2, Jun 2023
Techwave earns prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award for Exemplary Commitment to Community Service

Techwave earns prestigious President's Volunteer

Mumbai, 2nd June 2023: Techwave, a prominent global IT and engineering service firm, receives the prestigious “President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)” in recognition of its unwavering commitment to volunteerism and community service. This esteemed accolade highlights our steadfast dedication, honoring our employees for their positive impact on communities globally and serving as an inspiration to others. It serves as a testament to our resolute dedication in confronting and effortlessly tackling the pressing challenges.

Techwave prioritizes volunteerism and community service, encouraging every Techwavian to contribute to the betterment of the community. One of our notable initiatives includes partnering with the Houston Food Bank and America’s Grow-a-row for a Seed to Table initiative. Techwavians actively participated in various stages of the food chain, such as planting seeds, harvesting crops, and distributing food to local families in need. We covered the associated expenses, including seeds, crop management, packaging, and transportation, demonstrating our commitment to making a difference.

In addition, throughout the year, Techwavians enthusiastically volunteered their time and effort to assist the Houston Food Bank in providing nutritious food to individuals in the Greater Houston area who are grappling with chronic health conditions as part of their Food for Change Program. During the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, Techwave launched the Feed the Frontline initiative, where our team personally showcased support to frontline workers and local Houston restaurants that were impacted by the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Speaking of the Celebration, Mr. Raj Gummadapu, CEO of Techwave said, “We are happy and delighted to be honored with the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award. This recognition truly humbles and honors our team at Techwave. It underscores our unwavering commitment to giving back and creating a positive impact in communities worldwide. We firmly believe that through the power of volunteerism, we can effectively address the pressing challenges our world faces today”

Adding to it, he said “Our employees have consistently demonstrated their passion and dedication by actively engaging in various community initiatives, volunteering their time and expertise to make a lasting difference. We take immense pride in our employees, whose efforts have transcended local boundaries, making a global impact and inspiring others to join our cause. Their dedication and passion have touched communities far and wide, serving as a catalyst for positive change.”

1, Jun 2023
The Farewell Party for H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili- Ambassador of Georgia

The Farewell Party

The farewell party for H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili, the Ambassador of Georgia to India, organized by Shivaz and Mandira Rai of DUDigital Global, was held at The Albatross Qutub Golf Course in New Delhi. The event began with a round of golf, where the participants, including diplomats and friends of H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili, had the opportunity to enjoy the sport. Following the golf session, a dinner was arranged for all the attendees. During the dinner, a small video was played, featuring farewell messages for H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili from his diplomatic friends. Since it was also an Independence day for Georgia, a cake was cut to celebrate the occasion.

Among the notable guests present at the farewell party was Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi, who delivered a speech praising H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili and his contributions. Additionally, the Korean Ambassador, the Chilean Ambassador, and many other diplomats attended the event to bid farewell to H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili and show their appreciation for his diplomatic service.

Overall, the farewell party at The Albatross Qutub Golf Course was a memorable event, combining the joy of playing golf with heartfelt farewells and expressions of gratitude for H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili’s diplomatic work. Among the notable guests present at the farewell party were Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi, Korean Ambassador, Chilean Ambassador, Mr. Khairudeen Othman of the Malaysia Embassy, DCM Mr. Amrizal Fadzli Rajali of the Malaysia Embassy, H.E. Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty, Former Secretary MEA, representatives from The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited (GT Gurpreet S Tukral), H.E. Jason Hall of Jamaica, H.E. Eric Garcetti of the United States of America, Brendan Ward of the Ireland Embassy, Hyun Hoe Ban of UNICEF, H.E. Juan Angulo of the Embassy of Chile, Adel Chaaf, Consul of Algeria, Mr. Abel Aballe Despaigne, CDA of Cuba, Philip Espi of the French Consul, H.E. Sinisa of Serbian, Gerli Roos of Estonia Consul, H.E. Reuben Gauci of Malta High Commission, H.E. Teodoro Maldonado of Ecuador, Carlo Ferrigno, Italian Counsellor

30, May 2023
Ankush Bahuguna and Dolly Singh gear up and take the hot seat in the latest episode of By Invite Only

Ankush Bahuguna and Dolly Singh

Mumbai, 30th May 2023– Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming premium service, today unveiled the promo of the upcoming episode of their latest show By Invite Only. The chat show, hosted by the charismatic Renil Abraham, has won over viewers across the nation with its engaging chit-chat and celebrity guests. Adding to the list, the latest episode will catch the famous content creators and Instagram influencers Ankush Bahuguna and Dolly Singh who are set to bring in their flavour of humour and drama. The duo will be seen having a good time and engaging in witty banter and fun conversation about their life, journey and revealing some interesting stuff.

