23, Jul 2024
Author Brooke Chlebeck Lewis’s New Book The Girl Who Curled Pug’s Tail

Author Brooke Chlebeck Lewis’s New Book The Girl Who Curled Pug's Tail

Lakewood, CA, July 23, 2024 –Brooke Chlebeck Lewis, a nurse and a lover of animals who spends her time volunteering at Hanaeleh, a local horse sanctuary, has completed her new book, “The Girl Who Curled Pug’s Tail”: a poignant and charming story of a senior dog who grows sad believing he will never be adopted from the dog rescue shelter, but finds a second chance at a new home in the arms of a young girl with a big heart.

“No one is safe from loneliness, depression, and feeling isolated,” writes Brooke. “When feeling down in the dumps, even good situations feel bleak. Loneliness does change how we feel, act, and look, but it can all change right back in a matter of seconds if given the right chance.

“This is a story of a pug who was so well loved, but when his owner left in an ambulance, Pug was left in his own sadness, the perfect curly tail left in a pitiful straight limp. Will he ever feel love again?

“In a dog rescue center, it is easy to take puppies home, but consider a senior dog. They are often there with a broken heart, knowing what true love could be. They are usually potty trained, done chewing, know tricks, and just want to be loved.”

Published by Page Publishing, Brooke Chlebeck Lewis’s engaging tale will help teach readers of all ages not to look past senior animals, or people for that matter. With colorful artwork by illustrator Mark Nino Balita, “The Girl Who Curled Pug’s Tail” is sure to resonate with readers of all ages, serving as a testament to the profound impact of compassion and the beauty of second chances.

All profits of “The Girl Who Curled Pug’s Tail” will go to local shelters.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “The Girl Who Curled Pug’s Tail” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

23, Jul 2024
Walter Sawyer’s Newly Released Growing Old Is Not for the Meek

Walter Sawyer’s Newly Released Growing Old Is Not for the Meek

Port St. Lucie, FL, July 23, 2024 –“Growing Old Is Not for the Meek: (My Aging Memories)”: a poignant autobiographical work. “Growing Old Is Not for the Meek: (My Aging Memories)” is the creation of published author, Walter Sawyer.

Sawyer shares, “Growing old, I have many things to be grateful for. The young lady I met after getting out of the Navy (I still can see her after fifty years), the petite five-foot skinny long brown hair to her shoulder, brunette, she wore blue slacks with a checkered blue-and-white blouse. I will never forget the first sighting of her; the monument will live in my mind forever.

“I am grateful for my three children, my seven grandchildren, and my five great-grandchildren.

“Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. After the loss of my wife after thirty-one years and firstborn, who found life too hard to handle, took the easy way out, not realizing that we all belong to someone other than ourselves; yes, it is my life, but is it? Who do we leave behind, and what is the repercussion from it? Without a doubt, people’s lives well be changed.

“I have many memories of our adventures, traveling to the many states across the United States of America.

“’The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” (St. Augustine).

“No one wants to live in the past. Anyone who is above the age of seventy has lived to tell you this is true.

“The worst thing about growing old is the ones you leave behind. Even worse are the items they left behind: the items you can touch remembering who gave them to you or the items you gave to them.

“For every house that has lost someone, their ghost or angel is still there walking around keeping you warm, a breath of fresh air with a scent when there is no scent for you to smell. Most individuals live on memories, wishing they could do some of their past again.

“My book is about life, and I am sharing it with you. I have made many mistakes; maybe you can adjust your life to make it a little better for those you care for.”

23, Jul 2024
Author Alan Fortin’s New Book, Finding Hope with Cancer: Food: is It Really About Our Health

Author Alan Fortin’s New Book, Finding Hope with Cancer: Food: is It Really About Our Health

Pike Road, AL, July 23, 2024 — Alan Fortin, who has been diagnosed with three different types of cancers throughout his lifetime, has completed his new book, “Finding Hope with Cancer: Food: Is It Really about Our Health?”: a thought-provoking read that delves into the intricate relationship between diet, health, and cancer prevention, navigating the challenging terrain of food safety, nutritional choices, and their impact on human health.

In “Finding Hope with Cancer,” Fortin confronts the daunting reality of a cancer diagnosis and the questions it raises about diet and lifestyle choices. With a candid approach, the author explores whether the foods people consume everyday are protective against cancer or if they contribute to the disease, pointing to concerns over toxic chemicals, hormones, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the nation’s food supply.

“Looking back at my childhood, I believed all foods were good for you, or at least wouldn’t hurt you,” writes Fortin. “I thought, why would they sell unhealthy food, and why would we buy them? Especially if they could make us sick or worse. As I became older, I realized it’s not entirely about the consumers’ health but profits in the food industry and investors on Wall Street too.

