23, Dec 2023
Kaise Banta Hai by Digikore Studios to premiere on Jio Cinema

Mumbai: December 23, 2023: Digikore Studios is set to captivate audiences once again with their upcoming show, ‘Kaise Banta Hai,’ slated to premiere on Jio Cinema. This season will comprise 8 episodes, with a frequency of 2 episodes airing per week.

Building on the success of their blockbuster angel investment show ‘Indian Angels,’ which revolutionized viewer participation in investment, ‘Kaise Banta Hai’ aims to redefine entertainment by delving into the intricate world of manufacturing. Inspired by global hits like “How It’s Made” and “Megafactories,” this series promises an immersive journey into the creation of everyday objects.

Abhishek More, Founder and CEO of Digikore Studios said, “Our show is all about uncovering the incredible work that goes into making stuff we often take for granted. We want you to feel proud of the things made in our country and get excited to learn more about them. It’s like discovering the behind-the-scenes stories of your favorite things—seeing the hard work and attention to detail that make them special. We hope to make you see these everyday items in a whole new light and get you curious about the fantastic world of manufacturing right here in India!”

Kaise Banta Hai

Speaking on the association, a JioCinema spokesperson said, “JioCinema is delighted to partner with Digikore Studios once again for its new show, ‘Kaise Banta Hai’, a concept that is interesting and unique. The platform was built with a vision to empower viewers with limitless storytelling from India and across the globe. The extensive and diverse user base of JioCinema makes it a compelling platform for brands that aim to reach out to a wide audience segment. With this continued partnership, we look forward to bringing yet another series that will elevate the viewing experience of our audiences while we forge impact-driven and meaningful partnerships in the digital entertainment space.”

“Kaise Banta Hai” will showcase the intricate processes behind the production of various products, encompassing aspects like technology, quality, management, and more. The show’s concept revolves around fostering a deeper connection between audiences and the objects that surround them daily. Each episode serves as a captivating journey led by hosts, unraveling the mystery and craftsmanship behind familiar items. The blend of individual factory stories, production intricacies, and engaging moments aims to create an unparalleled viewing experience, unique to ‘Kaise Banta Hai.’