The promo gives a glimpse of how the duo engages in fun tittle-tattle, conversing with eyes and even spilling some tea, as Renil digs in. When asked about if they know any creators who have lost their mind after being famous, Dolly seemed a little stuck and said she doesn’t know, while Ankush replied with a big Yes! He continued by saying in his quirky way, “Dirty laundry wash in public and I love it”.

Sharing his thoughts on being part of the show Ankush Bahuguna said, “Audience has seen various incarnations of me; it’s time to give them a glimpse of the authentic me and make this a lot more intimate. Being a part of By Invite Only which is such a fantastic and energetic show is itself a wonderful experience, and I look forward to interacting with Renil, engaging in interesting conversation, and perhaps even spilling some juicy stuff.”

“I’ve always wanted to experience the thrill and joy of participating in a chat show, so this is quite exciting. And here I am, speaking openly and honestly along with Ankush. Our great bond has only served to enhance how unique this entire experience is. I really like Renil and I can’t really wait to have our gossip session. I promise that the episode is going to be a dose of entertainment and viewers will love it”, shared Dolly Singh.

By Invite Only, hosted by Renil Abraham, is the talk show produced by The Zoom Studios and the latest episode will premiere on 30th May 2023, on Amazon miniTV for free, available within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.

30, May 2023
This Summer, MX Player’s June 2023 Lineup Promises an Unforgettable Escape

This Summer, MX Player

As June rolls in, elevate your streaming experience with MX Player’s exciting line-up of international shows. From historical sagas to heart-warming dramas, these MX Vdesi shows are set to captivate audiences with their gripping storylines and compelling characters. So, mark your calendars and get ready to indulge in a month of binge-worthy entertainment only on MX Player.

7th June 2023 – Indian Summers Season 2

Step into the mesmerising world of ‘Indian Summer Season 2’, a captivating historical drama that transports viewers to the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India. Set three years after Season 1, this 10-episodic series unfolds in 1935, in the enchanting Indian retreat of Shimla, nestled in the Himalayas. The assassination attempt on Viceroy Lord Willingdon and the unexpected arrival of Lord Hawthorne throws Ralph’s future into uncertainty. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s Royal Simla Club becomes the setting for a momentous visit from Maharaja Maritpur and his elegant and enigmatic mistress, Sirene. Experience colonial India’s romance and rich tapestry as ‘Indian Summer Season 2’ streams exclusively on MX Player in Hindi from June 7, 2023.

14th June 2023 – Love at Night

‘Love at Night’ is a captivating Chinese drama series that showcases the enduring power of true love. The series revolves around Xu Qing You, a determined and ambitious woman who faces a devastating betrayal that shatters her dreams of a perfect marriage. The heart-warming story follows Xu Qing You’s journey of self-discovery after a fateful encounter with Mo Ling Ze, a man she initially clashed with but grew drawn to. As their lives become intertwined, they uncover shared experiences and mutual admiration. However, as her ex-fiancé fights to win her back, Xu Qing You must make a heart-wrenching choice. Will she reignite an old flame or embrace a new and unexpected romance? Don’t miss ‘Love at Night’ streaming on MX Player in Hindi from 14 June 2023.

28th June – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ is a popular KDrama series that combines comedy, mystery, and romance. The story follows Lee Young Joon, a self-absorbed Vice Chairman, and his capable secretary, Kim Mi So. After faithfully serving him for nine years, Mi So decides it’s time to focus on herself and resigns, sparking hilarious misunderstandings and unexpected twists. As their strictly professional relationship evolves, could there be a chance for something more? ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ will stream in Hindi on MX Player from 28 June 2023 onwards.

29, May 2023
National Pickleball Tournament to kick start on May 27th and 28th at Pakyong

National Pickleball Tournament

Mumbai, 29th May 2023 The National Pickleball Tournament is all set to kick start on May 27th and 28th, 2023 in Pakyong. This tournament is expected to attract talented players from different parts of the country. Maharashtra is one of the 16 states in India that is affiliated to the All India Pickleball Association. The game of Pickleball is scheduled for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ashok Mohanani, President of IPA (Indian Pickleball Association) said, “It is our endeavor to create more awareness about the game of Pickleball in India. It is a game for the entire family and can be played across all age groups. This tournament will provide a perfect platform for budding players to showcase their skills. We plan to take this tournament across the country including Maharashtra, so as to foster its growth.”

