16, Apr 2024
With the value share, CRE dominates PE deals in FY24 – ANAROCK Capital

Mumbai, 16th April 2024: The ANAROCK Capital FLUX report for FY2024 finds that the aggregate value of private equity deals in Indian real estate has declined steadily over the past 5 years – from USD 5.1 Bn in FY20 to USD 3.7 Bn in FY24.

Amount (USD Mn)












“The decline in PE investments in Indian real estate has been due to lower activity by foreign investors, due to global macro-economic factors and geopolitical instability,” says Shobhit Agarwal, MD & CEO – ANAROCK Capital. ”The share of foreign capital in total investments declined to 65% in FY24, against 78% in FY20. Correspondingly, investments by domestic investors have increased to 29% of the total capital inflows into Indian real estate in FY24, as compared to merely 8% in FY20.”


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Top 10 PE Deals in FY24

Top 5 Equity Deals


Investors Investee Company

Amount (INR Cr)

Amount (USD Mn)

GIC + Brookfield REIT Brookfield






Kotak – ADIA Prestige Estates



Edelweiss Alternative Funds MFAR



Morgan Stanley Prakhhyat Group




Top 5 Debt Deals


Investors Company

Amount (INR Cr)

Amount (USD Mn)

Varde Phoenix Group



HDFC Capital CCI Projects



PAG Kalpataru



PAG M3M India



Edelweiss Special Opportunity Fund Adarsh Developers




The share of the top 10 deals has increased primarily due to the USD 1.4 Bn GIC-Brookfield deal (approx..40% of the overall deal value for FY24), reported at the beginning of FY24.


Share of top 10 deals – FY23: 54%, FY24: 72.5%


No. of Deals & Average Ticket Size

While the number of deals in FY24 is largely constant, the aggregate deal value has reduced due to a sharply lower average deal size. The average ticket sizes have reduced by 30% – to USD 75 Mn in FY24 from USD 107 Mn in FY20.


No. of deals

Average Deal Size (USD Mn)

















Movement of Capital Inflow


Multi-city transactions clearly stole the limelight during FY24, with the GIC-Brookfield transaction and the fund raised by Prestige Estates. NCR witnessed a relatively muted year, while MMR continued to dominate city-specific deal tables.






























Equity vs Debt Funding


PE investors prefer equity investments, as evidenced by the fact that the share of equity deals remains healthy and at par with the average of ~75% in the past 5 years.




















Asset Class-wise Funding


The commercial offices segment dominated PE transactions in FY24 with a 57value share. This was largely due to the GIC-Brookfield deal, which accounted for approx.40% of total transaction value in FY24.










Industrial & Logistics



Data Centre






Portfolio / Mixed use / Entity







“While there has been a consistent share of PE investments in residential real estate at 28% YoY, there is a yearly decline of 17% in the same by value,” says Shobhit Agarwal. “This is due to a very high base in FY23, when investments had doubled over the previous years.”


         (in USD Bn)













Domestic vs Foreign Funding


In the overall investments during FY24, foreign capital saw its share drop to 65% in FY24 while the share of domestic investors rose to 29% (against 8% in FY20).




















For all charts:

Numbers rounded off to the nearest decimal; All transactions in USD ($) unless otherwise stated

FY = Financial Year (1st April – 31st March)

Source: ANAROCK Capital Market Research


FY24: Key Highlights & Events

  • Residential

 “Residential real estate witnessed another year of a strong upcycle due to increased project launches, sales volumes, and price appreciation. Demand for affordable housing reduced, and that for larger homes increased,” says Aashiesh Agarwaal, SVP – Research & Investment Advisory, ANAROCK Capital. “The luxury homes market continues to post a robust performance. Interestingly, demand for under construction properties rose sharply during the year. The improved sentiment has also encouraged large investor to increase their participation in the market. However, the aggregate investment in the sector is lower than in FY23, due to some larger-than-average transactions during the last year.”


  • Commercial Office


Commercial real estate deals remained very thin on the ground, due to multiple factors such as the delayed notification of SEZ amendments, elevated interest rates, and global uncertainties. However, given strong demand fundamentals of commercial real estate, driven by leading IT companies’ determined push to return to office, increased traction of co-working spaces, a favorable capex cycle, the amendment of SEZ laws, and expectations of lower interests, commercial office real estate activity should strengthen over the coming quarters.