The author continues, “I came to this realization after reading about hormones, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides entering the food system. I became sad, disturbed, and disappointed with the FDA, EPA, and to some degree, the financial market on Wall Street since I believe allowing chemicals and modifying food was driven by financial gain and not our health.

“I do not want to scare anyone from eating, but I feel it’s best to be informed so we, the families, can be comfortable and confident with the foods we buy and eat. Like the saying goes, we are what we eat, and our health reflects that.”

23, Jul 2024
Author Gregory Speers’s New Book Arrangements by Ariel

Author Gregory Speers’s New Book Arrangements by Ariel

New York, NY, July 23, 2024 — Gregory Speers has completed his new book, “Arrangements by Ariel”: a thought-provoking and compelling novel that challenges readers to delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche as they follow along on one man’s harrowing journey of self-discovery and redemption.

“Sammi is a thirty-year-old homeless man that has led a life of complete purposeless and aimless mediocrity,” writes Speers. “He finds a glimmer of hope as a bartender, working in the heart of Seattle, until a chance meeting with a hyper-empowered and incredibly charismatic woman named Ariel upends his world. This throws him into a world of violence and horror that challenges his own humanity and his personal moral limits. Two questions lie at the heart of Sammi’s story. How does a world full of ways to end our species keep turning with us on it? When life hides purpose from you, what are you willing to do to find one?”

Published by Page Publishing, Gregory Speers’s enthralling tale expertly blends together suspense, intrigue, and moral reckoning to keep readers on the edge of their seats with each turn of the page while confronting the existential dilemmas that lie at the core of the human experience. Utilizing Speers’s masterful storytelling and nuanced characterization, “Arrangements by Ariel” offers a profound meditation on the nature of purpose and the choices that define every individual.

23, Jul 2024
Successful Conclusion of “Study in Hong Kong” India Education Fair: Opening Doors to Global Education Opportunities

Study in Hong Kong

23rd July 2024 New Delhi, Delhi, India  The “Study in Hong Kong” India Education Fair concluded successfully, marking a significant milestone in fostering international educational collaborations and providing Indian students with insights into higher education opportunities in Hong Kong. The event, which showcased academic excellence and learning opportunities from eight leading government-funded universities in Hong Kong, attracted a diverse audience of students, parents, and educational advisors.

Organized by representatives from top-ranked Hong Kong universities, the fair engaged with students in India and provided them with comprehensive information about studying in Hong Kong. The students interacted with university representatives directly who answered their inquiries regarding various academic programs, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and campus life experiences. The attendees also got the opportunity to learn about the academic excellence and research opportunities offered by Hong Kong’s universities, as well as the vibrant cultural and social experiences available in the dynamic city.

Reflecting on the success of the event, Professor Bennett YIM, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Exchange at The University of Hong Kong, commented on behalf of the event organizing committee, “We are delighted by the overwhelming response to the ‘Study in Hong Kong’ India Education Fair. It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity of Indian students and their families as they explored the diverse educational opportunities available in Hong Kong. We are confident that this event has opened doors to exciting possibilities for future collaborations and academic endeavors.”

Representatives from participating universities provided detailed information on support services for international students. While making attendees aware of the higher education landscape of Hong Kong, the event also fostered meaningful connections between students and representatives from top-ranked universities.

The success of the “Study in Hong Kong” India Education Fair underscores the growing interest among Indian students in pursuing higher education in Hong Kong, which has emerged as a leading destination for academic and professional development. Empowered with the valuable insights offered during the event, students and parents will now be able to make the right decision about their plans to study in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong boasts eight government-funded universities known for a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different disciplines. These institutions are renowned for their distinct academic strengths, adherence to international curriculum standards, and quality assurance. The degrees they offer are globally recognized, with the universities regularly ranking among the best worldwide. Hong Kong’s educational environment promotes academic freedom and culturally diverse campus life, urging students to adopt various perspectives and broaden their horizons. The emphasis on scholarly rigor, research innovation, and international connectivity renders Hong Kong an attractive option for global students and researchers.

Renowned as the world’s premier global financial center, Hong Kong’s location in the heart of Asia helps foster robust connections with Mainland China and the global community. The primary language of instruction in the majority of tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong is English, thus facilitating easy access and creating a favorable environment for international students. Language barriers are effectively eliminated, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience, and students can adapt comfortably to the living and academic atmosphere in Hong Kong.

