22, Jan 2024
Madhavi Nagar Colony Association and Kamineni Corporate Hospital conducted a mega free health camp

Hyderabad, January 22, 2024: Madhavi Nagar Colony Association and Kamineni Corporate Hospital successfully organized a mega-free health camp on January 21, 2024. The event, inaugurated by Rajendra Nagar MLA T. Prakash Goud, focused on providing free medical examinations for blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.

mega health camp

Conducted at Vani School in Madhavi Nagar, the mega health camp commenced at 7 AM and continued until 2 PM, addressing various health needs of individuals in the community. The camp offered free medical examinations, including thyroid function tests, prolactin tests, complete blood profiles, random blood sugar tests (RBS), fasting blood sugar tests (FBS), creatinine, and cholesterol tests.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA T. Prakash Goud emphasized the importance of such health camps in promoting community well-being. He praised the efforts of Madhavi Nagar Kalani Association and Kamineni Corporate Hospital for their commitment to the health of the community.

BRTI Secretary Ramu Yadav also spoke during the event, highlighting the significance of mega health camps in creating awareness about various health issues and preventing diseases. He expressed gratitude to Kamineni Hospital for organizing the free health camp and contributing to the well-being of the society.

This successful health camp not only provided necessary medical examinations but also raised awareness about prevalent health issues in the community. Residents, along with students from nearby areas, utilized the opportunity for health check-ups, making the event a commendable initiative in proactive healthcare management.