12, Dec 2023
Premium Menswear Brand ‘Kingdom of White’ expands to Cochin with its New Store

Cochin, 12 December 2023: Kingdom of White, an illustrious premium menswear brand built on a simple yet profound philosophy – For the Love of White – announces the launch of its latest store in Cochin. The brand finds an ideal location in the city’s rich cultural heritage. The city’s seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary elements mirrors the brand’s ethos of delivering ageless elegance with its exclusive white collection.

‘Kingdom of White’ expands to Cochin with its New Store 1

Situated on the 1st floor of the Lulu Mall, this new venture not only signifies the brand’s expansion but also reflects its dedication to bringing its unique vision to diverse audiences across India. The upcoming collection at Kingdom of White draws inspiration from diverse global cultures, showcasing prints and designs that celebrate storytelling through fashion. The store promises not just clothing, but an experience that transcends borders and time, reflecting the brand’s dedication to crafting pieces that are fresh and steeped in tradition.

‘Kingdom of White’ expands to Cochin with its New Store2

Commenting on the new store, Vineet Haralalka, CEO, said, “Kingdom of White’s arrival in Cochin marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey. We are excited to connect with the city’s vibrant culture and look forward to becoming an integral part of its narrative. We believe our collection will resonate well with the residents of Cochin and surely become a staple part of their wardrobe.”

Kingdom of White stays true to its promise of offering luxurious apparel at accessible prices.