In addition to its affordability, the region’s international ambiance and supportive governmental measures create a beneficial environment for international students. Increasingly, Indian students are choosing Hong Kong for its exemplary education, opportunities for post-study employment, and high living standards.

The city also boasts cutting-edge infrastructures and highly efficient transport systems, positioning Hong Kong as a convenient hub for travel. With its strategic location and well-established networks, students in Hong Kong benefit from unparalleled accessibility, making the city an ideal destination for both living and studying. These factors collectively contribute to an enriching educational experience, where students not only thrive academically but also engage with the vibrant and interconnected global landscape that Hong Kong offers.

23, Jul 2024
French FinTech Studely Expands to India, Offers Comprehensive Solutions to Hassle Free European Studies

Claire Noguera - CEO, Studely

23rd July 2024  Bangalore, Karnataka, India  Studely, a pioneering FinTech company headquartered in France, has announced its expansion into India. Being first of its kind, Studely will offer tailored financial solutions to Indian students pursuing higher education in France and Germany, directly addressing their challenges.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs of India, an estimated 750,000 students traveled abroad for higher education in the year 2022 and the market is projected for further growth between 2024 and 2032. Recognizing this trend and the financial challenges faced by students (as highlighted by MPOWER Financing’s Social Impact Report, where 83% of students consider it the biggest obstacle), Studely steps in to provide a one-stop solution. The brand is set to simplify financial planning and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for aspiring Indian students and their families. The company’s core expertise lies in opening and managing EU-compliant ‘blocked accounts’ for international students, a crucial requirement for student visas as it demonstrates sufficient financial resources for their study.

Beyond accounts, Studely additionally offers logistical support like facilitating payments, finding student accommodation, and even securing health insurance among others. The user-friendly mobile app puts control at students’ fingertips, allowing them to access all these services conveniently. With Studely, Indian students can focus on their studies, not on administrative hurdles.

Since its inception in 2016, Studely has rapidly expanded its presence in over 19 countries and has assisted over 25,000 students in pursuing their education in France and Germany. In 2023, the company received the highest French recognition – an invitation by President Emmanuel Macron – a testament to its high-quality services and innovative approach. This prestigious distinction reinforces Studely’s commitment to empowering students and simplifying the path to European education.

Talking about the expansion of Studely in India, Claire Noguera, CEO, Studely said, “India is one of the fastest growing markets for students interested in pursuing higher education abroad, but this dream often remains unachievable due to financial barriers, and that’s where we step in. At Studely, our mission is to address and bridge the very evident gap and empower students to pursue their dream courses. We prioritize a seamless experience for every student by negotiating the challenges of overseas education that these students often face. Our focus is to enable students to concentrate on what really counts: their academic path. We are excited to bring our innovative financial solutions to the vibrant student community in India and we aim to grow 2x in the country by next year. Empowering each student with the correct resources and holistic support is not solely about facilitating their journey abroad, but it is essential to help unlock their full potential and pave the way for their future success.”

23, Jul 2024
IIAD Hosts Inaugural Luxury Symposium for Fashion Business Management Students

IIAD Hosts Inaugural Luxury

23rd July 2024  New Delhi, Delhi, India  The Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) recently hosted its Luxury Symposium, Delhi Chapter, an event designed to foster a dialogue between fashion business management students and established industry leaders from the luxury sector. The event brought together leading luminaries such as CEO of Lamborghini Delhi, Abhimanyu Mehta; Unit Head of Tangerine Skies Pvt Ltd, Sunil Negi (manufacturer of Michael Kors, COACH, and Kate Spade); Co-founder of Sunlight Chronicle, Anisha Malik; and Founder & Director of Stanley Communications, Jessica Singh.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally reshaped consumer behaviour across all industries, and the luxury sector is no exception. The high-end clientele now prioritise experiences and have a changing set of expectations. This presents a critical challenge for luxury brands: how can they adapt to meet these evolving demands while maintaining brand identity and a sense of exclusivity?

An alternative avenue emerges through the expanding domain of Fashion Business Management (FBM), often synonymous with Fashion Management. FBM programme at IIAD offer students comprehensive insights into luxury branding, marketing strategies, product development, and distribution channels. Events such as the Luxury Symposium serve as pivotal platforms for students to gain practical insights into the Indian luxury market. Moderated by Abhishek Verma, Associate Professor of Fashion Business Management at IIAD, the symposium, themed “The Future of the Indian Luxury Ecosystem,” provided students with firsthand perspectives on the evolving landscape of the Indian luxury market. Through interactions with panellists, the symposium facilitated meaningful exchanges of ideas among aspiring FBM students, contributing to their understanding of the sector.

