11, Oct 2023
Mackly joins forces with Viacom18 Consumer Products to introduce a mighty PAW Patrol kids’ collection

India, 11th October 2023: Mackly, the pioneer in kids’ clothing has once again set a remarkable milestone by launching a stylish and captivating ‘PAW Patrol’ collection of kids’ wear, in an exclusive collaboration with Viacom18 Consumer Products, the merchandising arm of one of the biggest Indian media conglomerates. This strategic move underscores Mackly’s commitment to offering a unique fusion of comfort and style while prioritizing essential factors like comprehending children’s daily habits and nurturing their personal growth.

In this groundbreaking move, Mackly has not only introduced innerwear but also an extensive range of kids’ clothing that is set to revolutionize the way children dress and experience comfort. By incorporating the lovable PAW Patrol characters into their clothing line, the brand aims to make getting dressed an exciting adventure for kids. This collection encompasses a diverse array of garments, spanning from innerwear to everyday casuals, and is designed to be entirely unisex, allowing children of all genders to express their distinct personalities while embracing their favorite animated heroes.

Ms. Sharmila Srikumar, Founder of Mackly with kids wearing PAW Patrol Collection

Highlighting the collaboration, Ms. Sharmila Srikumar, Founder of Mackly, commented, “We are thrilled to introduce a wide range of kids’ wear in collaboration with PAW Patrol, offering parents a one-stop solution for stylish and comfortable clothing for their kids. Our collaboration with PAW Patrol is not just about clothing; it’s about nurturing a unique and fun approach to children’s well-being, where comfort, style, and personal growth go hand in hand. With this exciting collection, Mackly is paving the way for parents to provide their children with clothing that fosters self-confidence, creativity, and an active, positive lifestyle. Just like the PAW Patrol heroes who embark on a mission to safeguard the world, our brand is on a mission to provide children with comfort through their clothing choices.”

Sachin Puntambekar, Business Head of Consumer Products, Viacom18, added, “We, at Viacom18 Consumer Products, are committed to engage with consumers in novel ways. We’re delighted to bring this new collection with Mackly to the fans of PAW Patrol, who like to wear their fandom on their sleeves. This is a great collaboration in the expansion of the footprint, of this much-loved animated series franchise.”


Through this mighty collection, children can embrace the heroic attributes of their beloved PAW Patrol characters, encouraging their creativity and problem-solving abilities. This integration of play into their daily clothing choices adds an extra dimension to their growth journey, reinforcing the idea that learning and development can be both enjoyable and fashionable. Each piece in the PAW Patrol collection is thoughtfully designed to align seamlessly with children’s growth and development. The fabrics used are not only soft and comfortable but also durable, allowing kids to explore, play, and learn with confidence. The designs are vibrant and age-appropriate, fostering a sense of fun and positivity in children’s daily routines.

As Mackly leads the way in India with this innovative collaboration, parents can now discover a comprehensive range of unisex kids’ clothing that combines the mighty style, comfort, and magic of PAW Patrol on their website. It’s the pawfect collection for theme parties, birthday celebrations, and everyday adventures for kids.