21, Dec 2023
Year-End Story Quote from Lexar, a global giant in Flash memory solutions

Fissal Oubida, Lexar

“As another year comes to an end, the memory solutions market did witness an increase in demand for high quality storage solution devices that are faster, secure, with massive capacities. In response to changing customer needs, we have expanded and designed our new product line to meet the demands of a dynamic market. For example, in the gaming sector, we now offer high-quality DDR5 and DDR4 RAMs, along with SSDs that reach speeds of around up to 12000 MB/Sec, tailored for gaming enthusiasts. While DDR4 remains popular, we’re gradually transitioning to the faster DDR5 interface to keep up with technological advancements.

 Our gold microSD, a pioneering product with V60-rated video capacity, has been instrumental in meeting the growing demand for high-performance storage solutions. Additionally, our USB 3.0 to 3.2 flash drives have set new standards for speed and reliability in USB storage.

As we look ahead, we are excited by the opportunities presented by emerging trends, such as the increasing popularity of drone photography in India. The demand for high-speed microSDs capable of recording 4K quality RAW videos is on the rise, and Lexar is poised to meet this demand with our innovative solutions.

In the coming year, we remain committed to our mission of delivering exceptional products that empower our customers to do more. With a focus on next-generation innovations that are cutting-edge, reliable and secure, we are confident in our ability to continue leading the storage solutions industry in India.”