30, Jan 2024
Bry-Air and DRI conduct Sports Day at Bajghera, Gurugram to celebrate International Day of Education

New Delhi, 30th January 2024: Observing the International Day of Education, Bry-Air and DRI, the flagship companies of the Pahwa Group, organized Sports Day for students of Bry-Air Pathshala and DRI Pathshala. The event was conducted for the Pathshala students at the Literacy India playground in Bajghera village, Gurugram which witnessed the participation of over 255 students.

sports day

Sports Day was organized with the aim of fostering inclusive education by promoting the overall development of the children. To instill enthusiasm among the children, Bry-Air and DRI, conducted a range of activities, namely, spoon race, relay race, 50-meter race, 100-meter race, three-legged race, sack race, and tug of war, etc., to name a few, to inculcate sportsmanship in students right from their formative years.

The flagship companies conduct classes under the names Bry-Air Pathshala and DRI Pathshala, in Dharam Colony and Carterpuri village respectively. The Group has been working in close collaboration with NGO – Literacy India since 2011 and 2014, respectively, to fulfill the cause of providing education to underprivileged children. Staying true to its commitment to making education accessible for everyone, the Group is incessantly dedicated to providing free-of-cost education to underprivileged children. To achieve this purpose, the Group efficiently provides a primary school environment so that children in remote parts of the cities can avail quality education.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Anandita Pahwa, Head – CSR, Bry-Air & DRI, said, “The celebration of International Day of Education underscores our dedication to encourage elevation of the society. As part of the endeavor, understanding that education plays a pivotal role in shaping society and securing the future of children, we have been relentlessly working towards empowering underprivileged children with the power of knowledge. In the pursuit, the Sports Day on the occasion of International Day of Education promotes the overall development of the children while instilling sportsmanship in them, enabling them to navigate the future with sheer wisdom.”

Resolved to contribute to the upliftment of society as a responsible organization, Bry-Air, and DRI are continuously involved in empowering the youth and ladies to help them become self-dependent. To achieve this purpose, the Group conducts skill development courses in diversified fields aimed at supporting the women and girl child become self-earning members of the society. For which, they provide training on a wide range of courses such as beautician and tailoring courses, computer literacy, etc., and further provide them with necessary sewing machines, tailoring and beautician kits, etc. to help them set up their small business shops and manage the day-to-day expense of their families.