20, Oct 2023
Halp.co empowering Indian Students to Overcome Study Abroad Challenges Without Agent Support

India – Halp, a leading tech-enabled international college admissions coaching platform, backed by tennis legend Serena Williams, is on a mission to tackle the hurdles faced by independent Indian students pursuing study abroad opportunities without agent support.

Halp’s unique 1:1 free digital coaching support empowers these students, eliminating the need for expensive agents and unregulated consultants. Inspired by successful, self-reliant students who have saved money and achieved their academic aspirations, Halp offers a reliable path to studying abroad. Its goal is to promote a culture where students can make independent decisions without being unduly influenced by unfair and financially motivated agents.

The company has, thus far, successfully served thousands of students worldwide with the highest success rate in the industry. India remains their primary market, as the number of Indian students studying abroad is rapidly increasing, and cases of fraud and cheating are also on the rise. Their continued focus on the Indian market is aimed at helping these students avoid falling into the traps set by unfair agents

Matthew-Founder, Halp (2)

“We operate with an approach that prioritizes trust among students. Unlike many agents motivated by commissions, our coaches are not driven by financial incentives, which often result in subpar experiences for students. Matthew McLellan, Co-founder & CEO of Halp, emphasized, “Our commitment lies in being a dependable guide for foreign education.”

In addition, Matthew underscored their dedication to providing transparent and affordable support to all students, regardless of their backgrounds or financial situations. Halp aims to reduce students’ reliance on unregulated and unfair practices in the study abroad sector, ensuring that decisions to study abroad are based on personal choice rather than agents’ vested interests.

In today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, an increasing number of Indian students are choosing the DIY (do it yourself) route, motivated by the success stories of their peers. However, many of them also grapple with concerns regarding the trustworthiness and costs associated with agents and consultants, which can impede their ambitions.

Halp presents a revolutionary solution to these challenges. It empowers Indian students by connecting them with dedicated international coaches who provide expert guidance throughout their study abroad journey. This approach combines the independence of self-application with the assurance of having a 1:1 expert on hand to answer questions, make program recommendations, and significantly enhance the chances of securing admission.

One standout feature of Halp is that its coaches do not earn commissions from students. Their commitment is solely focused on ensuring student success, free from upselling or sales tactics. This trustworthy approach sets the company apart from agents who are often driven by commissions, ultimately creating less-than-pleasant experiences for students.

Halp is here to support Indian students and turn their study-abroad dreams into reality. Halp addresses the challenges that many encounter when applying without agent support, providing a cost-effective and trustworthy solution for a brighter future.