9, Dec 2023
Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery Hosts Exclusive Styling Session to Unveil Bridal Collection

With the wedding season in full swing, Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery has lifted the veil on its latest bridal collection, showcasing a stunning array of engagement and wedding rings, bridal necklaces, earrings, and bracelets crafted with the finest of grown diamonds. The collection is delicately designed to mark the bond between brides and grooms tying the knot this year.

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery’s bridal range is crafted and curated from global trends and design sensibilities, catering to individual aesthetics and celebrating the sacred union of love while embracing a more thoughtful and sustainable future. From classic solitaires, and intricate halo designs to rare emerald cut and marquise-shaped diamonds, the collection features a diverse array of unique, contemporary designs to complement the diverse personalities and preferences of the modern-day bride and groom. The bridal assortment is exclusively crafted with ethically crafted grown diamonds set in 18 Karat gold.

“This wedding season, we have seen brides and grooms making a conscious choice by opting for grown diamond jewellery. It has been extremely heartening to see immense love and acceptance for our designs, with several couples and families choosing to trust us for their big day. By opting for grown diamond jewellery, couples are cementing their lifelong commitment to making ethical, conscious and sustainable choices. Today’s event is a celebration of this choice, and we are extremely delighted to continue seeing radiant brides and grooms donning our thoughtfully designed pieces in the upcoming months.”, said Ms Lisa Mukhedkar, Founder and CEO of Aukera Jewellery

The event featured the launch of carefully crafted bridal looks in collaboration with wardrobe partner Twamev by Manyavar, a premium ethnic wear brand designed to celebrate Indian elegance.