17, Feb 2024
The Manipal Marathon 2024 Paves the Way for Inclusive Society

Manipal, 17 February 2024: The Manipal Marathon 2024, a beacon of inclusivity, recently unfolded with a category dedicated to persons with disabilities, marking a significant stride towards a more inclusive society. In the aftermath of this empowering event, it becomes evident that marathons, with their inherent community spirit and shared challenges, can be instrumental in breaking down societal barriers and fostering genuine inclusion.

manipal marathon

Participation in marathons serves as a powerful catalyst for challenging stereotypes and dismantling preconceived notions about disabilities. Actively involving persons with disabilities in mainstream events like marathons not only showcases diverse capabilities but also fosters a more tolerant and accepting society. The emphasis on endurance and collective achievement creates a platform for individuals with disabilities to showcase resilience and determination, fostering camaraderie among participants and promoting understanding. This communal aspect extends beyond the finish line, leaving a lasting impact on societal attitudes towards inclusivity.

In the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Manipal Marathon 2024 contributes significantly to several key objectives. Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) is reinforced as participants with disabilities engage in physical activity, promoting overall well-being. Moreover, Goal 10 (Reduced Inequalities) takes a step forward as the marathon actively works towards diminishing the gap between differently abled individuals and the rest of society.

The marathon also aligns with Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) by fostering collaboration between organizers, sponsors, and the community to create an inclusive event. By showcasing the capabilities of persons with disabilities, the event encourages partnerships that can lead to the development of more accessible infrastructure, contributing to Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).

Dr H S Ballal – Pro Chancellor & President, Academy of General Education, MAHE, Manipal commented, “In essence, the Manipal Marathon 2024 exemplifies the transformative power of inclusivity within societal frameworks. By integrating individuals with disabilities into mainstream events, marathons become catalysts for change, challenging societal norms, and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals. The marathon stands not only as a celebration of physical accomplishment but as a beacon guiding us towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all”.

Lt General Dr MD Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor of MAHE, Manipal said, “True strength knows no bounds as we came together to witness the incredible spirit and determination of our disabled participants in this marathon. This race is about more than just finishing; it’s about shattering stereotypes, pushing boundaries, and honouring the tenacious human spirit. The strength, resiliency, and steadfast resolve of the people here to follow their aspirations and overcome obstacles is evident in every step they take. As a university dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, we are proud to stand with them and recognize their outstanding accomplishments. Let’s support each other as they push one other to achieve greater things and believe in the potential that lies ahead”.

Dr Sharath Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor – Health Sciences, MAHE, Manipal said, “Through this marathon, we observed the amazing demonstration of strength, tenacity, and pure perseverance among our specially abled athletes in this marathon. These days, we see people redefining what is possible rather than allowing their impairments to define them. They demonstrate the strength of resiliency in every step, motivating us all to overcome challenges and pursue our greatest goals”.

Dr. G Arun Maiya, Dean, MCHP, said, “As we came together to participate in this marathon, we celebrate not only the spirit of athleticism but also the values of diversity and inclusion that unite us. MAHE’s Marathon 2024 is a testament to our collective commitment to creating a community where every individual, regardless of background or ability, feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to participate fully”.

Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar, Founder Chairman and Ms. Shika Shetty, Sports Manager – Samarthanam International in a joint statement said “The collegiate marathon of today is a potent symbol of solidarity and camaraderie, not merely a race. District administrators are motivated by the commitment and zeal exhibited by participants, organizers, and supporters in equal measure. This event encourages inclusivity, companionship, and a common goal in addition to physical fitness. We applaud the institution for its dedication to fostering wellness and health in our neighbourhood and for offering a venue that unites people from many backgrounds. Let’s keep funding programs like these that improve neighbourhood ties and advance a more contented, healthy society for all.”

Rayan Fernandes, Campaign Director at Dearlife Charitable Foundation, Peer Trainer at Ganga Foundation said, “The college marathon honouring inclusivity and diversity is proof of the strength of community cohesion. We acknowledge and celebrate the richness that variety adds to our lives by taking part in this event. Witnessing people from many backgrounds together, shattering stereotypes, and promoting inclusivity via athletics is encouraging. In my capacity as district administrator, I’m happy to back programs like these that encourage fairness, dignity, and comprehension among all societal members. Let this marathon be a source of inspiration and hope for a time when inclusivity and diversity are valued”.

More than 300 differently abled people with locomotor disability on wheelchair and visually impaired participants from various part of the country participated in the Manipal Marathon.

23, Jan 2024
Transworld Group Employees Run at TATA Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai, 23 January 2024: Employees of India-based Transworld Group, a leading Global Shipping & Logistics Solution conglomerate, participated in the TATA Mumbai Marathon (TMM), Asia’s largest international marathon, to raise awareness and funds for supporting women who have been victims of human trafficking.

Transworld Group at TMM - 2

This is the third time that the Transworld Group has participated in TMM to contribute towards NGO Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC), that seeks to empower trafficked women and their daughters by providing alternate livelihood opportunities, education, and social integration via skill training programs. 40 employees from TG completed the marathon this year, shining the spotlight on human trafficking as a serious issue.