  • Retail


The retail segment of Indian real estate is thriving due to economic growth. Key names in the nation’s mall development arena, including DLF, Lakeshore, Inorbit, Nexus and Phoenix, are aggressively pursuing expansion. This surge in capital allocations aligns with the expansion strategies of leading retailers, resulting in a substantial uptick in store numbers. Rentals are expected to firm up, since economic buoyancy and robust consumer sentiment has led to healthy demand and trading densities for retail assets.


  • Industrial & Logistics


The industrial & logistics segment continues to hold promise for investors, with strong growth prospects on the back of robust consumption and expectations of manufacturing-led growth. While transactions in this segment were thin in FY24, they are expected to revive in FY25.


  • SM REITs


Towards the end of FY24, SEBI notified amendments to REIT regulations, paving the way for Small and Medium Real Estate Investment Trusts (SM REITs). This move aims to regulate fractional ownership of properties. Under these regulations, the minimum subscription size is INR 10 lakhs, the minimum number of investors is 200, and asset size can range between INR 50 Cr to INR 500 Cr.


  • Stressed Assets


While this segment has seen the emergence of a class of investors specializing in stressed asset resolutions, lenders are increasingly likely to settle with the promoters to avoid litigations.


  • AIFs


In December 2023, RBI issued a circular barring lender from investing in AIFs where the AIFs had lent downstream to companies wherein the lender had exposures. For existing investments, lenders were required to liquidate within 30 days or to set aside higher provisioning (100%) for their investments in such AIFs.


However, the end of March 2024 brought a breather – lenders were allowed to invest AIFs which has invested in a debtor company of the former. The RBI also gave relief on provisioning norms – provisioning would be required only to the extent of the lender’s investment in the AIF scheme, which is further invested by the fund in the debtor company.


16, Apr 2024
Pravaig strengthens its product portfolio with the introduction of Ram Mandir inspired Cufflinks

Pravaig strengthens

India, 16th April 2024: Pravaig, a fast-emerging Indian company with expertise in deep tech and manufacturing building EVs, advanced batteries, and AI products in India, has today announced the launch of Nritya Mandap Cufflinks on the auspicious occasion of Rama Navami. The cufflinks, priced at INR 3,900, are crafted using Pravaig’s AI tools. Following the unveiling of the Kedarnath-inspired Cufflinks, Pravaig marks yet another milestone for its AI product line with this launch. Pravaig blends AI design with spirituality in its latest fashion addition with India-inspired Cufflinks showcasing the brand’s cutting-edge technology and reverence for heritage.

Inspired by the revered Nritya Mandap of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, these limited-edition cufflinks encapsulate the essence of Indian heritage in a contemporary fashion statement. Crafted with meticulous precision and reverence for tradition, each pair of Nritya Mandap Cufflinks epitomises the timeless elegance of Vedic architecture while seamlessly blending with modern design principles.

In a world where tradition meets innovation, Pravaig continues to redefine standards of excellence and creativity. The Nritya Mandap Cufflinks represent a harmonious fusion of heritage and contemporary aesthetics, embodying the ethos of Vedic Futurism.

With its AI Labs, a specialised Technology backed Designing and Manufacturing arm, Pravaig is committed to build India’s technological foundation. Conceptualised using generative AI and manufactured using 3D printers, under their AI Labs, the limited-edition Cufflink is a testament towards the Pravaig’s focus on creating edgy Indian products for the world.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ram Divedi, CSO and Co-Founder, Pravaig, said, “Technology has never been more omnipresent yet inaccessible. We, at Pravaig, are committed to democratise technology by continuously innovating to meet the ever-evolving needs of our consumers. We are excited to expand our lifestyle product portfolio with the new Cufflinks, blending fashion with functionality.”

He added, “Our Ram Mandir Cufflinks are a special addition, inspired by the profound significance of the Ayodhya temple. They symbolize not just style, but also reverence for our cultural heritage. We’re proud to offer products that reflect the values and traditions that are essential to our customers”.