The tournament presents an opportunity for enthusiasts to witness high-level competition and showcase the potential of Pickleball in the country. Pickleball is a popular racket sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Pickleball can be played either indoors or outdoor with a racket or paddle in which two players (singles), or four players (doubles), hit a perforated hollow plastic ball over a 36-inch-high (0.91 m) net using solid-faced paddles. Opponents on either side of the net hit the ball back and forth until one side commits a fault.

Pickleball is now the fastest-growing sport in the US with more than 36 million playing the game. Well-known Hollywood actors and celebrities like Melinda and Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Brady, and George Clooney among others, have taken up to the sport.

16, May 2023
Leading Web3 app, Chingari rewards Rs. 8 crores to creators and users through its Mining program

Chingari_Gari_Logo_new_tagline_01 (1) (1)

Bengaluru, 16 May 2023: World’s leading Web3 short video app, Chingari today announces the distribution of 15 million Gari tokens (Chingari’s native crypto tokens) equivalent to $1.01 million USD or Rs. 8.3 crore (approx) to creators and users through its innovative Gari mining program. Launched in June 2022, the GARI Mining program is an initiative aimed to empower creators and users by providing native crypto tokens as an incentive for engaging on the app.

Since the launch of the program less than a year ago, Chingari has directly disbursed 15 million Gari tokens equivalent to $1.01 million USD or ₹ 8.3 crore (approx), to wallets of creators and users, ensuring complete ownership of content remains with creators. The milestone is a testament to Chingari’s commitment to empowering content creators and democratizing the creator economy. Chingari, being a Web3 app has also implemented transparent on-chain payments, further promoting fairness and decentralization. On Chingari, a user starts earning crypto tokens from day one by liking, commenting, and watching videos.

Moreover, Chingari generated a remarkable gross revenue of 10 million USD in the financial year 2022-23, marking a significant jump of 56.25% as compared to the previous year. In FY 2021-22, Chingari generated revenue of 6.4 million USD.

Sumit Ghosh, CEO & Co-Founder, Chingari said, “The creator economy has long been plagued by issues like concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, a lack of incentives for users and a small pool for creators. Considering these challenges, the GARI Mining program was launched in June last year. We are now seeing the positive impact of our Gari mining program on the creator economy. We are committed to providing transparent and decentralized incentives that enable content creators to thrive and bring their vision to life.”

6, May 2023
Inside Edge, The Sword God to Bombers; Celebrate World Athletics Day 2023 with These Inspiring Sports Series

Athletics Day is a day that celebrates the power of sports and the spirit of competition. It is a day that recognizes the importance of physical fitness, healthy living, and the pursuit of excellence. This Athletics Day, why not immerse yourself in the world of sports with some adrenaline-packed web series? This series will not only entertain you but also inspire you to push your limits and achieve your goals. From the thrill of cricket and football to the intensity of MMA and athletics, these series will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of the sports world. So, get ready to be hooked, grab some snacks, and enjoy some of the best series to invest in this Athletics Day 2023.

Inside Edge

Inside Edge on Prime Video is a thrilling and captivating drama that explores the dark underbelly of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket. This original series is a must-watch for all cricket fans who are looking for something more than just the game itself. The show follows the Mumbai Mavericks, a fictional T20 cricket team whose owners operate a league-wide spot-fixing syndicate. With an ensemble cast featuring Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chada, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Tanuj Virwani, Angad Bedi, Sayani Gupta, Aamir Bashir, and Sapna Pabbi, the series is a gripping watch that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The show is filled with political power plays, greed, and manipulation, making it an absolute must-watch this Athletics Day.

The Sword God

Get ready to be swept away into an epic world of martial arts battles, betrayal, and redemption with this Hindi audio series The Sword God on Pocket FM this Athletics Day. This action-packed adventure follows the story of Shaurya, a skilled sword fighter and martial warrior who rises from defeat to reclaim his power as the legendary Sword God. With a gripping plot and heart-pumping action, The Sword God is sure to leave listeners on the edge of their seats. The talented voice actors bring this captivating tale to life, transporting you to the mythical world of Vyomlok. So, if you’re looking for an audio series that’s thrilling, suspenseful, and unforgettable, don’t miss out on investing in The Sword God.


Loser on Zee 5 is a must-watch this Athletics Day for its riveting portrayal of the struggles faced by three aspiring sportspeople. Set in different periods of their lives, actors Priyadarshi, Sashank, and Kalpika Ganesh play “losers” who are trying to make it big in their respective fields. Director Abhilash Reddy expertly weaves together their stories, showing the challenges they face due to politics and power dynamics in the sports industry. The performances by the lead actors are stellar, bringing authenticity and depth to their characters’ struggles. Loser is a powerful and moving series that will inspire you to never give up on your dreams, no matter how many obstacles you face.

Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt 

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-packed watch this Athletics Day, then Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt on MX Player is a must-watch. India’s first MMA reality series, hosted by Suniel Shetty, features 16 top male and female MMA athletes competing for a title while being trained by renowned MMA coaches, Bharat Khandare and Pawan Maan. The series gives viewers an inside look into the hardships faced by these athletes in their MMA journey, showcasing their survival, passion, and courage. The six-episode series is both inspiring and relatable, as it delves into the personal lives of the fighters and the sacrifices they make to compete in MMA tournaments. Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt is not just about the fights, but also about the emotions and struggles that go into becoming a successful MMA fighter. With stunning visuals and high-octane action, this MX Studios original is a must-watch for all MMA and sports enthusiasts.


Bombers is a captivating sports drama series that tells the story of a football club called Bombers FC, based in Chandannagar, West Bengal. The series highlights the challenges faced by the team after most of its players were killed in a tragic accident, leaving only one survivor. The team must overcome several obstacles to rebuild itself and compete again. The series features an ensemble cast of talented actors such as Ranvir Shorey, Aahana Kumra, and Sapna Pabbi, among others. It is also the digital debut of India’s national football team captain and the captain of Bengaluru FC, Sunil Chhetri. Directed by Vishal Furia and written by Vishal Kapoor, Bombers is a must-watch for sports drama fans this Athletics Day.

6, May 2023
25th State Karate championship organised by Karate Association of Bengal

Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) organized it’s glorious Silver Jubilee and official “25th West Bengal State Karate Championship” at the Sidhu Kanu Indoor Stadium (City Centre, Durgapur, Paschim Bardhaman) on 29th & 30th April 2023.

KAB is the one and only authentic Karate Association in the state of West Bengal which is duly recognized by Bengal Olympic Association (BOA) and Karate India Organisation (KIO).

The occasion was graced by various dignitaries which included the following:-

– Mrs Anindita Mukherjee (Chairperson, DMC, Durgapur) as the “Chief Guest”

– Hanshi Premjit Sen (President of KAB) as the “Special Guest”

– Hanshi Joydeb Mondal (General Secretary of KAB) as the “Guest of Honour”.

It is the hard work and eagerness of both, Hanshi Premjit Sen and Hanshi Joydeb Mondal, that Bengal Karate is at its peak. They have always stood beside all the players, coaches and officials in their time of need, including the dreaded Covid19 pandemic. They both have given opportunities to all the players to train with world class coaches, which include WKF & Olympic-level Coaches.

Around 1700 players of all age groups of boys and girls, coming from all the affiliated districts of KAB, participated in this event. 100 National Level, 7 Asian Level and 1 World Level Referee and Judges conducted the whole event under the able supervision of Hanshi Premjit Sen, who is the only Bengali to become a World Karate Federation (WKF) & Asian Karate Federation (AKF) Referee & Judge, both.

All the officials, referees and judges were given honorarium along with t-shirts to all the players, style chiefs and district representatives. Moreover, KAB will also sponsor the players and coaches, who will get a chance to participate in the National, with their Transportation, Food, Accommodations, T-Shirts and other expenses.

Amidst tough competition, North 24 Parganas District emerged Champion followed by Kolkata District as 1st Runner-Up. Murshidabad District & South 24 Parganas District were declared the 2nd Runners up of this historic event.

3, May 2023
Roman Guardians in Road To Valor: Empires: A Complete Guide

Road To Valor: Empires is KRAFTON’s latest strategy game where players compete with one another while commanding mythical gods, beasts, heroes and army units.

Players can choose between Roman, Persian, Norman, and Japanese Guardians and battle units to assemble their troops.The Romans were one of the most powerful empires in the ancient world, and their strength is reflected in their units in Road to Valor: Empires. Led by Caesar, the Roman faction is disciplined, efficient, and well-organized. There are three Roman guardians available with both passive and active skills:



As the great general who led the empire at its zenith, Caesar’s strategic mind and leadership are unmatched by others. He inspires his followers to fight with valor.

Passive Skill: Increasing the attack power of all Roman units by 10%

Active Skills:

1. Catapult Launch: Caesar calls forth a barrage of six catapults from the rear lines, launching massive stones at the target area every second, each dealing 377 damage. When the enemy tower or keep has low HP, a catapult launch is an effective way to destroy the buildings without having to spend MP and sending units all the way across the battlefield

2. Heroic Presence: Caesar charges forward to the front lines, accompanied by four trained Auxilia soldiers, who are summoned periodically. He inspires all allied units on the battlefield and gains increased movement speed and attack damage for 18 seconds. This power is an effective way to overwhelm your opponent when the battlefield is already filled with your units.



