18, Oct 2023
Navratri 2023: Celebrate Women’s Resilience with These Empowering Audio Series

As we celebrate Navratri in 2023, we honour the strength of women through the magic of audio storytelling. Just like Maa Durga’s nine avatars embody resilience, these audio series on Pocket FM showcase formidable female protagonists conquering their unique battles.

From tales of courage and determination to stories of love and redemption, these narratives promise to enthral and inspire. Whether you relish character-driven sagas or crave gripping dramas, our list has something for every listener.

Grab your earphones and immerse yourself in these empowering audio stories, enriching your Navratri with the spirit of strong women.

Love After Rebirth

Dive into the enthralling world of “Love After Rebirth” on Pocket FM, a tale of betrayal and redemption. Meet Aryaa Sinha, a fearless Army officer who returns through rebirth to seek justice and protect her son from the very people who betrayed her. With her husband, Dr. Sivaay Maheshwari, by her side, the story takes you on a rollercoaster of suspense and emotion, blurring the lines between love, revenge, and redemption. Will their journey lead to a heartwarming reunion or a heart-wrenching conclusion? Only time holds the answers in this must-listen audio series. Don’t miss the chance to witness the resilience of a strong female protagonist. Tune into “Love After Rebirth” written by Jiso and be captivated!

Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life

Pocket FM’s audio series “Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life” written by writer Priyanka Pareek is a must-listen this Navratri 2023, showcasing the strength of its female protagonist, Arpita. Her journey from Benaras to Gurgaon takes an unexpected turn as she transforms into the enigmatic Koel Malhotra on Radio Masti, offering advice to listeners. This series brilliantly intertwines Arpita’s dual roles, her battle to salvage her marriage, and her newfound fame as Koel. Arpita’s story is a testament to empowerment and resilience, addressing love, identity, and modern relationships. With a suspenseful plot, well-crafted characters, and surprising twists, it’s an engaging audio experience that keeps you hooked. Join Arpita as she navigates her secret life, facing challenges from all angles in this emotional roller-coaster of a series!

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A Nightmare

This Navratri, “A Nightmare” on Pocket FM is an absolute must-listen. The story of Kriya, falsely accused and abandoned, unfolds in a captivating tale of betrayal and unexpected love. She finds solace in the arms of Ahir Khurana, a prominent Asian businessman, whose boundless love becomes her refuge. But as the shadows of Kriya’s past loom large, the story raises a compelling question: will Ahir’s love withstand the shocking truth, or will it face the ultimate test? With themes of trust, redemption, and the enduring power of love, this narrative promises an emotional and riveting journey. Tune in to “A Nightmare” written by Tashu Katoch for a thrilling exploration of love and suspense that will keep you hooked.

Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta

Add “Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta” written by Jigyasa to your must-listen list this Navratri season! Crafted by the young and talented Jigyasa, this family-oriented audio series delves into the intricate relationships of Rudra and Anya. Their lives intertwine through an arranged marriage, but Rudra’s hesitations create an unstable foundation, exacerbated by Anya’s painful past. Trust, respect, commitment, and shared values become the cornerstones of their journey. As Anya grapples with her well-being, she confronts a pivotal decision: endure a relationship lacking commitment and respect or forge her own path. Navigating this intricate web demands guidance. Will love triumph over all obstacles, or is this relationship doomed? Uncover the answer in “Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta,” exclusively on Pocket FM.

The Return

Experience the riveting world of “The Return” on Pocket FM this Navratri 2023. Written by Priyanka Rao and Arun Kumar, this gripping audio series plunges you into the tumultuous life of Neha Tripathi, where love, betrayal, and redemption intermingle. Neha’s life takes an unexpected turn after a one-night stand with the powerful businessman Aditya Singhaniya, leading to her abandonment by her family and fiancé. Returning five years later with her daughter, Pihu, she seeks a second chance and forges surprising bonds. Beyond drama, “The Return” delves into societal intricacies, family dynamics, and the indomitable spirit of its characters. It’s a tale of second chances, forgiveness, and unbreakable family bonds, narrated with impeccable storytelling. Whether you crave gripping drama or character-driven narratives, “The Return” delivers it all.