Dr. Jitin Chadha, Founder & CEO of IIAD, opened the symposium by highlighting the institute’s dedication to fostering innovation and exploration since its inception in 2015. Highlighting the symposium as one of the many active initiatives, he emphasised, “Our mission has been steadfast that is to bridge the gaps and build enduring connections between design, society and industry transforming fashion business is taught, learnt and practised.”

Following this, the industry experts shed light on the complexities and evolving landscape of the Indian luxury market, offering students exclusive insights. The discussion began with a shift in the very definition of luxury. Abhimanyu Mehta, CEO of Lamborghini Delhi emphasised that luxury encompasses not just the product itself, but also the brand’s heritage, storytelling, and the experience it offers.

Jessica Singh, Founder & Director of Stanley Communications, stressed the importance of effective communication in this new era. She expressed that brands need to craft compelling narratives and leverage diverse media platforms—traditional media, influencers, events—to curate consumer perception and create trends. By a mutual consensus, it was inferred that brands must stay attuned to changing consumer preferences, aspirations, and luxury trends to remain relevant.

The discussion also addressed the challenges and opportunities within the Indian luxury ecosystem. Sunil Negi, Unit Head at Tangerine Skies Pvt Ltd, highlighted the challenges encountered by the luxury retail sector in India, emphasising the importance of traditional handicraft techniques and the invaluable skills of craftspeople. He addressed concerns regarding the impact of artificial intelligence on job displacement, asserting the necessity of preserving generational knowledge for India’s economic prosperity.

The panel also explored career prospects within the luxury sector. Jessica highlighted the abundance of opportunities in areas like PR, marketing, CGI, and performance marketing. Interestingly, a key takeaway was the potential benefits of working with external agencies. Anisha Malik, Co-founder, of Sunlight Chronicle, explained that agencies can provide fresh perspectives, access to a wider network, and cost-effectiveness compared to training in-house teams.

A significant point emerged about how today’s luxury is expanding beyond traditional fashion brands. Consumers are seeking luxury experiences across various sectors, creating exciting new opportunities for brands that can cater to this evolving demand.

The discussion also addressed the concept of exclusivity in the luxury market. Jessica explained how brands maintain exclusivity through targeted marketing campaigns, curated events, and controlled media communication. Special previews and restricted media access ensure the niche audience remains the primary focus. However, aspirational marketing strategies are also employed to cultivate a sense of desire for these products amongst a broader audience.

The symposium concluded with a lively Q&A session, addressing a wide range of student concerns. Initiatives like the luxury symposium underscore the importance of academic institutions, bridging the gaps between industry and academia. This exposure allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the luxury market, pushing them to decode the market’s underlying dynamics and anticipate future trends. Through such initiatives, academic institutions like IIAD position their students to become valuable contributors to the ever-evolving Indian luxury landscape. Fueled by the success of this year’s event, the symposium aims to expand its reach in the coming years.

22, Jul 2024
Finance Major Student Groups Allotted Rs. 1 Lakh Each for Real-World Investment Scenarios in Great Lakes, Chennai as Part of New Elective Program

Finance Major Student

22nd July 2024  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India  The Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, introduces the Real-life Investment Decision Experience (RIDE) elective, an experiential program designed specifically for finance majors enrolled in the PGDM program. Spearheaded by Professor Vishwanathan Iyer, Senior Associate Professor, Finance & Accounting, and Director of Accreditation, this unique program aims to provide firsthand experience in equity research and portfolio management to future managers.

Hands-on Learning for Future Managers

Announcing the program, Professor Vishwanathan Iyer, said, “While traditional investment management courses focus on theoretical knowledge, RIDE offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to manage a real investment fund with real money, with each team of five students handling a corpus of Rupees One Lakh for approximately eight to nine months. The program allocates a total corpus of Ten Lakhs, enabling students to apply academic insights to real-world investment scenarios.”

He added, “RIDE aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Students learn to manage an actual investment fund professionally, applying financial market principles and procedures. RIDE distinguishes itself from trading-focused electives by fostering a long-term investment mindset. Unlike day-trading courses, RIDE encourages students to think like fund managers, with a horizon of nine months. While technical analysis remains integral, the emphasis is on strategic investment rather than short-term trading.”

Empowering Students for Market Realities

RIDE participants undergo rigorous preparation during their summer term, culminating in the submission of an investment proposal outlining their philosophy, stock selection, and risk management strategy. Teams manage their portfolios throughout the academic year, presenting their strategies to a panel of fund managers at the course’s conclusion. Structured as a 3-credit elective, RIDE evaluates students based on research reports, presentations, participation in practitioner sessions, investment diaries, and portfolio performance. The evaluation components ensure comprehensive learning and practical application of financial concepts.

