10, Nov 2023
Sridhar Patnala – The Artistic Mirror: Reflecting the Boundless Potential of Humanity

Sridhar Patnala latest work

Andhra Pradesh-born contemporary sculptor Sri Sridhar Patnala is working as Asst.Professor at Department of Fine Arts KLUNIVERSITY. Guntur district has received recognition from numerous organisations for his original and imaginative work. The “Vishnudharmothara Purana” served as the idea for his most recent piece of contemporary art, a 12.6-foot stainless steel sculpture. It is a component of Vedic culture and is in the process of installation in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

More about latest master piece inspired from “Vishnudharmothara Purana” in his words:

Here, a circular, blue, oceanic form serves as a basis that represents our brain. Sri Maha Visnu rested on Shesha (Kundalini Shakthi) in the milky ocean (anantha), according to the Vishnu Dharmothara Purana. It reveals to us in detail that only if our thoughts originate from the kundalini chakras will we be able to connect with the Almighty and be blessed with a space in his heart; in contrast, when we are grateful and gift Lord Krishna a peacock feather, he receives it and keeps it in his turban forever.

Sridhar Patnala latest work

Our vedic forefathers have already provided us with a route for kundalini practise, which connects us to the omnipresence. It gives us a sense of boundless vitality as we embark on our spiritual journey. Here, I took inspiration from this idea and created elements in a modern manner. Now is the time to review our understanding and put our vedic knowledge into practise. Through my sculpture, I hope to educate every observer about this known fact in science.

Sridhar Patnala latest work

We take great pride in being Bharatheyans, who already live a minimum of 120 years according to standard science. They split the human lifespan into 40+40+40 years. throughout the first 40 years, the individual learns how to survive by earning asta (8) aiswaryams. Between 40 and 80 years, they begin to practise gruhasthu asrama niyamavali, which can help them maintain a standard lifestyle throughout the next 80 to 120 years. After 120, their souls join with the omnipresence; otherwise, if the Sadhaka chooses to savour the voyage, he can prolong his life or ascend beyond Sahasrara.

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