The emperor of the underworld, Hades commands the eternal fires of hell to set everything in sight ablaze.

Passive Skill: Gains 1 Commander Point when ally Guard Tower is destroyed

Active Skills:

Definite Strike: Ally units in the target area have a 60% increased max HP and Attack Damage, but HP reduces by 5% every 1 second in return. When you have only the keep left to destroy, Definite Strike is a great way to add that extra power to your leading units, helping them destroy buildings faster.
Hellfire: All units and buildings are destroyed by hellfire. When the hellfire is gone, MP recovery increases by 100% for 7 secs. When you have 30 secs left in the game and you have more HP than your opponent, using Hellfire is a sure way to win the game


The goddess of war and justice, Athena protects and fights alongside her followers until the battle is won

Passive Skill: Activates Goddess’s Protection when Keep and Guard Towers have less than 50% HP

Active Skills:

Goddess’s Protection: Blesses the target area and grants invulnerability to all ally units and buildings for 3 seconds.
Incarnation: Athena, the Goddess of War appears for 16 seconds and deals massive damage to units and buildings
Best usage of Athena’s Powers:

Incarnation: While Athena has high HP and deals massive damage, her presence in the field is limited to 16 seconds. This power is best used in an empty or a less crowded side, so there are less obstacles for her to encounter. Athena’s presence is also a great way to defend your tower against attacks when their HP is low.

3, May 2023
ORGAN India hosts a press conference to welcome back the Indian athletes of the World Transplant Games 2023

03 May 2023, New Delhi: ORGAN India, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, an initiative of the Parashar Foundation hosted a press conference on the 2nd of May at Juniper Hall, Habitat Center. The conference welcomes back our transplant athletes from their successful participation at the World Transplant Games in Perth Australia. World Transplant Games to be held in Perth, Australia in 2023. This was the largest contingent of 32 players ever to go from India to the WTG, and Team India athletes won 35 medals in the World Transplant Games 2023, which concluded in Australia’s Perth on 21st April 2023. It is the highest tally ever for India.

The conference hosted players who represented India at the World Transplant Games, including Mr. Vijaybahadur Yadav, a kidney donor to his wife, and Outstanding athlete of the World Transplant Games in the donor category; 13-year-old Varun Anand who won 3 gold medals; Mr. Karhun Nanda, Captain, Indian Contingent at the World Transplant Games and winner of 2 silver medals; Mr. Digvijay Singh Gujral, Squash Player & World Transplant Games Medalist; Heera Singh Daspa, Winner of Gold in Javelin Throw amongst others.

The Guest Speakers include Ronjan Sodhi, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awardee and Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) who met the players and congratulated them for their wonderful performance. Speakers also included Ms Anika Parashar, Chairperson, Parashar Foundation; Ms Kunti Jhaveri, Managing Trustee, Dinesh Vyas Public Charitable Trust; Dr. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO North (Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization), Ms. Priti Agarwal, Director, Geekay Winding; Satyajit Gupta, Head Legal & CSR, EXL, Dr. Ashish Sharma, HOD Renal Transplantation, PGIMER Chandigarh, and Team Manager Shankar Arora. The press conference also witnessed a soulful performance by Raag Suri from whistling Woods International who sang the Team Song Hissa Bann for the audience.

Dr Amit Bhalla, Vice President of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI), who helped train the athletes – “I am thrilled with the performance of Indian Athletes at the world Transplant Games 2023. Their participation and winning performances have made India proud. These athletes are a shining example of resilience and the power of the human spirit. We welcome them back with hearts filled with pride and joy.”

“We are overwhelmed with the amazing performance of the Indian transplant athletes at World Transplant Games. Our collective effort has put India firmly on the map at the Games, and this conference is to celebrate this brilliant innings. The athletes’ participation in WTG 2023 has created more awareness about organ donation across India and we are confident that their victory will inspire all Indians”, shared Sunayana Singh, CEO ORGAN India & Country Representative from India at the World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF).

Anika Parashar, Founder Chairperson, ORGAN India shared, “It was a privilege to take the Indian delegation of Athletes for The World Transplant Games in Perth in April 2023. The participation of Transplant patients or Donors in this International event was not only a of patriotism but also a demonstration of the limitlessness of the human spirit in overcoming adversity whilst inspiring others and their stories deserve to be heard.”