Overall, the Real-life Investment Decision Experience (RIDE) elective at the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, represents a transformative leap in finance education. This pioneering program equips finance majors with practical skills and strategic insights essential for navigating the complexities of real-world investment management. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, RIDE empowers future managers to make informed decisions, manage risks effectively, and achieve long-term investment success. With its rigorous curriculum, firsthand approach, and focus on market realities, RIDE sets a new standard for experiential learning in finance education, ensuring that students emerge as proficient and confident investment professionals.

20, Jul 2024
Author W.A. Flickinger’s New Book Understanding Capital Improvements

Author W.A. Flickinger’s New Book Understanding Capital Improvements

Atlanta, GA, July 20, 2024 — W.A. Flickinger, who invested over a half century in performing Project Management in Capital Improvements for large and small industrial and commercial projects, both private enterprises and governmental agencies, has completed his new book, “Understanding Capital Improvements: A Guide to Compliance and Documentation”: a crucial guide for governmental entities that aims to empower townships, cities, counties, and states with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of public-funded capital improvement projects.

“All townships, cities, counties, and states perform capital improvements using public funds and, often, additional funding from other governmental agencies,” writes Flickinger. “All expenditures are regulated by city or county codification of ordinances, state statutes, or Federal Acquisition Regulations. All capital improvements are subject to audit by the institutions providing the funding. All ordinances, state statutes, and the Federal Acquisition Regulations provide regulations or laws that require specific adherence to many issues in order to maintain funding or be eligible for future funding. Under audit, the governmental agency performing or that has performed the capital improvements must show documentation that exhibits adherence to all the requirements. Unfortunately, the various regulations and laws do not provide the means or methods to document the required compliance.

“This book provides an understanding of the capital improvement process and various methods of documentation, including specific language within supplied forms and contract front-end documents that will support and provide the necessary documentation showing adherence to the regulations and laws. The proper understanding of the process and documentation may be the difference between a successful audit or a failure and possibly the loss of current or future funding.”

Published by Page Publishing, W.A. Flickinger’s educational guide serves as a valuable resource for public officials, project managers, and administrators involved in infrastructure development and public works. Drawing upon the author’s years of experience and professional insight, “Understanding Capital Improvements” is an essential companion for anyone responsible for managing or overseeing public-funded projects, providing a clear roadmap for ensuring compliance and securing the necessary documentation to support successful audits.

20, Jul 2024
Author William A. Eaddy II’s New Book Insider Information: What Wall Street Doesn’t Want Your Street to Know

Author William A. Eaddy II’s New Book Insider Information: What Wall Street Doesn’t Want Your Street to Know

Chicago, IL, July 20, 2024 — William A. Eaddy II, a recognized leader in banking, investments, nonprofit, city and county government, entertainment, and more, has completed his new book, “Insider Information: What Wall Street Doesn’t Want Your Street to Know”: an engaging guide that reveals the truth about why banks offer the products and services they render.

Author William A. Eaddy II has over twenty-five years of executive leadership and management experience and credits all his success to his faith in God and his parents Dr. Michael and Lady Christine “Rose” Eaddy. He started his career as a nineteen-year-old peak-time coin teller working fifteen hours per week. Ten years later, he became one of the youngest first vice presidents and retail district managers in the country for JP Morgan Chase, overseeing thirteen bank branches with hundreds of employees and managing over a billion dollars in relationships. Eaddy was recognized by JP Morgan Chase as one of its top 10 percent managers and leaders in their entire retail banking organization worldwide. Eaddy went on to become vice president and retail district manager of every US Bank location within the city of Chicago and its immediate surrounding suburbs. They are twelve in total. At US Bank, he was again a recognized leader in sales, service, and management, featured and celebrated around the country for his phenomenal ability to lead, motivate, show the way, and hold accountable those who reported to him within his organization.

He has been a licensed financial adviser, licensed real estate broker, licensed insurance agent, and more. Eaddy was born and raised in the city of Chicago and advocates and educates the communities in which he resides and serves. He is a proud father of two daughters.

Eaddy writes, “Banks offer checking accounts that do not require keeping a minimum balance of monies in the account at all times. The benefit of this zero balance account is that your money is 100 percent available to you for your use. There are also checking accounts that do require a minimum balance, and in this case, the bank typically will pay you, the customer, interest on the funds within the account as long as that minimum balance is maintained. The benefit of minimum balance requirement accounts is that it helps to discipline you in keeping money in your account at all times.”