2, Dec 2023
Nuvepro launches GenAI tool to protect enterprise privacy

Bangalore, 2nd December 2023: Nuvepro, a leading technical workforce development solution provider, has launched an AI tool designed to protect the confidentiality and data security of enterprises and organizations.

Introducing GenAI Skill Bundles, an innovative AI tool set to revolutionize the landscape. Initially focused on 25 esteemed enterprise clients, GenAI Skill Bundles will subsequently broaden its reach to encompass an additional 30-35 mid and large-sized organizations by the conclusion of 2024. Among Nuvepro’s notable clientele are industry leaders such as Great Learning, LTImindtree, Capgemini, and Wipro, TCS, Upgrad, and NIIT. Nuvepro takes pride in its ongoing partnerships with these esteemed organizations, contributing significantly to their upskilling initiatives.

By enabling employees to leverage genAI tools proficiently, enterprises can enhance efficiency and productivity, leading to cost reductions, streamlined operations, and competitive advantage.

This offering, a first of its kind, is set to transform the upskilling initiatives of organizations while maintaining a strong emphasis on data privacy in today’s generative AI landscape.

Moyukh Goswami, CTO of Nuvepro Technologies, said,” At Nuvepro, we believe in the transformative power of technology to shape the future of work. Our GenAI Skill Bundles represent a pivotal step in enabling professionals to harness the capabilities of Generative AI. With Nuvepro’s proprietary Prompt Engine, we ensure a secure and seamless learning experience, empowering individuals to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI with confidence and innovation. ”

GenAI Skill Bundles will have customized skilling programs, data privacy, and ongoing support and development on the GenAI solutions.

It also helps with Prompt Engineering for Developers, Content Writers, Image Generation, Demand Forecasting, and other use cases using GenAI.

This innovation fosters a competitive advantage, allowing businesses to differentiate themselves and offer unique, personalized products and services. Faster decision-making, improved customer experiences, and the ability to adapt to market trends contribute further to revenue growth and productivity.

Additionally, genAI upskilling opens doors to new revenue streams, data monetization, and talent retention, positioning enterprises as forward-thinking industry leaders poised for sustained success in a rapidly evolving business landscape fostering more productivity.