16, Dec 2023
Bangalore to Witness an Ice Cream Revolution; Zimero Brings Bold New Flavours to the City

Zimero, India’s next destination for bold and flavor-packed ice creams, is excited to share its expansion plans for 2024. The ice cream brand has gained a reputation for its distinctive flavours and dedication to using only natural ingredients. The company is set to establish new retail stores in Bangalore by the coming summer, with an online delivery expansion to include Hyderabad by January.

With its dedication to creating mouthwatering flavors and fusions, Zimero has swiftly won over the hearts and palates of ice cream lovers. With bold flavors like the delicious Goat Cheese and Blueberry, the aromatic Lavender & Honey, and their inventive range of 100% Jaggery and No Sugar flavours, Zimero has become the go-to place for people looking for a delightful and distinctive ice cream experience. Not to mention the irresistible South Indian Filter Coffee.

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“At Zimero, we are passionate about redefining the ice cream experience,” said Shuchi Jain, the company’s visionary owner, in regard to her excitement about the company’s expansion. She also added, “Good ice cream, in our opinion, is a celebration of flavors and memories rather than just a sweet treat. We are really excited to unveil our creations to Hyderabad and Bangalore. We know that our dedication to using only natural ingredients will appeal to the discriminating palates of these globally connected cities.”

By the summer of 2024, new retail locations in Bangalore are expected to open as part of the expansion plan. In addition, Zimero plans to expand its reach by launching online deliveries in Hyderabad in January 2024, which will usher in a thrilling year for the city’s ice cream enthusiasts.

Zimero has received praise for its unwavering dedication to excellence. Every flavor is painstakingly created with minimal preservatives and natural ingredients, guaranteeing a true and pure taste. This dedication to quality has been instrumental in Zimero’s success and customer loyalty.

The company invites ice cream lovers to embark on this delectable journey with them as Zimero aims to become a household name in India’s major metropolitan cities by 2024