9, Nov 2023
XITE College Organizes Successful Free Eye and Vision Check-Up Camp

Jamshedpur, November 9, 2023 XITE College, known for its commitment to
student welfare and community health organized a successful Free Eye and
vision check-up camp at its premises on November 7, 2023. The camp aimed to
provide essential eye care services to the college community, including students,
staff and faculty.

The event, which witnessed the participation of more than 100 individuals, was
enabled by ASG Eye Hospital, Jamshedpur, a leading name in eye care services.
Under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Ashish Singh, Head of Branding and
Communication at XITE College, the camp was efficiently organized and

Dr. Fr. Mukti Clarence, the Vice Principal of XITE College, lent his invaluable
support to the initiative, underscoring the institution’s commitment to the well–
being of its community. The camp wouldn’t have been successful without the
dedicated efforts of the support staff, including William Dungdung, Alban
Kerketta and Sarju Singh ensured a smooth and organized experience for
all participants.

The camp not only provided free eye and vision check-up services but also
raised awareness about the importance of regular eye check-ups and
maintaining good eye health. It reflected XITE College’s commitment to the
health and well-being of its students and staff.

XITE College continues to be a leader in community welfare and healthcare
initiatives, focusing on its mission to create a healthy and thriving environment
for all.