25, Oct 2023
This Dussehra, ShareChat Karega ‘Bure Trends ka Dahan’

Dussehra, a festival that signifies the eternal triumph of good over evil, holds great cultural and spiritual significance. To underscore the importance of this festival and the symbolic act of burning the effigy of Ravana, which represents the end of negativity, ShareChat has launched a new campaign – ‘Karo Bure Trends ka Dahan’ aligning with these values. The campaign is dedicated to vanquishing negative trends in the digital world, mirroring the festival’s spirit of conquering darkness with light.

India’s largest homegrown social media platform, ShareChat, under this campaign, is dedicated to fostering a safer and more positive online environment by extinguishing the detrimental trends that have taken root. A CGI-enabled film has been launched to visualize this effort. ShareChat has taken a proactive stance to combat negative trends such as trolling, the proliferation of misinformation, cyberbullying, hate speech, and doxing, aiming to create a more wholesome digital space.

The film shines a spotlight on adverse digital trends, including celebrities enduring performance-related trolling, body shaming, and the dissemination of misleading headlines. These troubling elements are creatively combined to make a Ravana effigy, which is then burned to symbolize the triumph over ‘Bure trends’ or the bad trends. In a community-driven effort, ShareChat initiated a crowdsourcing campaign, engaging its users in the mission to combat these detrimental trends. Users were invited to share their insights and experiences through in-app surveys, interactive quizzes, and polls, paving the way for the emergence of ‘Khushiyon se Bhare Trends’ – positive trends that spread joy and positivity.

Following the video launch, ShareChat users have the opportunity to explore a variety of heartfelt greetings and warm wishes. They can delve into the significance and rituals of Shastra Puja during Dussehra, immerse themselves in mythological tales, and witness an epic Ramleela. Additionally, users can enjoy Dussehra Live events on the platform, discover remarkable artwork, and find delightful special recipes within the ShareChat app.

Talking more about the video, Mousumi Mishra, Head of Consumer Marketing, ShareChat and Moj said “As we celebrate Dussehra, ShareChat is proud to bring you a campaign that beautifully marries the age-old tradition of burning evil with the dynamic world of modern storytelling. Our ‘Bure Trends ka Dahan’ campaign is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling, where we use the symbolism of the festival to ignite positive change in the digital space. In this fusion of cultural nuance and innovation, we aim to inspire people to rise above negativity and light the way towards a brighter digital future.”

Amrita Gupta, Brand Solutions Lead – Schbang said, “Social media is really a powerful place and there’s no platform better known for its regional content. As the festival season unfolds, we for ShareChat wanted to celebrate the spirit of good over evil by taking a stance to reduce negativity prevailing on social media. In this campaign, we have used AI capabilities to build a narrative that brings out a positive change in the way we connect & engage with one another.”

Tanveer Jadhav, Design Lead – Schbang said, “The recent CGI trends have been super cool to look at, but we wanted to use CGI to promote Sharechat’s vision. With creative prowess witness a stunning CGI Raavan engulfed in flames, eradicating negative trends. Our campaign promises a fusion of tradition and innovation, an unmissable celebration of transformation this festive season.”