20, Dec 2023
By honouring Mrs. Vanmavii ji with the One India Award, we are increasing the pride of this award – Sunil Deodhar

Mumbai: My Home India, an organization connecting North-East India with the rest of India, organized the ONE India event on 18 December 2023 in Dadar West, Mumbai. In this program, the One India Award was given to Smt. Vanmawii Ji of Mizoram for doing unimaginable work in the social sector. This award was given by the Honourable Governor of Sikkim, Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya.

On this occasion, he said that it is necessary for true patriots to be respected from larger platforms, earlier there was a lack of awareness towards the North-East, but now the time has changed. Today, even from North-East India, people are coming forward in every field and inspiring the society. Speaking as the keynote speaker, Mr. Sunil Deodhar, Founder of My Home India, said, “Earlier, big awards were given on the basis of reputation and money, but after the Modi government came, this tradition of going to deserving people started.”

The chief guest of the program, Sikkim Governor Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya said, “I know that youth are the architects of change in the society, hence I want to appeal to the youth of the country and say that it is their duty to Rising above caste, creed, region, gender, thinking about the country, always be ready to dedicate your body, mind and wealth for the country.

honouring Mrs. Vanmavii ji with the One India Award,

By honouring Venmavii Ji with the ONE India Award, we are increasing the pride of this award. Talking about Venmawii, one of his sons was martyred for the motherland, after which she inspired her other son to serve the nation and got him also recruited in the army. When Mai said on this occasion that my son was an example of patriotism when his body came wrapped in the tricolour, then I had decided that my second son should join the army and that is what happened.

Founder of Chanakya Mandal AB Adhikari, All India President of My Home India Harish Shetty, Managing Trustee Shravan Jha, Vinay Pandey, and many other prominent personalities were present in the program.