16, Dec 2023
Inauguration of M.L. Pendse Centre for Cancer Survivors and Symposium on Conflict Resolution Draws Legal Luminaries to Kaivalyadham

Lonavla, this Sunday, on 16 th December 2023, saw a bevy of legal luminaries make a bee line for Kaivalyadham, one of the world’s oldest Yoga Institute, to inaugurate the M.L. Pendse Centre for Cancer Survivors and Lifestyle Diseases, (Project Anand) and deliberate on an intense topic of Internal and External Conflict Resolution.


The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud inaugurated the M.L. Pendse Centre for Cancer Survivors and Lifestyle Diseases, which has opened in Kaivalyadham’s premises. He recalled the huge impression that was made on him by Justice M.L.Pendse, a very deeply respected and beloved judge of the High Court of Bombay. In his speech, he called Kaivalyadham an ‘oasis’ of greenery and simplicity in the landscape of our State, which needed to be preserved and emulated. He recalled his own experiences of being the caregiver for a cancer stricken family, and the need for their wellbeing and sustenance. He was deeply appreciative of Kaivalyadham’s scientific research, education, and contribution of yogic therapy to our society.

This Centre inauguration was accompanied with a very interesting symposium on ‘ Conflict Resolution, Internal and External’ . The Bombay Bar Association was the co -organiser of this Symposium, which was attended by more than 350 people, including judges, lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, bureaucrats, mediators and other professionals.

Alongwith the CJI, Mr. Justice Abhay Oak, Judge , Supreme Court of India, Mr. D.K.Upadhyay, the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court, and retired Judges like Justice Srikrishna, and Justice Ramesh Dhanuka attended this inauguration. All of them spoke about how Yoga has personally helped them in bringing stability to their health, and bringing integrity to their decision making capacities.

Session 1 of the symposium focused on Creating Conducive Grounds towards Conflict Resolution.

This session was presided over by an illustrious panel- Justice Ramesh Dhanuka, Dr. Mahesh Karindikar, Neurosurgeon, Smt. Manisha Verma , IAS, and Dr. Ananda Balayogi , Yoga expert, moderated by Ms. Tanu Mehta, Mediator, all of whom shared their experiences and drew the attention of the audience to a mind boggling platter of perspectives. The session brought to fore the reality that we need to develop ‘empathy’ for any resolution with an adversary. Practices of Yoga, which help us see our own wholesomeness, and develops oneness of people, can help build empathy, was a thought that was well received by the audience.

Session 2 was about Bringing balance between the emotional mind and the rational mind.

Renowned scholars and professionals from diverse walks of life joined this session- Justice Mridula Bhatkar, Dr. Alok Sharma, neuro scientist, Dr. Birendra Saraf, Advocate General, Dr. Rajan Welukar , Academic, were the elite panelists and moderating the session was Advocate Mr. Ashvin Bhalekar.

 Some very simple yet thought-provoking instances were put forth that laid emphasis on the balance of an emotional mind and a rational mind to make the best decisions of life. Examples were analysed from Mahabharat to Mahatma Gandhi, and from Israel to South Africa to examine the function of the primitive and the higher levels of brain and how yogic psychology can repair the balance
between these two minds in our brains.

Enabling self-reflection in law and in consciousness was the subject of discussion for session 3 . 

The session had the entire room engulfed in deep thought and contemplation with the intelligent panelists- Justice B.N. Srikrishna, Dr. Bhushan Upadhyay, IPS, Dr. Praseeda Menon Psychologist Mr. Prathamesh Popat, Mediator, ably moderated by CEO Mr. Abdul Nasir Shaikh, presenting factual evidence drawn from personal experiences on the significance of reflecting upon self to be able to
achieve the desired outcome.