Transworld Group at TMM -1

This year’s support is dedicated towards Umeed Project, which engages with a diverse set of stakeholders, including the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD), local law enforcement agencies, government officials, partner organizations, donors, and collaborative partners to rehabilitate trafficked women and safeguard vulnerable girls and women. The project involves a multifaceted range of services designed to address the unique needs of women and girls occupied in brothel-based prostitution. They include outreach, education, health, empowerment, recreation, shelter referrals, trauma-informed counseling, vocational training programs, healthcare support, legal advocacy, and community reintegration initiatives amongst others.

“We are honoured and humbled to be able to contribute to bettering the lives of girls and women who have been forced into the flesh trade by empowering them to become economically and socially independent. Transworld Group employees are keen to run for the cause at the TATA Mumbai Marathon each year because they are deeply committed and find a great sense of purpose in doing so,” said Anisha Ramakrishnan, Director, Transworld Group.

“It has been both a pleasure and an honour to collaborate with Transworld Group throughout the years for the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Witnessing their dedicated participation in support of our cause not only brings a profound sense of satisfaction but also reaffirms our belief in the social cause that we consistently work towards.

Transworld Group has proven to be a beacon of hope, showcasing the presence of courageous warriors who advocate for the rights of women involved in brothel-based prostitution and their daughters. The remarkable commitment demonstrated by Transworld Group to Apne Aap Women’s Collective is truly noteworthy, and we feel blessed to have such exceptional CSR partners by our side,” said Manju Vyas, CEO, AAWC.

22, Jan 2024
Inspiring Saga: This Renowned Doctor Has Been Participated In Mumbai Marathon For 15 Years

Mumbai: Numerous experts join the Mumbai marathon to support various noble causes such as organ donation, and raising awareness about liver and lung diseases, Covid-19, or stroke. However, Dr. Chetan Shah, a cardiologist at Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality Hospital in Ghatkopar, has been participating in the marathon for the past 15 years with a specific focus on promoting heart health. His primary goal is to demonstrate that staying physically fit after undergoing Angioplasty and bypass surgery is achievable and to debunk the misconception that it’s impossible. Each year, approximately 10-15 post-angioplasty and post-bypass surgery patients undergo cardiac screening before joining him in the race covering 21 kilometers. This doctor’s story serves as an inspiration and challenges the notion that exercising after angioplasty and bypass surgery is ill-advised.

DR Chetan SHAH

The Mumbai marathon is not just a race but it’s a vibrant carnival that brings together people from all walks of life. What sets this event apart is the active participation of doctors and patients alike, all united in their purpose to promote health causes. For doctors and healthcare professionals, their involvement in the marathon goes beyond just physical activity, it’s a powerful statement advocating for better health practices and raising awareness about various medical conditions. Alongside them, patients who have triumphed over their health battles take center stage, inspiring others with their resilience and determination. One encouraging story is of Dr Chetan Shah, a cardiologist at Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality Hospital in Ghatkopar who has been participating in the Marathon for the past 15 years to highlight how to exercise after angioplasty and bypass surgery.

Dr Chetan shah

Dr Chetan Shah said, “While it is believed that running or exercising after angioplasty and bypass surgery is dangerous, the truth is quite the opposite. Regular physical activity can significantly improve the overall health and well-being of individuals who have undergone angioplasty or bypass surgery. Even studies have confirmed that engaging in moderate exercise like walking, cycling, or swimming can help patients recover faster, strengthen their hearts, and reduce the risk of future cardiovascular issues. Exercise has been proven to positively impact mood and mental health, which is crucial for those recovering from major surgery. Staying physically active can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the likelihood of developing other chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We as doctors need to debunk the myth that post- angioplasty and post-bypass patients should avoid exercise and instead encourage them to establish a suitable workout routine based on their individual capabilities and recovery progress. With the right guidance and support, physical activity forms an integral part of rehabilitation after angioplasty or bypass surgery.”

Dr Shah added, “I pledge to stay committed to improving the quality of life of patients after angioplasty or bypass surgery as they have the right to live a normal life. Over the years, I have encouraged my patients to participate in the marathon. Before the race day, we conduct every patient’s cardiac screening Those who are found to be fit can only participate in the race. During the race, the patient’s BP is monitored along with adequate hydration. I feel proud to see my patients following instructions and completing the race, defying previous beliefs about exercising post-angioplasty or post-bypass surgery. So, exercising after the angioplasty or bypass is feasible, provided it’s done under medical supervision and going for regular cardiac screening with all health parameters in check.”

“It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, I was lying on the operating table undergoing angioplasty surgery. The road to recovery was long and arduous, filled with uncertainty and fear. But against all odds, I not only survived but thrived. And today, I stand before you as a proud finisher of a marathon race. This year I am going to run a half marathon. This year I am going to run a half marathon. The journey from the hospital bed to the marathon finish line was not easy. But, Dr Shah gave us the confidence and motivation to bounce back after the surgery and resume a normal life like before. Don’t believe any myths, it is possible to start exercising after the bypass surgery,” Concluded post angioplasty Patient Amubhai.