12, Dec 2023
Godrej Security Solutions Redefines Security Standards with Innovative Offerings at South Asia’s Largest Security Expo & Conference – IFSEC INDIA 2023

Bengaluru, 12 December 2023: Godrej Security Solutions, a division of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, showcased its latest innovations for home and institutional security at IFSEC, Pragati Maidan, Delhi. The company displayed and demonstrated its innovative offerings at India’s Biggest Security Expo – IFSEC 2023, South Asia’s Largest Security Expo and Conference, from 7th to 9th December.

The company is at the forefront of security innovation, exhibiting innovative products at IFSEC 2023. Redefining home security, Godrej Security Solutions has introduced a diverse set of security products in the home, gifting, and institutional segment. With the gifting segment growing exponentially, Godrej has introduced an all-new range of lockers called the Verge Series in the personal locker category. The Verge series presents tastefully designed personal lockers, catering to users in search of stylish storage solutions to enhance their living spaces.

Godrej Security Solutions Redefines Security Standards 1

Furthermore, with kids being early adopters of technology, Godrej has also introduced a special range of digital and mechanical lockers for kids called The Dream Box range, to inculcate the habit of organizing valuables. In addition to that, Godrej has unveiled an upgraded version of one of their leading home locker models—the Matrix, now available in a sophisticated Premium Coffee Brown hue, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality.

Furthermore, with the need for multiple locking mechanisms, Godrej has introduced a new range of home lockers called NX Pro Plus which is equipped with Mechanical and Digital Locking mechanisms to ensure effortless access for users of any generation in a family. The brand has also come up with the NX Advance range with a triple locking mechanism of electronic, mechanical, and biometric locking systems for enhanced safety

In the Premises and Electronic Security Solutions, Godrej has been instrumental with innovative product offerings like the Anti Drone with Battery, Bollards, Number Plate Recognition cameras, Explosive Vapor Detector, E-fencing, and more.

Under Physical Security, Godrej Security Solutions has come up with a cutting-edge security system called the Smart Fog, to safeguard property and valuables from potential threats. A motion sensor detects break-ins and triggers the gas. While the foggy conditions last for 30-40 minutes, the low visibility (<1m) causes burglars to abandon their plans and leave the premises as quickly as possible!

These innovations are at the forefront of Godrej Security Solutions’ ongoing Secure 4.0 initiative, a testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to raising awareness about evolving threats and encouraging users to adopt the most robust security measures available.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions, said, “It is indeed a pleasure to be a part of “IFSEC”, South Asia’s Largest Security Expo and conference. At Godrej Security Solutions, we are committed to innovating and delivering effective, user-centric security solutions. The products showcased at this event underscore our commitment to offering top-notch security, seamlessly blending into users’ lives. Security for us, is not just a necessity, it’s an immersive experience. This platform allows us to showcase innovations and reiterate our dedication to safeguarding what matters most to our customers. It also allows us to enlighten our customers about how they can make their premises secure through our state-of-the-art Solutions.

Godrej Security Solutions Redefines Security Standards

Product portfolio:

Verge PL2L BL White: Incorporating advanced security features, the Verge PL2L BL White sets new standards for home security. Its sleek and stylish design and innovative technology provide a robust solution for modern security needs.

Verge PL2L EL White: This variant of the Verge series, with its elegant white finish, combines aesthetics with functionality like a motorized lock for enhanced safety, offering users a sophisticated security solution for their homes.

Dream Box GS4.5L EL in Red and Blue: The Dream Box GS4.5L EL in vibrant Red and Blue colors not only enhances the visual appeal but also integrates advanced security measures. It is equipped with features like an emergency access key, cash deposit cutout, and more. It exemplifies the fusion of design and technology.

NX Pro Plus – Godrej has introduced a new range of home lockers called NX Pro Plus which is equipped with Mechanical and Digital Locking mechanisms giving the liberty to users to effortlessly access the home lockers using the locking option of their choice.

NX Pro Advanced – The NX Advance range with a triple locking mechanism of electronic, mechanical, and biometric locking system ensures that home lockers have enhanced level of safety

Matrix 3016 V5 EL + KL in Coffee Brown: Combining elegance with functionality, the Matrix 3016 V5 EL + KL in Coffee Brown offers advanced security features for institutional use. Its design is tailored to meet the demands of modern architecture.

Rhino Advanced Digi EL in Gold: The Rhino Advanced Digi EL in Gold introduces a new level of sophistication to security solutions. Its gold finish adds a touch of luxury while maintaining high-level security standards.

Citadel 45 V2 GL in Ivory: The Citadel 45 V2 GL in Ivory is a testament to Godrej Security Solutions’ commitment to providing secure storage options with a focus on aesthetics. It seamlessly blends into various settings.

Anti-drone with Battery – The Anti drone solutions fights widespread drone threats by offering security operators a complete high performing integrated and extremely mobile and highly configurable solution

Blocking Bollards – With increasing incidents of terrorism, that can cause damage to life and Property, Blocking Bollards are a modern and innovative solution to thwart unauthorized access.

Explosive Vapor and Trace Detector – It can detect and identify a wide variety of explosives including pure explosives, composite, and explosives in vapor mode under different humidity and pressure conditions.

Seethru smart series cameras- They are network-based cameras. They are highly scalable and start with 4 channels, going upto 128 channels. They have servers that can take up to 2,000+ cameras. These cameras have a built-in AI video Analytics feature, an Automatic License Plate Recognition system (ALPRS) that can effectively capture numbers from the number plate of the vehicles with 95% accuracy. They support command and control centers and are equipped to integrate audio along with the video feed. They are ideal for malls, hotels, hospitals and schools.