomed for higher positions in the future. I request all the Alumni members to play an active role and interact with each other for many more years to come. Well done Sharan and SPARSH team!”

The graduation event also saw the presence of doctors, specialists, and heads of the group’s hospitals. The Academy encourages collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork, recognizing that healthcare is a complex and multifaceted endeavour that requires the input and expertise of professionals from various disciplines.

15, May 2023
14 year old boy with a rare disease of nerves Guillain Barre syndrome got new lease of life

15 May 2023:  Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur is a leading healthcare provider with a tradition of care and innovation that makes this hospital a boon for patients in Central India. Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur , which handles critical patients, successfully treated yet another critically ill 14 year old boy. Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur again proved their mettle and saved the boy from being handicapped for the rest of life.

Master Pranav Thombare is a 14 year old boy living in Village near Akola. On the 3rd day after the Holi festival, he complained of weakness in his legs with pain. Thinking it to be a trivial complaint or the boy’s reluctance to go to school, parents sent him to school anyway and a few hours later they got a call from school that he had collapsed in his classroom and was unable to get up. Frantically, his parents went to see their only son and then to a local hospital where he was initially diagnosed with dehydration and syncope.

When he progressively worsened and started experiencing difficulty breathing, he was referred to Wockhardt hospitals Nagpur . Dr Amit Bhatti, who is the consultant neurologist and stroke specialist diagnosed him with a rare disease of nerves known as Guillain Barre syndrome aka GB syndrome in which there auto immune destruction of the myelin coating of nerves and sometimes even the peripheral nerves leading to inability of transmission of signals from brain to the muscles all over body.

When he came to hospital he was so weak, he could barely move his fingers and was not able to breath due to respiratory muscle paralysis. He was promptly intubated and put on a mechanical ventilator and was started on IVIG therapy which is immunoglobulin derived from pooled plasma of blood donors. To add to the complications, the patient had also developed an inability to swallow anything, even his own saliva, which led to development of aspiration pneumonia and sepsis.

Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur multidisciplinary approach between neurology, intensive care and other departments , prompt initiation of therapy and with mechanical ventilation, he was initially stabilized and then over a period of next 4 weeks improved progressively where he is now independent for activities of daily living and able to walk with minimal support.

Dr Amit Bhatti said this is a very rare case but he is of the opinion that with good physiotherapy and neuro rehabilitation, he should be back to his previous physical level in a few months.

This case highlights the importance of early diagnosis and treatment initiation and multidisciplinary approach between neurology, intensive care and physiotherapy departments for better recovery because delay in initiation of immunotherapy may lead to permanent damage to peripheral nerves which at times may even be permanent and life-threatening. And this is where the hospitals approach helps to treat the patient successfully.

Dr. Amit Bhatti is a virtuoso clinical neurologist with further specialization in Intervention Neurological procedures and Stroke. He is an expert in the comprehensive care of patients with brain stroke and diseases related to the blood vessels of the brain. Apart from stroke, he is an expert in the management of various types of headaches, epilepsy, and Neuroimmunological disorders. He has a sharp research acumen and has many international and national research articles to his credit including the pioneering work on Indian pediatric stroke treatment using mechanical thrombectomy and rescue Stenting for brain strokes in adults.

15, May 2023
Foot & Leg Clinic in Mysore by HOSMAT

Foot & Leg Clinic

Mysore, May 15, 2023 – HOSMAT Hospitals Bengaluru has announced an OPD centre in association with MERITUS Diagnostics Mysore to conduct Foot & Leg clinic every first and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Dr. Ananya Puttaraju, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will conduct the clinic and suggest remedies.

Citizens of Mysore can seek an appointment on 9342531493/8884346111 for diabetic foot, neuropathy foot, Fractures/leg injuries, leg length discrepancy, clubfoot, flat foot, heal pain, Gait(Walking/posture) correction, deformed foot.

Dr Ananya Puttaraju feels that world class experpertise should be made available to everyone in the state. The foot screening will be done using latest screening technology to give solutions based on their needs.

Flatfoot is a condition where the arches on the inside of foot flatten when pressure is put on them. Usually, these feet point outward and the entire soles touch the ground. Flat feet are observed commonly in newly born and the arch develops over time. But In some children it fails to develop. Flat foot can also develop later in life after an injury or from the simple wear-and-tear stresses of age.

Robotic Total Knee Replacement
Robotic –assisted Knee replacement is a precise method to achieve the right angle, accuracy and cut of the knee so that the implant can fit as per your leg structure. It Provides, Absolute precision & accuracy, less blood loss, less post-operative pain, early discharge from hospital and early recovery.

HOSMAT Hospital is the first Comprehensive Tertiary care hospital in India specializing in Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Accident & trauma care, Plastic & reconstructive surgery and Sports medicine. HOSMAT stands for Hospital for Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine, Arthritis and Accident Trauma.
Having built a legacy of 30 years since its inception in 1992, more than 15 lakh patients from India and International have been treated at HOSMAT.

The hospital has now branched into 3 different hospitals which are strategically located across Bengaluru. With the upcoming third unit, the hospital has a combined strength of 550 beds, 27 operating rooms that makes it one of the largest Comprehensive Orthopaedics and Neuro Science Centre in India.

Under the leadership of Dr. Thomas A. Chandy, Chairman & Managing Director and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon in HOSMAT, hospital has renowned Orthopaedic surgeon trained from UK, USA and Premier medical institutions in India who specializes in Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, Ligament repairs and surgeries (ACL & MCL), Sports Medicine, Illizarov and Trauma care for both Adult and Paediatrics.

