23, Nov 2023
Tata Mutual Fund launches nationwide campaign ‘Jab Life Maange More, Badho Mutual Funds Ki Ore’ to promote goal-based SIP Investments

Mumbai, November 23: Tata Mutual Fund, as a part of its ‘Desh Kare Nivesh’ initiative, has launched a multi-lingual national campaign titled ‘Jab Life Maange More, Badho Mutual Funds Ki Ore’, which is designed to raise awareness about the significance of investing in Mutual Funds through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP). It aims to highlight the life-changing potential of regular Mutual Fund investments via SIPs, empowering individuals to take charge of their financial well-being and achieve their life goals.

The ad film features multiple characters who aspire to achieve their goals, be it a grand wedding, buying a car, or even kickstarting a startup – the film aims to convey that such aspirations can easily be achieved with the power of SIPs in Mutual Funds.

Campaign_photo 3

On the campaign launch, Prathit Bhobe, MD & CEO, Tata Asset Management, said that, “The Mutual Fund industry has experienced substantial growth, with SIP accounts reaching Rs. 7.30 crore and a cumulative collection of Rs. 16,928 crore as of October 2023. These numbers portray the growing popularity of SIPs among Indian investors. Through our campaign, ‘Jab Life Maange More, Badho Mutual Funds Ki Ore,’ we aim to cultivate awareness and provide guidance to potential investors in taking their first step towards Mutual Fund investments, particularly through SIPs. We firmly believe that investing in mutual funds is a way of life that empowers people to take charge of their financial well-being and achieve their life goals.”

Ashish Pawar Head-Marketing, Tata Asset Management 7

Ashish Pawar, Head of Marketing, at Tata Asset Management, added, “Gone are the days when a single income stream sufficed to meet the growing needs of individuals. Our campaign is grounded in this consumer insight and leverages the potency of life-stage-based storytelling. The objective is to motivate and encourage individuals to consider investing in mutual funds, particularly through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP). Whether one is planning a dream wedding, launching a startup, securing quality education for loved ones, or purchasing a car, these financial aspirations can be realized through regular investments in mutual funds via SIP. With Desh Kare Nivesh, our Investor Education initiative, we aspire to disseminate financial awareness and equip individuals with the tools to achieve financial independence.”

The film has been conceptualized and produced by Broomsticks Productions and targets a broad audience, specifically those aged 25-50. With an estimated spend of Rs. 10 crores, the campaign will be executed in two phases, starting with digital and social media, followed by OOH and TV advertising on GEC, business channels, in addition to national and regional news channels.

Tata Mutual Fund’s commitment to financial education and empowerment is exemplified through this campaign, which not only underscores the advantages of Mutual Fund investments but also positions it as an integral part of the journey toward financial independence. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, the brand remains dedicated to fostering a culture of informed and empowered investors across the diverse tapestry of India.