5, Oct 2023
“Everyone is so grounded and experienced in their line of work”, Kunal Thakur about his co-actors in ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’

Mumbai, 5th, October 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released a medical drama series, ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’. The show has garnered immense appreciation from across quarters for its authenticity in discussing women’s health issues and educating about sexual health. It follows the story of Dr. Vidushi, a young obstetrician-gynecologist who is attempting to strike a balance between her work and personal life. Who’s Your Gynac? is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV, featuring Saba Azad, Vibha Chibbar, Karishma Singh, and Aaron Koul, along with Kunal Thakur who is seen in the role of a charming pediatrician, Arth Dhamecha.

WYG Kunal 3

Kunal expressed how he enjoyed working with his talented co-actors and how each of them is so humble, “My experience working with Saba, Karishma, Aaron, and Vibha ma’am was amazing because everyone is so grounded and experienced in their line of work. Everyone’s craft was on point, we all have worked collectively, and everyone was receptive to everything”, he shared.

When asked about the reason that makes the show captivating and a must-watch, Kunal shared, “One of the biggest reasons for the viewers to watch this show is that it discusses the untouched subjects in our society like women’s health and reproductive well-being. We have made an effort to bring more awareness in our society about sexual health and conveyed it with a tinge of comedy.

Unfold the journey of a Gynac filled with drama, emotions, love, and quirky-confused patients with ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ streaming live on Amazon miniTV, for free within the Amazon shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Playstore.