Each of these products are limited edition and showcases the essence of spirituality or heritage. This one is dedicated to the Ram Mandir while incorporating contemporary design elements, reflecting a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Just as the temple stands as a symbol of faith and unity, these cufflinks serve as a tangible representation of devotion and reverence for consumers.

Pravaig’s Ram Mandir Cufflinks encapsulate the sacred aura of the historic temple in Ayodhya, intertwining tradition with modern elegance. Each pair embodies the reverence and cultural significance of the Ram Mandir, serving as a treasured adornment for every momentous event.

16, Apr 2024
Sayaji Hotels – Balancing tradition with Innovation

Sayaji Hotels

Indore, 16th April 2024: Sayaji Hotels, renowned for its commitment to world-class hospitality services, proudly announced the launch of its revamped logo as part of their brand entity. The updated logo marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey as it represents a harmonious fusion between tradition and innovation. With the core principles of the brand remaining unchanged, the brand identity has been refreshed to reflect its evolving nature.

“Our logo, the face of our brand, has undergone a subtle yet significant transformation”, remarked Mr. Raoof Razak Dhanani, Managing Director of Sayaji Hotels Ltd. “While preserving the iconic elements that our guests recognize, the refreshed logo embodies a more contemporary and dynamic aesthetic.”

The revitalized logo features vibrant colors and refined lines, serving as a visual testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Detailed enhancements include a gentle touch of green adorning the tree element, representing growth, vitality, and the group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Complementing this is a delicate peach line that accentuates the logo’s horizontal aspect, infusing a sense of warmth, elegance, and modernity to the brand.

“The amalgamation of green and peach hues in the logo encapsulates the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, authenticity, and creativity”, shared Ms. Saba Dhanani, Director – Marketing & Communications of Sayaji Hotels Ltd. “It creates a visual identity that is both timeless and contemporary and represents our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry, resonating with guests and stakeholders alike.”

The revitalized visual identity serves as a beacon of the brand’s evolution. With the launch of its upgraded brand entity, Sayaji Hotels reaffirms its commitment to deliver unparalleled experiences while embracing change and innovation.

16, Apr 2024
Globe Textiles will add a garment processing capacity of up to 20,000 units per day and 6 Lakh units per month.

Mumbai,16th April 2024: Globe Textiles India Limited (GTIL) (NSE: GLOBE), a well-known textile star exporter of fabrics and garments catering to global and domestic markets for the last two decades will add a garment processing capacity of up to 20,000 units per day and 6 Lakh units per month and eyes a 520 Cr top line in next 3 years.

With an environmentally friendly facility with a Zero Liquid Discharge system and partly solar generation which minimizes energy costs while using green energy company expects a 30% uptick in revenue and a top-line of 520 crores by 2027. Positioned as an industry leader in environmental responsibility and fashion-centric customer satisfaction, the company uses nature-friendly dyes and chemicals and has pioneered sustainable processing techniques that give a better hand feel to apparel while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing water recycling through its Zero Liquid Discharge system.

Mr. Bhavin Parikh, Chief Executive Officer at Globe Textiles (India) Limited said, “With the ongoing innovation we are planning to introduce denim tops in the female category and we reaffirm our dedication to sustainability and innovation in the textile industry. After successful rights issue and acquisition, we will enhance our asset base, margins, and top line as well as introduce innovative sustainable fashion garments and practices which are sought after by customers from India, Europe and US.”

Globe Textile has reported a revenue of  in Dec 2023 and has a production capacity of over 2.5 lakh sq. feet where it manufactures, 36 million meters of fabric and 2.5 million bottoms per annum. It has reported robust financial results over the years with a 10-year CAGR of 13 percent in Revenue and 13 percent Net Profit. With a market cap of over 100 Crs and retail shareholding of over 55% industry experts say that “Globe Textile is a stock to watch for a breakout on the charts”

16, Apr 2024
HMSI celebrates 9th anniversary of its Traffic Training Park in Hyderabad

 Traffic Training Park in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 16th April,2024: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India celebrated a significant milestone as it commemorated the 9th anniversary of the Traffic Training Park in Hyderabad in the august presence of Mr. G Harish (Inspector of traffic police Hyderabad and in charge of Traffic Training Institute, Hyderabad). Since its inception, the park has played a pivotal role in promoting road safety and enhancing traffic awareness among citizens.

