6, Jan 2024
DiamondXE Introduces DXE LUXE

New Delhi,6th Jan 2024: DiamondXE, the distinguished online diamond trading platform founded by a family of seasoned jewellers, gemologists, and designers with a collective industry experience of over 60 years, proudly introduces DXE LUXE. This exclusive collection sets a new standard for exceptional diamonds, reshaping luxury and elegance.

DXE LUXE stands as a testament to DiamondXE’s unwavering commitment to unmatched quality and luxury. Meticulously curated, this collection features only the most breathtaking Natural & Fancy Colour Diamonds, each surpassing an impressive 10 carats and above. It epitomizes rarity and sophistication, inviting a select group of premium members into a world where brilliance is elevated to an art form.

DiamondXE LUXE 1

Ankit Singh Kimtee, Founder & CEO, DiamondXE, expressed, “DXE LUXE represents the culmination of our dedication to unmatched quality and luxury. We invite passionate connoisseurs and collectors to immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty and rarity found within our meticulously curated collection.” Founder & Chairwoman of DiamondXE, Deepali Vijay Jain, added, “This collection epitomizes magnificence and prestige, setting a new standard in the domain of haute diamonds.”

With DXE LUXE, DiamondXE continues its legacy of excellence by offering an exclusive haven for those seeking the extraordinary. This invite-only segment caters to premium members who appreciate and seek the pinnacle of opulence in every facet of their lives.