10, Nov 2023
Green Portfolio launches Samvat 2080 to gear up for Diwali

New Delhi, 10th November: Green Portfolio, one of the top smallcase managers and PMS providers is happy to announce the launch of their Diwali special Samvat 2080 Smallcases. The Samvat small cases are baskets of stocks with shares from varying companies and sectors. Green Portfolio’s Samvat small, first launched two years ago for the Hindu calendar year 2078, are designed to give beginner investors confidence in the markets. Since then, the company has been introducing a new smallcase at the beginning of each Samvat year making the first step towards a beginner’s investment journey easy. This year is the third edition of Samvat Portfolios.

As investment products, Samvat portfolios are really simple to understand and start with. The company has two Samvat portfolios that invest in the small and Midcap space. Samvat 2080: Small-cap Picks is the portfolio with 7 stocks across 6 different sectors and Samvat 2080 – Midcap Picks invests in 8 companies across 7 sectors. Their aim here is to make sure that the portfolios have the perfect ratio of focus to diversification. The PE ratio ranges from 8 to 15 and the market cap is from 1300 Cr to 9000 Cr. All these are the factors that make this portfolio ideal for beginner investors.

Small and Midcap companies are the areas of focus for the company and with these portfolios, it is giving investors a small glance at its services. The portfolios are very consolidated with just seven or eight stocks since their approach with the Samvat portfolios is pretty straightforward – keeping it simple and easy for beginner investors.

Divam Sharma 2

Commenting on the launch, Divam Sharma, Co-founder, of Green Portfolio, said “My co-founder Anuj and I started Green Portfolio five years ago with the idea of helping retail investors create wealth in the stock markets. We always see investors having doubts and struggling while starting their investment journey thus our thought process with Samvat smallcases is simply to give investors a starting point in the markets. We are hand-holding small investors and helping them begin. In India, we already have a culture of making new purchases on Diwali which makes it easier for us to make new investments during the festive season. Investors are confused out there trying to start in the markets and we’re here to help them with expertly managed portfolios.”

In 2020, Green introduced smallcases to reach small investors and has been offering many different portfolios successfully since. Managing over 750 crore, the company is currently offering six smallcases and five PMS funds with their key focus being on the retail segment to make quality research available to small individual investors. Curated for small retail investors, Samvat portfolios were launched to encourage individual investors towards a financially healthy future.