In 2015, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) in association with Hyderabad Traffic Police inaugurated the traffic training park in Hyderabad. Situated in the heart of the city, the Traffic Training Park has served as a beacon of education and practical training for participants. Its state-of-the-art facilities and interactive programs have empowered countless individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible and safe road behaviour.

Since the inception of the Traffic Training Park in the city of Hyderabad, nearly 2 lac people across all age groups have been trained to enhance road safety awareness in the city.

The 9th anniversary celebration was a testament to the park’s enduring impact on the community. Dignitaries, government officials, and representatives from HMSI gathered to mark the occasion and reflect on the park’s accomplishment over the years. The event featured engaging activities covering students of all age groups such as Bicycle Riding Activity, Snake and Ladder, Stop-Look-Go, Safety Gear Awareness and Road Sign Matching games aimed at reinforcing the importance of road safety. The event witnessed engagement of around 25 students from St. Paul’s High-Tech school. Participants also had the opportunity to experience first-hand the various amenities offered by the park, including simulated road circuits, traffic signboards and virtual driving simulations.

Mr. G Harish (Inspector of traffic police in charge of Traffic Training Institute, Hyderabad) shared his valuable insights on road safety to the students by highlighting the importance of a proper driving licence before one starts their driving journey and about the relevance of cultivating the habit of following traffic rules at a very young age.

As HMSI looks ahead to the future, it remains dedicated to further expanding the reach and impact of its Traffic Training Park in Hyderabad and beyond. Through continues collaboration with stakeholders and the community, the company aims to cultivate a culture of responsible road behaviour and ensure safer roads for generations to come.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India’s CSR commitment towards Road Safety:

For Honda globally, road safety comes first. As announced in April 2021, “Honda will strive for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050”. Fulfilling its corporate social responsibility (CSR), HMSI has been promoting road safety in India since its start in 2001. Working towards the realisation of Honda’s global safety vision, today HMSI’s road safety awareness initiative has already spread to over 57 lac Indians. Its team of skilled safety instructors conduct daily programmes at its 10 adopted traffic parks across India and 6 Safety Driving Education Centres (SDEC).

HMSI dealerships across India spread road safety awareness. HMSI’s proprietary virtual riding simulator increases the risk-prediction ability of riders; while new customers too are given predelivery safety advise (PDSA) before they start riding at every dealership across India.

15, Apr 2024
API China 2024 Invites Global Visitors and Exhibitors

Shanghai, China, April 15, 2024 –API China, Asia’s premier pharmaceutical trade show, is gearing up for its 90th edition, scheduled to take place from May 15 to 17, 2024, at the prestigious National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. This year, API China will be collocated with PHARMCHINA and China International Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE), creating a comprehensive platform that promotes, strengthens, and interacts with the pharmaceutical and health nutrition industry chain. This collaboration aims to accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure, fostering innovation and collaboration within the industry.

The three shows organized by RX (Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions) are expected to attract more than 2,500 enterprises from the pharmaceutical, health, and nutrition industries at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. The event will be 160,000 sqm exhibition area and feature more than 100 conference activities, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for attendees. With an expected participation of over 150,000 industry professionals, API China, PHARMCHINA, and NHNE are set to showcase the latest advancements, trends, and products in the pharmaceutical and health nutrition sectors.

Diverse Attendee Base

With a database of over 5,000 finished drug manufacturers, including 97 in the TOP 100 in China, API China attracts a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from industry giants to innovative startups. This ensures a rich networking environment conducive to forging partnerships and collaborations.

Strategic Partnerships

API China has forged strategic alliances with prominent domestic associations, including the China Pharmaceutical Industry Association and the China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association. These partnerships facilitate access to valuable resources and insights, further enhancing the value proposition for attendees.

Focus on Quality and Compliance

As a testament to its commitment to upholding industry standards, API China prioritizes exhibitors who adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. This ensures that attendees have access to high-quality products and services that meet regulatory requirements.

