8, Dec 2023
Ring in the holidays with Makaibari’s Limited-Edition Holiday Themed Teas

National, December 2023- As the end-of-year season approaches, Makaibari, the iconic tea estate from the Himalayas, joyously announces the arrival of their exclusive Holiday Edition Teas: Apple Cinnamon Black Tea+ Ginger Spice Green Tea+ White Peppermint Bark. These three distinctive blends, meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of the holidays, invite tea enthusiasts on a sensory expedition through the unbelievable Himalayan landscape.


Apple Cinnamon Black Tea: Indulge in the richness of Makaibari’s Apple Cinnamon Black Tea – a fusion of organic black tea, wild Himalayan apples, and an assortment of aromatic spices. The infusion captures the essence of the Himalayas, inviting you to experience nature’s treasures in each sip. This blend embodies the joyous spirit of Christmas, with the sweet notes of wild Himalayan apples and a medley of spices reminiscent of mulled festive delights.


Ginger Spice Green Tea: Makaibari’s Ginger Spice Green Tea, is an enchanting combination of organic green tea infused with ginger’s warmth, delicately balanced with cinnamon and cardamom. This limited-edition blend narrates a tale of Christmas spirit, an ideal companion on cold, winter nights and days bringing coziness to celebrations.

White Peppermint Bark: Step into the winter wonderland with this simple yet sublime tea with notes of Peppermint Bark, a delicate fusion of organic white tea leaves from dewy, organic gardens combined with refreshing peppermint. This blend encapsulates the essence of the season, balancing the chilliness of winter’s air with the warmth of holiday cheer.

Makaibari’s Holiday Tea Collection is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Makaibari’s master blenders. These limited-edition teas, crafted with the utmost care, will be available for a brief winter window, ensuring tea enthusiasts get a unique opportunity to indulge in the essence of the season. Each blend, particularly curated and infused with the spirit of the holidays, invites tea connoisseurs to pause and savor moments of harmony and delight amidst the festive rush. Embrace the elegance of the season and cherish these special moments with Makaibari’s exquisite blends, designed to elevate the very essence of Christmas and New Year’s in every cup.