The dedicated Neuro & Spine centre has treated more than 1lakh patients and provide a holistic approach in Spine pain and management. The renowned surgeons weigh in the need of surgery or image guided injection for management of spine pain.

The Cosmetic, Plastic and reconstructive department is one of the finest and practices utmost organ preservation and reconstruction in trauma patients.

10, May 2023
C20 Summit on Technology and Security for One World to be inaugurated at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, on May 13, 2023

Mumbai / May 10, 2023: The C20 Summit on Technology and Security for One World is going to be held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, on May 12-14, 2023, hosted by an official Engagement Groups of the C20: Technology, Security and Transparency.

Several key dignitaries would be present during the inaugural ceremony. These include Shri RN Ravi, Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu; Ltd Gen Dr. Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Coordinator, PMO, India; Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Vice Chairman, Mata Amritanandamayi Math and Troika Member C20; Vijay Nambiar, Sherpa C20 and Former UN Secretary Generals Special Advisor; Vilas Dhar, President and Trustee of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation; Micha Weis, Strategic financial cyber-leader and advisor for the Israeli Ministry of Finance; Bharati Ghosh, National Spokesperson of BJP & Member of National Executive Committee of BJP; Dr. Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. Virtual Participation includes Sonya Kilkenny, Member of Parliament, Victorian Government, Australia; and Ah Mafuthan, Troika member C20, Indonesia.

World-renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) is the Chair of C20. Amma said “Amma sees the world as a flower. Each country is a petal of the flower. The foundation of all positive change is true education. Along with knowledge about the world, we have to understand ourselves. Only then will our education be complete. Technology has truly revolutionized human life, but its negative aspects raise alarming concerns about the future of human kind.” Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri “The C20 Working Group on Technology, Security and Transparency is focused on access and affordability of innovative technologies for social impact, and the value the CSOs provide towards fostering consistency, accountability, and scale for technology development and diffusion. It is imperative that Civil Society Organizations have their voices represented, along with the private and governmental sectors. We are looking forward to this Summit to launch key initiatives that are essential for CSOs and NGOs to learn about key technology that help their business for additional impact to help society.”

Dr. Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google and co-founder of the internet and Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of the Boston Global Forum, and will address the delegates virtually.

Marco Teixeira, United Nations Representative on Drugs and Crime for South Asia; Marcele Frossard, Policy advisor, National Campaign for the Right to Education, Brazil; Dhayalan Matthew Chetty, Impact Area Manager, e-Government at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa; and Lindy Wafula, Village Ventures Kenya will also be speaking at the Summit.

Across two days of the Summit, hundreds of delegates from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the technology landscape will participate in policy meetings, discussions, and workshops to formulate policies on the access and use of technology, enhanced security, and improved transparency for advancing societal wellbeing. The sessions would focus on four key areas, namely, Technology for Empowerment, Artificial Intelligence and Data for Society; Transparency, Trust & Disinformation; and Security, Safety and Resilience. The participants would identify the gaps in these areas and brainstorm innovative solutions which will directly impact the policy recommendations to be launched at the C20 Summit in July 2023.

Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Sherpa C20 said “Technology impacts all areas of society and each of the engagement groups of the C20. From education, healthcare, youth, women, environmental and sustainability issues, technology plays a key role for all of the population. Given the emergence of AI, cybersecurity, disinformation and the need for transparency, the C20 Summit on Technology and Security for One World, will be an important meeting of minds to develop policy for now and the future.”

Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan,

Said Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, National Coordinator of C20 Summit on Technology, Security and Transparency and Dean, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham: “Technology has a huge role to play in society’s progress and prosperity, but over-reliance on it can lead to detrimental behavior, especially amongst children and youth. The C20 Working Group on Technology, Security and Transparency is focused on access and affordability of innovative technologies for social impact, and the value the CSOs provide towards fostering consistency, accountability, and scale for technology development and diffusion. The Working Group is deliberating issues like the security of susceptible communities, especially women, children, and the disabled, and the responsible use of Internet and media.

The Summit is aimed at furthering the civil society narrative to long-term solutions for building societies that are technology-empowered, secure, and held accountable by their transparency to their citizens.”

Organizations participating in the Summit include well-known names like Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Synergia Foundation, Women 20, Youth 20, Think Tank 20, ICANN, Genworks and many more.

The G20 (Group of 20) is a forum comprising 19 countries and the European Union. It works to address major issues related to the global economy. C20 provides a platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) around the world to voice people’s aspirations to the world leaders in G20.

8, May 2023
World Ovarian Cancer Day_ 8th May 2023

Dr. Ritu Sethi,

By Dr. Ritu Sethi, Director, Aura Speciality Clinic, Gurgaon, and Senior Consultant- Gynaecology, Cloud Nine Hospital,

Gurgaon said, ” While all women are at risk of developing ovarian cancer, it’s important that we should know all the symptoms of it. The early symptoms of ovarian cancer are easy to ignore because they are similar to other common diseases. Initial symptoms include abdominal bloating, pressure and pain, abnormal fullness after meals, increased urination, fatigue, indigestion, pelvic and abdominal pain, heartburn, constipation, Back pain and menstrual irregularity. These symptoms can occur for any reason. They are not necessarily due to ovarian cancer. Many women have some of these problems at one time or another. Such symptoms are often temporary and, in most cases, respond to simple treatment. Those symptoms will remain due to ovarian cancer. Symptoms usually become more severe as tumors grow. By this time, the cancer has usually spread outside the ovaries, making it very difficult to treat effectively. However, knowing the symptoms could of ovarian cancer could speed up your diagnosis.”