Knowledge Sharing and Exchange

In addition to the exhibition, API China features a robust conference program featuring thought leaders and experts from the pharmaceutical industry. Attendees can gain valuable insights into emerging trends, regulatory developments, and best practices through a series of seminars, workshops, and panel discussions.

For companies seeking to seize opportunities in the Chinese pharmaceutical market, API China presents a platform for business expansion, knowledge acquisition, and industry networking.

15, Apr 2024
Delorean Time Machine to attend C2E2 Chicago Comic Con

Delorean Time Machine to attend C2E2 Chicago Comic Con

Chicago, IL, April 15, 2024 — DeloreanRental.com’s Iconic Delorean Time Machine to Make Special Appearance at C2E2, Chicago’s Premier Comic Con

DeloreanRental.com, the leading provider of authentic Delorean Time Machines, is thrilled to announce its participation in this year’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), taking place from April 26 to April 28 at McCormick Place.

As a highlight of the event, DeloreanRental.com will be showcasing its iconic Delorean Time Machine, famously known from the classic film franchise “Back to the Future.” Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to step inside this legendary vehicle and experience the nostalgia and excitement firsthand.

“We are incredibly excited to bring the Delorean time machine to C2E2,” said Jason Alspaugh, owner of DeloreanRental.com. “It’s not just a car; it’s a symbol of adventure, innovation, and imagination. We can’t wait for fans to immerse themselves in the magic of this beloved cinematic icon.”

In addition to the chance to see the time machine up close, attendees will have the opportunity to take photos inside the car, creating unforgettable memories of their C2E2 experience. DeloreanRental.com will also have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and provide insight into the history and mechanics of the Delorean time machine.

“We invite fans of all ages to join us at C2E2 and take a journey through time with the Delorean,” added Alspaugh “Whether you’re a die-hard ‘Back to the Future’ enthusiast or simply love pop culture, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.”

C2E2, Chicago’s largest comic con, promises an exciting lineup of celebrity guests, panels, exhibitors, and activities for fans of comics, movies, television, gaming, and more.

15, Apr 2024
Nadrich Accident Injury Lawyers Opens New Tulare, CA Office

Tulare, CA, April 15, 2024 — Nadrich Accident Injury Lawyers, a California personal injury law firm which has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of clients since 1990, is proud to announce it is opening a new office in Tulare, CA.

The new office location is conveniently located at 142 S K St Suite E, Tulare, CA 93274. The location was opened due to a growing demand for the law firm to be located closer to clients in Tulare, Visalia and Tulare County, including agricultural workers exposed to herbicides such as paraquat and Roundup, which have been respectively linked to Parkinson’s disease and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

“Opening an office in Tulare will make it more convenient for our Tulare County clients to meet with us in person,” said Jeffrey Nadrich, managing partner of the firm.

The office is the 17th office the firm has opened in California. The firm has offices in California from Palm Desert to Yreka, with additional Central Valley offices in Bakersfield, Fresno, Merced, Modesto, Sacramento and Tracy.

15, Apr 2024
Institutional investments in Q1 2024 Jan-March – Vestian

New Delhi, 15th April 2024: Q1 2024 reported institutional investments of USD 552 Mn, registering a decline of 55% on the year and 27% in the quarter. This steep fall could be attributed to the cautious approach of foreign investors amid global macroeconomic uncertainty.

On the other hand, domestic investors showcased resilience and accounted for 98% of the total institutional investments received in the current quarter. Although the share has increased from 36% a year earlier, investments in value terms increased by only 21%. Domestic investors invested around USD 541 Mn across multiple deals during Q1 2024.

Investor Type Value (USD Mn) % Change % Share
Q1 2023 Q4 2023 Q1 2024 Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023 Q1 2024 vs Q4 2023 Q1 2023 Q4 2023 Q1 2024
Foreign 791.4 299.8 11 -99% -96% 64% 40% 2%
India-dedicated 446.9 452.1 541.1 21% 20% 36% 60% 98%

Shrinivas Rao, FRICS, CEO, Vestian, “Domestic investors are bullish about India’s growth story, continue to pour in investments in the real estate sector. On the other hand, foreign investors are cautious due to global macroeconomic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions.”

