20, Dec 2023
Sony BBC Earth Brings Christmas Joy with All Things Sweet and Earth Premiere

National, December 20, 2023: This festive season, Sony BBC Earth adds to the fervour with its specially curated Christmas line-up. The channel brings in a Christmas special property titled ‘All Things Sweet’ and the premiere of ‘Earth’. With its content line-up, Sony BBC Earth promises an experience where joy, knowledge, and sweetness intertwine.

Earth: Episode 05: Intelligence
Picture Shows: 66 million years ago, dinosaurs reigned supreme.

Christmas Special property ‘All Things Sweet’ features captivating shows such as ‘Inside The Factory’, delving into the intricate processes and technology of foods and goods. Giving viewers a chance to savor the delectable insights is ‘Inside the Chocolat’. Whereas ‘Inside The Christmas Factory’ showcases Britain’s largest independent chocolate maker, and explores the fascinating processes of the UK’s beloved festive treats. Viewers get a chance to join ‘Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico’, as he fulfills his dream on a road trip along the Californian coastline and into Mexico, adding a flavorful touch to the holiday cheer.

Rick Stein's Road To Mexico: Episode 01
Picture Shows: Rick Stein and Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, Berkeley, California.

Sony BBC Earth elevates the festive spirit with the grand prime-time premiere of ‘Earth’. The captivating five-episode biography of our planet is narrated by Chris Packham. This revealing journey unfolds Earth’s epic narrative, from the first raindrops that transformed into a water world to the advent of its most incredible inhabitants – humans. People will get to delve into the dramatic storytelling prowess, and navigate through massive space bombardments, climate upheavals, and continent collisions. Join in the exploration of Earth’s transformation from a barren rock to a vibrant home for eight billion people today.

As we usher in this season of joy, Sony BBC Earth invites viewers to join in for an unforgettable experience with an all-day long anthology ‘All Things Sweet’ followed by the prime-time premiere of ‘Earth’ from 9 PM to 10 PM on 25th December 2023!


Tushar Shah, ‘Chief Marketing Officer & Business Head – English Cluster & Sony AATH, Sony Pictures Networks India’

“Christmas is a time for families to come together, share stories, and create lasting memories. To make this day more memorable, we have curated a special line-up ‘All Things Sweet’ that adds to the spirit of the season. We are also premiering ‘Earth’ that treats people to the journey of the planet’s evolution. With our content, we hope to rekindle the magic of Christmas and make viewers Feel Alive.”