9, Dec 2023
Med Insights Session on Fertility

XITE hosted a transformative session, “Fertility: Changing Perspective in the Present Era,” on December 8, 2023. Dr. Dorothy P. Ghosh, a seasoned fertility consultant with 15 years of experience, shared invaluable insights. The event, made possible through Renew Fertility, aimed to educate and create awareness.

XITE - Med Insights Snap 4

 The esteemed resource person enlightened students, faculty and attendees on crucial aspects of fertility. Prof. Sushmita Choudhury Sen and Prof. Akinchan Xaxa was present. The event was meticulously coordinated by Ashish Singh, Head of Branding & Communication, with support from Vice Principal Fr. Dr. Mukti Clarence.

 This session not only provided valuable information but also fostered a deeper understanding of fertility-related issues.  We extend our gratitude to Dr. Dorothy P. Ghosh for her expertise and Renew Fertility for making this insightful event possible. XITE – Shaping Futures, Igniting Minds