4, Jan 2024
Elevate Your Lohri Celebrations with Shrikhandd’s Exclusive Delights

New Delhi, January 2024 – Making memories with traditional Indian sweets, Shrikhandd is delighted to announce its special Lohri menu, blending the time-honoured tradition of Indian sweets with a fresh and innovative twist. At Shrikhandd, the team is dedicated to crafting sweets that seamlessly mix tradition with contemporary presentation and unique flavours. In the heart of Lohri celebrations in India, Shrikhandd invites its patrons to step into the enchanting world of handcrafted indulgence—a realm like no other. The Lohri curation is a journey through exquisite flavours and specially crafted hampers that encapsulate the true essence of this joyous time.

Lohri 1

A Special Lohri Family Hamper Box:

The epitome of grandeur for the festive celebration, the Lohri Family Hamper Box is a lavish assortment that indulges the senses with a selection of nine exclusive Lohri special sweets. Patrons can personalise their hampers with the option to choose up to three delectable varieties from a distinguished array, including the aromatic Punjabi Pinnis, the rich and nutty Til Dryfruit Barfi, the exquisite Til Dryfruit Buggah, the luscious Khajoor Ladoos and the vibrant Gajar Pak.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication to this opulent hamper are four thoughtfully curated jars, each cradling a unique and delightful confectionery experience. These jars house an array of mouthwatering options, elevating the overall indulgence. Furthermore, the hamper boasts four selections of Mix Seeds and Berries Balls, Gur Till Patti, Peanut Rolls and Gur Kaju Rolls, each meticulously crafted to offer a symphony of flavours and textures. The meticulous attention to detail in the Lohri Family Hamper Box ensures that every moment of celebration is enhanced, creating an unparalleled experience that embodies the spirit of the festive season.

Lohri 2

Lohri Special Menu Highlights:

At the heart of Shrikhandd’s Lohri offerings is a carefully curated menu that blends classic favourites with contemporary twists. The special menu features a range of delectable treats, including the exclusive Special Slim Peanut Gajak Box and a diverse box of sixteen mouth-watering mithai along with opulent hampers

To celebrate the essence of Lohri, Shrikhandd has curated three hampers including their delectable delights, featuring a choice of Gulab Dryfruit Chikkis and Til Chikkis along with classic selections such as Gur Peanut Ladoo, Honey Rewris, Candy Gur Rewris and Kesar Rewaris. Patrons can also choose a special box of 12 winter mithai along with an added choice of special Rewri collections and Ladoos.

This Lohri season, Shrikhandd extends a warm invitation to embark on a captivating culinary journey that effortlessly intertwines tradition with innovation. Elevate your festive celebrations with the opulent offerings curated by Shrikhandd, where each sweet narrates a tale of passion, creativity, and the profound cultural heritage of India.