10, Jan 2024
Distributed blankets and warm clothing to those in need

Prominent educator, social activist, and author, Dr. Varun Gupta, distributed blankets, warm clothes, and essential items to those in need residing near Sheetala Mata Temple. Additionally, he extended his assistance to the needy at Mehandipur Balaji.

Dr Varun Gupta distributing blankets

Dr. Varun has been actively aiding the less fortunate for an extended period. Even during the global Covid-19 pandemic, he supported those in need and individuals in quarantine. In addition to providing homemade meals, they distributed masks, sanitizers, ration supplies, and medicines. Currently serving as the Executive Vice President of On Sky Global and CEO of Cambridge Career College, Dr. Gupta remains dedicated to philanthropy.

blankets distributing

Dr. Gupta emphasized, “Assisting those in need holds great significance from both a social and humanitarian perspective. It ensures everyone’s inclusion in justice and equality within society, steering it toward positive progression and granting each individual a better life. It provides an opportunity to contribute back to society. Assisting the needy cultivates a humanitarian spirit, fostering empathy and a willingness to help our fellow human beings. Such assistance paves the way for prosperity; collective efforts toward mutual aid can establish prosperity, social well-being, and equality.”