11, Jan 2024
ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission takes center stage in an exclusive WION interview with Chief Dr. S. Somanath

In a WION exclusive interview with Dr. S. Somanath, Chief of ISRO, key insights into India’s space endeavors were unveiled. The focus is on the highly anticipated Gaganyaan mission scheduled for 2025, with 2024 marked as a pivotal year for crucial milestones.

S. Somnath

  Gaganyaan Mission: Scheduled for 2025, 2024 is a critical year for milestones.
Unmanned Missions in 2024: Two scheduled missions (GX and G1) are crucial preparations for the Gaganyaan mission.
Crew Escape System Demonstration: Important for astronaut safety, with one done and three more planned for 2024.
Parachute System Validation: Helicopter drop tests in 2024 to validate key mission components.
Design and Engineering Challenges: Extensive work on crew systems, viewports, and more for astronaut comfort and safety.
Astronaut Training: Focus on real experience, including potential ISS training, to refine mission design.
Mounting an Indian Astronaut to the ISS: Confirmed goal for 2024 with discussions ongoing for US leg training.
Mission Challenges and Outlook: Acknowledged tough journey in 2024, but ISRO remains committed to concurrent missions.

 Dr. Somanath’s insights into the challenges and engineering efforts involved, along with the emphasis on real astronaut experience and training, showcase the dedication and commitment of ISRO.