6, Feb 2024
Mumbai Surgeon Successfully Removes Five Brain Tumors in single surgery

Mumbai, 6th February 2024 – Preeti, a courageous 40-year-old woman, has defied the odds and embraced hope in the face of recurrent brain tumors. Her remarkable story of resilience unfolded during a recent medical intervention led by Dr. Mazda Turel, a renowned neurosurgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central.

In 2006, Preeti underwent her first surgery for a benign meningioma, only to find it return a year later. Undeterred, she faced a second surgery in 2007 and, after two years of respite, another recurrence. Despite the challenges, Preeti’s positive spirit prevailed as she underwent a third operation and radiation therapy in 2009. Over the next decade, she built a family, but in 2019, a new and complex challenge emerged.

Her fourth surgery became imperative, marking the beginning of an arduous journey compounded by the global pandemic, which disrupted regular medical check-ups. Preeti’s unwavering determination led her to Dr. Mazda Turel, seeking a fresh perspective after her previous surgeon retired.

Upon examination, Dr. Mazda Turel discovered not one but five tumors in various locations across the left hemisphere of Preeti’s brain. The largest, a 6 cm mass, pressed against the motor strip, causing debilitating weakness in her limbs. Dr. Mazda Turel decided on an unprecedented approach – the removal of all five tumors, followed by genetic studies and a personalized treatment plan.

In a groundbreaking surgical procedure, Dr. Mazda Turel skillfully removed the tumors, showcasing surgical prowess and dedication. Preeti’s recovery was initially promising, with renewed strength evident immediately after the surgery.

Picture- Dr Mazda Turel

Dr Mazda Turel, Brain and Spine Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central– “This challenging case exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The successful removal of five brain tumors in a single surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of neurosurgical care. We remain dedicated to understanding the complexities of such cases, utilizing cutting-edge techniques, and providing personalized treatments to enhance our patients’ quality of life.”

Despite the setback, Preeti remains resilient, embodying strength and hope. Dr. Mazda Turel is determined to explore further treatment options, leveraging genetic studies and innovative therapies to address the root cause of the recurrent tumors.

Preeti’s journey is a testament to the challenges faced by patients dealing with complex medical conditions. The medical team, guided by Dr. Mazda Turel, remains committed to supporting Preeti on her path to recovery and contributing to advancements in neurosurgical care.