Commercial assets (office, retail, co-working, and hospitality projects) garnered the highest investments of USD 232 Mn in Q1 2024, closely followed by residential assets at USD 225 Mn.

Despite an increase in the share of commercial investments to 42% in Q1 2024 from 39% a year earlier, they declined by 52% in value terms. Similarly, the share of residential investments also increased to 41% in Q1 2024 from 27% in Q1 2023. However, investments declined by 33% annually in value terms. Investments significantly decreased by 73% in the industrial and warehousing sector in Q1 2024 over the previous year.

Asset Type Value (USD Mn) % Change % Share
Q1 2023 Q4 2023 Q1 2024 Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023 Q1 2024 vs Q4 2023 Q1 2023 Q4 2023 Q1 2024
Commercial 484.8 571.0 231.6 -52% -59% 39% 76% 42%
Residential 337.7 63.0 225.0 -33% 257% 27% 8% 41%
Industrial & Warehousing 215.8 105.9 58.9 -73% -44% 18% 14% 11%
Diversified 200.0 12.0 36.7 -82% 205% 16% 2% 6%
Total 1,238.3 751.9 552.1 -55% -27% 100% 100% 100%

Bengaluru dominated the institutional investments in Q1 2024 with USD 299 Mn, followed by NCR at USD 110 Mn. Both the cities together accounted for around 74% of the total investments received in the current quarter. Edelweiss Capital turned out to be the most active investor during the quarter with over USD 300 Mn worth of investments across the asset classes and geographies.

Rao further added, “The Indian real estate sector is expected to garner increased investments in the coming months on the back of a strengthened economic scenario and robust demand.

15, Apr 2024
Navratri Festivity Fuels Investment Optimism: Developers Eye Surge in Demand Across Real Estate and Infrastructure Sectors

Navratri holds a revered status in India for property acquisition, resonating with profound cultural significance heralding fresh opportunities and prosperity. It is deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness that engaging in significant endeavors such as property investment during Navratri brings forth auspicious outcomes.

In line with this enduring tradition, the millennials also espouse reverence for customary practices, demonstrating a penchant for property acquisition during Navratri. While staying attuned to pragmatic considerations such as market dynamics and financial viability, their adherence to age-old beliefs fortifies the robustness of the real estate sector.

As Navratri unfurls the tapestry of the festive season, there exists a palpable anticipation within the real estate market, poised for heightened consumer activity and transactional fervor. Real estate developers eagerly embrace this opportune moment, unveiling an array of enticing offers, discounts, and bespoke promotions, leveraging the buoyant spirit of the festivities to invigorate sales and engender prosperity in the marketplace.

Ravi Saund, Founding Director of Emperium Realty Pvt Ltd said, “India’s real estate sector is outpacing global markets and is expected to continue thriving. The festive season will elevate the market even further, with a clear preference for spacious homes equipped with contemporary amenities such as dedicated workspaces, expansive balconies, fitness and wellness zones, play areas for children, serene prayer rooms, and numerous high-end facilities. Customers are displaying remarkable confidence in pursuing their dream properties, and we anticipate this trend to gain even more momentum during the festive season, extending well into the remainder of 2024. The surge in demand for real estate assets indicates the sector’s robust health, and we predict that it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

Varun Bassi, Head of Sales and Marketing Worldwide Realty said, “During Navratri, there is a noticeable increase in demand for various real estate offerings such as spacious homes, dedicated floors, SCO (Shop-Cum-Office) units, commercial office spaces, and land parcels suitable for initiating manufacturing units. This heightened interest provides developers with the perfect opportunity to showcase their offerings by rolling out attractive deals and unveiling new projects tailored to cater to this specific market sentiment.

The festive season acts as a catalyst, further propelling the real estate market to new heights, with consumers exhibiting a clear preference for property investments during this time. This surge in demand not only underscores the sector’s resilience but also serves as a testament to its robust health. As such, we anticipate sustained growth in the real estate sector in the foreseeable future, fueled by the buoyant market dynamics observed during Navratri and other festive periods.