13, Feb 2024
Lexicon Institute of Media and Animation and Frameboxx 2.0 Present a 3-Day Free Certification Workshop on Adobe Premiere Pro on Adobe Premiere Pro

Pune, February 12, 2024: Lexicon IMA, in collaboration with Frameboxx 2.0, is excited to announce a 3-day Free Certification Workshop on Adobe Premiere Pro, following the success of the 5-day Adobe Photoshop workshop held in December. This workshop aligns with the mission of Skill India, emphasizing the development of essential skills for the workforce.


The 3-day workshop is set to be a comprehensive exploration of Adobe Premiere Pro, a pivotal tool in the field of media and animation. The workshop will be spearheaded by Mr. Ajay Popalghat, a distinguished VFX Expert. Participants can anticipate a deep dive into the software’s functionalities, and creative storytelling techniques, and engage in informative Q&A sessions that promise to enhance their proficiency.

The workshop by Lexicon IMA is a strategic move to bridge the gap between industry demands and the skillsets of the professionals. This proactive approach towards skill development aims to boost India’s self-reliance and contribute to the overall improvement of employment rates.

Ms. Dipta Joshi, Principal, Lexicon IMA, said, “Our commitment to creating the next generation of thought leaders is reflected in our workshops. These initiatives enhance technical skills and foster innovation and entrepreneurship among individuals, empowering
them to thrive in the landscape of media and animation.”

Lexicon IMA will consistently organize similar workshops, establishing a continuous learning ecosystem for individuals aiming to stay ahead in the competitive field.