22, Jan 2024
From pool to court: Bengaluru’s school athletes shine across multi-sports at SFA Championships

Bengaluru, January 22st, 2024: Day 6 of the SFA Championships in Bengaluru saw school athletes compete fiercely across seven sports, including Badminton, Basketball, Karate, Table Tennis, Tennis, Swimming, and Volleyball. The city-based model of the SFA Championships empowers athletes to compete and bring their schools on top of the leaderboard to win the coveted title of “number one school” in sports, in the city.

school athletes

Tennis matches came to a thrilling finale with players showcasing their finesse and skills in U-10 to U-18 categories, offering gripping moments to the spectators. Finals of volleyball matches added to the excitement with matches of U-12 to U-16 athletes as the court pulsated with dynamic spikes, strategic digs, and precise sets, underscoring the essence of teamwork and sportsmanship that define the spirit of this sport.

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Badminton matches for U-11 to U-17 categories continued, adding another layer of excitement to the day. Competing in the U-15 category at the SFA Championships, Chirag Prakash from Venkat International Public School, shared “I began playing badminton five years ago, for fitness reasons. But then, I started enjoying the sport and competed at state and national level tournaments. I’ve been to several places across the country for national-level competitions and aspire to keep competing in the upcoming years, as well”.

Agile young swimmers competed across U-8 to U-16 categories displaying their swift moves and techniques in freestyle, breaststroke, and individual medley competitions. Simultaneously, table tennis matches featured players in the U-10 to U-17 categories, exhibiting their skills and precision in this sport. Karate took the spotlight, captivating audiences as participants aged U-7 to U-19 demonstrated their relentless determination and kata skills.

The day concluded on a high note as basketball champions demonstrated their skills in the U-14 and U-18 categories. Player of the U-13 Basketball team from DPS East, Shruthi Raghunath expressed, “My mother introduced me to basketball at the age of five, and since then, I’ve enjoyed and continued playing this sport. I’ve participated at the state-level tournaments as well as in the NBA. I’m grateful for my parents and coach for being so supportive in my journey. It has been a great experience participating in the SFA Championships, and I’m both nervous and excited for my next match”.