27, Dec 2023
Feel Alive with Sony BBC Earth: A Year of Unforgettable Premieres and Inspiring Narratives

National, December 27, 2023:

Closing an extraordinary year, Sony BBC Earth shares some key milestones of 2023. Guided by the unwavering commitment to being one of the greatest storytellers, the channel embarked on a journey that brought forth a grand visual spectacle, positive insightful storytelling, and a fresh perspective on knowledge and entertainment. Let us rewind the tape and relive the remarkable journey of Sony BBC Earth.

Key Tentpoles for the year

In March, the channel premiered ‘Dynasties II’ – a visual extravaganza narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. This six-part program delved into the intricate social structures of charismatic animal species, conveying the powerful message that ‘family is power.’ The channel collaborated with an Indian a-cappella band for a song around the show theme ‘Legacy Must Live On’. The composition featured a-cappella renditions of animal sounds from the series’ legendary creatures. Exclusive screenings were conducted in key metros – Mumbai (Nehru Science Centre), Delhi (India Habitat Centre), and Chennai (Dakshina Chitra). A standout moment was the integration with the critically acclaimed film ‘Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway’.

Dynasties II_Still

In July, ‘Changing Planet’ visually explored Earth’s delicate ecosystems, showcasing innovative solutions that transcend boundaries and foster sustainability. The two-part series revealed remarkable changes in six critical territories over the past two years, featuring presenters meeting those dedicated to restoring Earth’s balance.

As we usher in the joyous season of December, Sony BBC Earth held a grand prime-time premiere of ‘Earth’, a captivating five-episode biography of our planet, narrated by Chris Packham, unfolding Earth’s epic narrative from a barren rock to a vibrant home for eight billion people.

Special Days, Special Impact

Sony BBC Earth launched a PSA campaign titled ‘Care For Earth, Care For Life’ around Earth Day. Adding a dash of quirk, the channel curated three animated short films around environmental issues such as drought, global meltdown, and plastic impact on aquatic life. The videos shed light on the current scenario of the planet through animal characters such as elephants, polar bears, and blue whales. The videos were shared by Garvita Gulati the Water Girl of India, Ann Mathew (Geeks of Green), and Ekta Chaudhary (Garden UP). Mad Over Marketing showcased the campaign idea and its narrative. It was supported with a relevant line-up of shows such as Water Brothers, Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline, Ocean Rescue, etc.

 In October, the channel launched a Diwali-special property ‘The Festival Of Life’ premiering 12 shows. This curated lineup guaranteed a blend of entertainment, enlightenment, and inspiration. Broadcasted from October 16th to November 10th, the show list included Chasing Monsters Season 3 and 4, Wild Scandinavia, Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure, Dogs In The Wild, South Korea With Alexander, Vitamin Pills – Miracle Or Myth?, Horizon Hair Care Secrets, Serengeti Season 3, Alexander Armstrong In Sri Lanka, Panorama Are You Scared Yet, Human?, and Africa With Ade Adepitan.

In December, the channel curated a Christmas Special anthology titled – ‘All Things Sweet’. It featured captivating shows such as ‘Inside The Factory’, delving into the intricate processes and technology of foods and goods, ‘Inside the Chocolat’, and ‘Inside The Christmas Factory’ showcasing Britain’s largest independent chocolate maker and the fascinating processes of UK’s beloved festive treats. It also included ‘Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico’, adding a flavorful touch to the holiday cheer.

Brand IPs and Engaging Contests

In March, the channel marked its 6th anniversary by presenting viewers with an exclusive lineup of iconic shows that captured the essence of ‘Feel Alive’ over the six years. The special programming featured shows such as Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II, Seven Worlds, One Planet, A Perfect Planet, Eden – Untamed Planet, and Frozen Planet II. Additionally, the channel utilized its social media platforms by hosting viewer contests.

Earth Champion_Jadav Payeng_Still

The ‘Earth In Focus 3’ online photography contest, celebrated the Pride of India. It encouraged photographers to narrate compelling stories through captivating images. The recently concluded contest witnessed an impressive turnout with 6,030 entries and garnered 124,490 votes. The channel had a 3-day activation with Doodle walls installed at the Phoenix Market City, Kurla. It saw participation from people of all ages and encouraged spot registrations for the contest. Further, building on the community engagement Doodle and Photography workshops were planned across two days.

Sony BBC Earth’s property ‘Earth Champions’ saw a quirky makeover with the channel showcasing the journey of real-life heroes in a rap format. The 3-minute capsules reflected the work of the changemakers. The debut episode featured ‘Mr. Jadav Payeng,’ the Forest Man of India, recognized for his selfless efforts in environmental conservation. The same featured on-air along with extensive social media promotions.

Sony BBC Earth’s 6th edition of ‘Feel Alive Hours’ concluded in 2023 along with the launch of the 7th season. As an industry first initiative, a nationwide quiz was launched in a digital format where students participated in batches of two, in senior and junior categories. The 7th season allows students to register as individual participants. Feel Alive Hours also includes school contact programme providing an immersive experience through science experiments, interactive adventures, and diverse content genres. Content-viewing sessions on science, wildlife, adventure, etc., and DIY activities to spark creativity and curiosity add to the engagement of the sessions.

On-Ground Integration and Metaverse Magic

Sony BBC Earth organised a Science Movie Festival at Nehru Science Centre in October. The 3-day fest ignited students’ passion for science, immersing them in the vast expanse of space over three days. With participation from 1000+ students across Mumbai, the event became an educational odyssey.

Blurring the lines between reality and imagination, Sony BBC Earth’s Metaverse experience offered a virtual walkthrough of two worlds – Polar regions and the Tropical rainforest at The Lil Flea (MMRDA Ground, BKC). From small kids to senior citizens, all had firsthand experience of it, leaving a lasting impact on them. The channel also extended the Metaverse experience to underprivileged children of the Udaan Foundation, making the festive season special for them.

Upcoming Premieres

As we wrap up the extraordinary journey of 2023, Sony BBC Earth, with its diverse array of stories, competitions, and on-ground engagements, stays dedicated to making people Feel Alive. Moving into 2024, January brings exciting offerings, including ‘World’s Most Dangerous Roads’ and the enchanting exploration of ‘Ancient Powers’. Delve into the depths with ‘Spy in the Ocean’, and don’t miss the Republic Day Special. Here’s to a future filled with more captivating stories and shared experiences.