4, Jan 2024
NatureLand Organics at Indus Food 2024: All Set to Unveil New and Innovative Offerings

4/01/2024: DELHI – NatureLand Organics, a renowned name in the organic food sector in India is all set to participate in South Asia’s prestigious F&B event, Indus Food 2024, scheduled to be held on January 8th, 9th, and 10th at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, NCR. With announcement of new and innovative products, the company is set to redefine its brand identity, foster new collaborations during the event and elevate its already high stature in the F&B landscape in the country’s market. NatureLand Organics boasts of an undying commitment to quality food products, authenticity of ingredients and innovation in market practices.

The main aim behind participation at the coveted food show, as described by the company’s management is to present the company in a new light in the market, unveil their new offerings in the organic foods segment and announce their expansion plans. With the Government taking steps to promote organic foods and food products in the market, we also expect to expand its horizon in the market and reach out to more end customers.

Talking more about it, Ajeet Godara, Co-Founder of NatureLand Organics said, “The market is ever evolving and we have learnt it from our years of presence in the market. We have to constantly develop, innovate and recreate and change with the times and demands in the market.” NatureLand Organics had recently redeveloped and re-designed its packaging and launched recyclable pouches in the market.

“Indus Food is the perfect platform to showcase our achievements, share our vision as a leading organic food company and even interact with the end customers. We are very excited and thrilled to participate in one of the leading food shows of South Asia”, Ajeet Godara further added.

The company wishes to define its brand identity, emphasize authenticity, and quality and stand out in the market with food offerings in their pure, organic form. It aims for a dynamic interaction with visitors, buyers, fellow participants and industry experts during the three-day-long food show. This platform would also provide them with the opportunity to get crucial insights into the market and establish connections to pave the way for success in the future.

We have planned a wide array of interactive presentations and a comprehensive display of their product basket, including upcoming products like Dehydrated Sprouts and High Protein Low Carb Flour for the food show. They aim to communicate to the market the exceptional quality of their products and make the market aware of its benefits.

Leveraging Indus Food’s platform, they’re leveraging a dedicated portal to engage with global buyers, inviting them to visit their stall for productive discussions and potential collaborations.

Both the founders of the company, Ajeet and Arvind Godara would be present at the food show. During the event, the company plans to share their vision, values, and the innovative strides they’ve taken in the organic food industry.

NatureLand Organics’ participation at Indus Food 2024 represents a significant milestone in its journey towards redefining organic food production standards. The company is poised to make a lasting impression, with a keen focus on quality, innovation, global collaborations, and forging impactful relationships within the F&B industry.