5, Jan 2024
Indian Chamber of Commerce announces its chapter in J&K

Kolkata, 5th January 2024: In a strategic move, the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has appointed Mr. Khalid Wani as its Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir State Council. This appointment is a crucial element of ICC’s holistic approach to prioritise and strengthen business activities in the region. ICC has already been active in the North East region of India for the past 3 decades.

With a legacy spanning 98 years, ICC has been a pioneer in fostering business and driving economic growth in India since its establishment in 1925 in Calcutta, now Kolkata. The organization currently operates across 11 key locations in India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Patna, Ranchi, Siliguri, Agartala and Guwahati.

Mr. Khalid Wani appointed as ICC's Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Council

Mr. Khalid Wani, presently serving as the Senior Director at Western Digital, spearheads the company’s operations in India and South Asia. As a vital member of the 6-member India leadership committee, he oversees a substantial 3000+ research and development and engineering facility in the region. With over two decades of experience spanning the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Mr. Wani is a recognised thought leader in the industry, acknowledged by Forbes and a distinguished TEDx speaker. DT India and Channel Middle East have also recognised him among the top ten tech executives in the region.

Beyond his corporate role, Mr. Wani actively engages in the entrepreneurial development association in Kashmir, collaborating across industries to nurture the startup ecosystem in the region. Known for his passion for biking and extensive travels, he has explored over 45 countries.

In a statement reflecting on the prospects for business development, Ameya Prabhu further emphasised, “The ICC’s focus on elevating specific regions, such as Jammu and Kashmir, is part of our broader vision for fostering economic growth across India. We believe in creating partnerships that drive innovation and shared prosperity.” Adding to the sentiments, Ameya Prabhu also stated, “As we witness the strategic elevation of Jammu and Kashmir, the appointment of Mr. Khalid Wani represents a significant step in our commitment to fostering strong business ties in the region. We are confident that under his leadership, ICC will play a pivotal role in driving economic development in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Expressing his sentiments on the appointment, Mr. Khalid Wani stated, “I am honoured and excited to assume the role of Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Jammu and Kashmir. This appointment underscores ICC’s commitment to prioritising and strengthening business in the region. I am eager to contribute to the economic growth and development of Jammu and Kashmir and together, we will strive to create a vibrant business environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in this dynamic state.”

1, Nov 2023
ICC’s 95th AGM Spotlights Women Empowerment, Sports, Entertainment and Mental Health with PV Sindhu and Sanya Malhotra

Kolkata, 1st November 2023: The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) hosted an exclusive session on entertainment, sports, and women empowerment at its 95th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 31st October 2023 at Taj Bengal, Kolkata. The session encompassed discussions on sports, entertainment, mental health, career journeys, and the importance of women empowerment, with PV Sindhu and Sanya Malhotra sharing their insights and personal experiences, along with Mr. Mehul Mohanka, President, of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Ameya Prabhu, Senior Vice President, Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Photo 1

In recounting her journey, PV Sindhu shared, “I began playing the sport just for fun at the age of 8. I emphasized the significance of making sacrifices to attain one’s objectives and credited my accomplishments to the sacrifices and relentless effort I invested. I expressed my gratitude for the unwavering backing of my parents, particularly my mother. I stressed the need to nurture talent at the grassroots level in sports and appealed to the government to provide support for young athletes. Additionally, I emphasized that I continue to learn and grow in the realm of badminton, underscoring the idea that education is an ongoing process for me.”

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Delving into the critical subject of mental health, Sanya Malhotra conveyed her gratitude for therapy, stating, “Therapy has been instrumental in helping me gain a deeper self-understanding. I want to stress the importance of open dialogues about mental health, even in the face of challenges like cost and accessibility.” Reflecting on her journey as an actress, Sanya Malhotra disclosed, “I relocated to Mumbai to chase my dreams and initially grappled with thoughts of giving up. However, my father’s unwavering support kept me persevering. I also shared my profound passion for dancing and commenced my career with minor ad shoots. Additionally, I highlighted my belief in the power of manifestation and how it played a role in shaping my career as an actress. I remain dedicated to portraying characters in films that inspire and empower other women.”