1, Feb 2024
M3M Foundation selects Lokesh Kumar from Tauru through science competition

Tauru, Nuh, Haryana: M3M Foundation is supporting to YMRD’s “Team Kaizel” into the uncharted territories of NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2024 to be held from 18th-20th April 2024. With the support of “Team Kaizel”, M3M Foundation in collaboration with local district administrations in selected districts of India (Panipat, Faridabad, Noida, Gurugram and Nuh) has selected six students through organizing science exhibitions. The selected students have become part of “Team Kaizel” and will now fly for NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2024. This will provide them with a unique international exposure opportunity. M3M Foundation’s commitment to innovation and passion for science exploration sets the tone for this historic journey.

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Completing this campaign, M3M Foundation has selected Lokesh Kumar, Nuh, Pallavi, Gurugram-Badshahpur, Rohit Pal, Panipat, Arun Kumar, Faridabad, Utkarsh and Om, Noida.

Lokesh Kumar from Tauru was selected in the science competition organized by M3M Foundation at Sardar Gurmukh Memorial School, Nuh, who will fly for NASA. On this occasion, Nuh District Education Officer, Paramjeet Chahal was present as the chief guest, along with Anika Bansal from M3M Group, Kusum Malik, FLN Coordinator, Ram Kishan District Science specialist and Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, President of M3M Foundation were present.

M3M Foundation, an organization committed to promoting education, healthcare, and skill development in communities across India. The foundation is determined to nurture talent with interest in science and technology.

The NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC) is an annual engineering design competition that challenges students from around the world to design, build, and test human-powered rovers capable of traversing challenging terrains and completing mission-focused tasks.

Following their commitment for fostering and promoting science education, the M3M Foundation is supporting YMRD’s “Team Kaizel,” (an organization for supporting young scientists and researchers). This is the only team supported by an NGO out of 8 selected teams from India comprises of group of exceptionally talented students from Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar & Mahatastra. The team has earned the honor of representing India at the Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC) hosted by NASA from 18th to 20th April 2024. This prestigious event focus on emphasizing the design, construction, and testing of technologies for traversing unique environmental terrains.

In conjunction with their support to “Team Kaizel,” M3M Foundation is collaborating with the district administration to identify and select students within the selected districts (Panipat, Faridabad, Noida, Gurugram & Nuh) who share a passion for science and innovation through organizing science exhibitions and STEM engagement one student will be selected and will be a part of Team Kaizel providing them with an unparalleled international exposure opportunity.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson, and Trustee of M3M Foundation, shared her insights on the mission, stating, “At M3M Foundation, we believe in empowering young minds to reach for the stars. Gopal Jee’s leadership exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering science education. The journey of Team Kaizel is not just a scientific exploration; it’s a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when passion meets support. I congratulate and best wishes all the students selected from various districts.”

Fueled by the dynamic synergy of M3M Foundation, Team Kaizel is not merely chasing stars; they are propelling dreams into the vast expanse of the universe.

The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2024 is not just a competition; it’s a testament to the collaborative spirit of young minds and the support of organizations like M3M Foundation. Join us in this cosmic symphony as YMRD’s Team Kaizel to pioneer the future of space exploration.

These are the children who will fly for NASA

1. Lokesh Kumar, Class X, GSSD Raheri, Tauru, Nuh

2. Pallavi, 10th Class, GGSSS, Badshahpur, Gurugram

3. Arun Kumar, GSSS NIT-1 Tikolna Park, Faridabad

4. Utkarsh, VRSB Inter College, Greater Noida

5. Om, Bhairav Devras Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Noida

6. Rohit Pal, Panipat

10, Jan 2024
M3M Foundation Joins Hands with Shikhar Dhawan Foundation for Saakshar Smart Shiksha Initiative

Noida, 10th January 2024: M3M Foundation, a trailblazing non-profit organization committed to educational advancements under their initiative, “Saakshar,” is extending its transformative efforts to Noida. In a pivotal development, the foundation has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation to introduce smart classrooms in 10 government schools across Noida.

M3M Foundation Joins Hands with Shikhar Dhawan Foundation for Saakshar Smart Shiksha Initiative 1

Under the “Saakshar” program, M3M Foundation has already made significant strides in the realm of digital education and technology-driven learning. Commencing with the establishment of smart classrooms in government schools in the Nuh district, the initiative is already impacting numerous students with a technologically enriched learning environment while keeping track of their progress and learning achievement as well.

This collaboration with the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation signifies a strategic alliance to broaden the reach of smart classrooms to government schools in Noida. The collective efforts of M3M Foundation and Shikhar Dhawan Foundation aspire to elevate the educational experience for more than 5000 students and 100 + teachers in the selected 10 schools. The initiative has the integrated iPrep PAL, which is an adaptive learning system tailoring paths for K-12 students, bridging learning gaps that foster academic excellence, creating personalized routes for each learner to thrive.

Shikhar Dhawan, the esteemed cricketer and founder of the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Education is a powerful tool for transformation. We are excited to pursue this noble endeavor, aspiring to create an environment where students can access cutting-edge educational technology and resources, paving the way for a brighter future.

M3M Foundation Joins Hands with Shikhar Dhawan Foundation for Saakshar Smart Shiksha Initiative 2

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson of M3M Foundation, emphasized the foundation’s unwavering commitment, stating, “Our dedication to fostering digital education remains steadfast. The collaboration with Shikhar Dhawan Foundation is a pivotal step, aiming to empower students with the tools and resources necessary for a modern and comprehensive education.”

The MOU was signed between Mr. Amitesh Shah and Dr. Kanika Dewan representing the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation and Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, President M3M Foundation.

This joint venture is poised to make a significant impact on Noida’s educational landscape, aligning with the broader goal of fostering a more digitally inclusive learning environment for students across diverse communities.

5, Jan 2024
M3M Foundation celebrated Late Shri Lal Chand Bansal ji’s birthday

Gurugram, 2023: In a unique New Year celebration, Gurugram witnessed joyous moments as M3M Foundation, in commemoration of Late Shri Lal Chand Bansal Ji’s birthday (Founder of M3M Foundation), extended happiness to the elderly, orphans, and mentally ill individuals. Over 600 people were provided with meals, and warm clothing was distributed at an event held in collaboration with The Earth Savior Foundation at his ashram in Sohna, Gurugram.

M3M Foundation celebrated Late Shri Lal Chand Bansal ji's birthday 1

This heartfelt initiative, following the distribution of warm clothes to over 12,000 individuals last month, received appreciation from attendees who expressed gratitude to M3M Foundation. Anika Bansal and Piyush Bansal from M3M Group, Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, President of M3M Foundation, along with members of the Foundation team, were present at the event.

Reflecting on the experience, Anika Bansal shared that spending time with the elderly, orphans, and mentally ill people marked a meaningful start to the new year.

M3M Foundation acelebrated Late Shri Lal Chand Bansal ji's birthday 2

On this occasion, Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson and Trustee of M3M Foundation, expressed, “Though Dada ji is no longer with us, his blessings resonate among us. Finding joy in helping others, especially during challenging times, is truly fulfilling. Today, we take pride in being a pillar of support for those without companionship, the elderly, and those facing mental health challenges. The ‘Share for Care’ initiative, integral to our Duty program, is a significant stride in spreading happiness by aiding those in need.”

The “Share for Care” initiative is part of M3M Foundation’s broader ‘Kartavya’ program, dedicated to alleviating suffering and assisting communities during crises. Originating from the vision of Late Lal Chand Bansal Ji, the initiative has been a consistent effort to spread happiness and support those in need for many years.

22, Dec 2023
On the occasion of International Migrants Day, M3M Foundation organized a film screening program for children from labor families

Gurugram: In commemoration of International Migrants Day, M3M Foundation orchestrated a film screening program as part of its ‘iMpower’ program, catering specifically to children from labor families. The primary aim of this event was to bring joy to the lives of these children, who were treated to a screening of the film “12th Fail” at Web Cinema M3M Urbana Premium, Gurugram.

On the occasion of International Migrants Day, M3M Foundation organized a film screening program for children from labor families (1)

The event garnered participation not only from the children associated with the ‘iMpower’ club but also from their families, alongside more than 300 individuals from the surrounding areas. The film was presented to the children in two sessions, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson and Trustee of M3M Foundation, emphasized the foundation’s overarching objective of assisting as many individuals as possible. While watching a movie may be a commonplace activity for the average child, Dr. Kanodia noted that for children from labor families, it holds special significance, transforming it into a noteworthy event. The palpable happiness on the faces of the children during the film screening underscored the success of the initiative.

On the occasion of International Migrants Day, M3M Foundation organized a film screening program for children from labor families (2)

Dr. Kanodia further highlighted that, under the iMpower program, the foundation extends support to financially disadvantaged children at various intervals. Over the years, the program has made a positive impact on the lives of numerous children and families, assisting in education and health.

The film screening event served as a testament to the M3M Foundation’s commitment to fostering positive experiences for children from vulnerable backgrounds, aligning with its broader mission of social responsibility and community welfare.

15, Dec 2023
M3M Foundation’s ‘Share for Care’ Initiative Culminates with 12,000 Hearts Clothed in Warmth

Gurugram, December 15 2023: M3M Foundation wishes to announce the successful culmination of its initiative, ‘Share for Care,’ which commenced at the beginning of this month. The campaign focused on distributing warm clothes to over 12,000 individuals across 20 locations in the Delhi-NCR region, exceeding the initial target of 10,000 beneficiaries.

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The closing ceremony took place at the Gurugram Sector 65 project, where 1,000 construction workers received warm clothes under the ‘Share for Care’ initiative. Notable attendees included Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson and Trustee of M3M Foundation, Mr. Piyush Bansal & Anika Bansal from M3M Group, M3M Foundation President Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, and other distinguished guests.

M3M Foundation’s objective was to alleviate the challenges faced by the migrant population and others during harsh weather conditions by providing warm clothes. The campaign addressed the immediate needs of the community, showcasing the foundation’s commitment to social responsibility.

On this occasion, the children of iMpower presented brilliant presentations and enthralled the audience. Lakshya Scholar and Special Olympics Gold winner Saraswati and Khelo India Para Javelin Gold winner Manjeet were also present on this occasion.

During the closing ceremony, a migrant laborer said I appreciated the campaign run by M3M Foundation which played an important role in providing relief to thousands of people from this winter. I hope that this campaign continues till next year.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairperson & Trustee of M3M Foundation, said, “Earlier this month, we had set a target to distribute 10,000 warm clothes in Delhi NCR. Not only did we achieve this goal, but we also surpassed it by distributing warm clothes to over 12,000 individuals. Our commitment to leaving no one behind in society remains steadfast. We will persist with the ‘Share for Care’ initiative and stand ready to assist those in need.”

Throughout the 14-day campaign, M3M Foundation distributed clothes at more than 20 locations in Delhi NCR, including Noida and Panipat. Additionally, the foundation identified over 15 parents supporting the lifelong education of their daughters. Furthermore, a laborer was identified and appointed as an admin at the headquarters.

The ‘Share for Care’ initiative, dedicated to sharing happiness, was initiated by the late Lal Chand Bansal Ji, the founder of M3M Foundation, and has been an ongoing effort for several years.