7, Dec 2023
HPS Begumpet announces the Grand Finale of its Centenary year celebration, initiates the largest fundraiser in the history of schools in India

Hyderabad, 7th, December 2023: The Hyderabad Public School (HPS), Begumpet, has officially unveiled its plans for the Grand Finale of its highly successful year-long centenary celebrations. The school today announced an investment of 17.5 cr for a Multi-sport facility and an additional 10 cr for an innovation Centre (similar to T Hub) to foster entrepreneurship.

The finale that will be inaugurated on the 19th of December will be held between the 24th and 27th of December, 2023. The finale celebration which comprises of more than 50+ activities curated for the HPS fraternity comprising of students, staff, alumni & parents,

The four-day Grand Finale will feature a monumental fundraising initiative, aiming to raise INR 17.5 crore for a state-of-the-art green field Multi-utility sports center designed by renowned architect Hafeez Contractor. This is part of the school’s audacious Vision 2050 to raising INR 150 Crores for monumental development plans. The school is one of the few schools in the country that provides donors with 80G Tax exemptions and has an FCRA license to accept foreign donations. It is actively promoting Educational Philanthropy and the concept of giving back, which is very popular in the Western world in most legacy not-for-profit institutions.

The school is in the process of constructing an Innovation Centre projected at a cost of 10 cr, similar to T-Hub to foster entrepreneurship and innovation culture at the school level itself, generously funded by HPS Alumni. Spanning 15,000 square feet, this unique facility stands as a pioneering project, making HPS the sole school in the country to boast such an achievement. The faculty will actively encourage hands-on learning experiences in robotics and AI within this center.

The Grand Finale week will be kickstarted with an HPS Centenary Dinner, an exclusive limited seating Fund Raising Dinner, on the 24th of December, 2023 at the Taj Falaknuma Palace. The dinner is set to be attended by distinguished guests and alumni from around the world with the purpose of raising funds for the HPS Centenary Sports Center.

The ensuing three days, i.e. 25th to 27th of December will see the entire HPS universe of over 15,000 people culminate in the campus and celebrate 100 years of the school. This is expected to be perhaps the largest celebration held by any school in India. With the purpose of celebrating its centenary, exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, networking, and strengthening the HPS family further, a series of events across the campus are planned. Some of the key highlights include a spectacular HPS Carnival, an HPS Museum – The Echoes of Time, HPS StartX – an Entrepreneurship Summit, a Sports Reunion, The Centenary Golf Tournament at the Hyderabad Golf Club, a regal Vintage Car Showcase, a Speed Networking sessions, a learning zone with Book Readings, Panel Discussions, Workshops, the depositing of a Time capsule, a stunning performance by the popular band “The Bartenders”, a Centenary Alumni Reunion dinner along with “Best Kept Secret” playing live, Art Competition, Photography Competition, a mock Parliament session, and many more activities. The finale concert will be held on the 27th of December in the front field with the 100-year-old building as the backdrop. The renowned trio – Shankar Ehsan Loy is set to enthrall the audience at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.

The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet 1

Elaborating on the finale celebrations, Mr. Gusti J Noria – The President HPS Society said, “The Grand Finale of the HPS’s centenary year is a testament to our last 100 years of legacy, leadership, and excellence looking towards the future to lead, serve and soar. We look forward to the entire HPS family getting together and rejoicing on this landmark and momentous occasion”.

 Key Highlights:

  • The HPS Connect Mobile Application

The celebrations are exclusive for the HPS community comprises of Students, Parents, Staff, Alumni, and their families. Access to the campus would be exclusively for the members of the HPS family. The HPS Connect Mobile Application has been developed to provide seamless access and connectivity to the HPS community to network, schedule, and participate in the various centenary celebrations.

  • The HPS Centenary Dinner at The Taj Falaknuma

24th December, 2023 – 7 pm onwards

The HPS Centenary Fundraising Dinner at the historic Taj Falaknuma Palace is slated to be held on December 24th – the Dinner is open to Alumni, Parents, Educationists, Philanthropists, or any other individual or body corporate willing to support the cause of education & sports.

A state-of-the-art Indoor Multisport Center, covering an expansive 50,000 square feet and estimated to cost INR 17.5 Crores is being built on the campus. The sports center has been designed by acclaimed architect Hafeez Contractor. This cutting-edge facility shall have 4 badminton courts, 8 table tennis tables, 3 squash courts, an indoor sports hall for Chess, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, and Boxing, a full-fledged gymnasium, and a sports medicine center. The goal of this advanced facility is to serve as a source of inspiration and nurture a new generation of sporting leaders from HPS, with aspirations for participation in prestigious events such as the Olympics and other international championships.

  • The HPS Carnival

25th & 26th December – 10 am to 7 pm

A spectacular celebration of joy and wonder where the HPS family shall create lasting memories. The HPS Carnival shall be a kaleidoscope of colours with over 150 stalls of food, shopping, activities & games. The children of the school shall set up game stalls and marry the vintage carnival with the modern era. A host of live performances including live bands, dances, rope malkhamb, and yoga displays shall keep the audience engaged. An HPS has got talent program is also in the pipeline.

  • Echoes of Time: Looking back to look forward

25th & 26th December – 10 am to 6 pm

A 100-year-old legacy deserves to be displayed and preserved for generations to see. Presenting Echoes of Time, an immersive experience that will be housed in the century-old Shaheen Block and will take you through the legacy & historical journey of the school. Words will not do justice to the exquisite installations that have been carefully curated.

  • HPS StartX Entrepreneurship Summit:

25th & 26th December – 9:30 am to 6 pm

HPS is set to launch its IP two-day StartX Entrepreneurship summit with more than 30 startups, over 300 founders, 2000 attendees, 25 speakers, and 10 pitches. The StartX summit is a Shark Tank-inspired platform to encourage the HPS community entrepreneurs and hopes to support early venture startups with less than INR 25 cr revenue. Established HPS alumni will get a chance to give back to their alma mater, and support and fund these startups during the event. The summit will also involve masterclasses to empower entrepreneurs and students with partnership opportunities, tools, and insights to create successful and impactful ventures through innovative solutions, and creative problem-solving methods emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and ideation.

  • Speed Networking Circles

Innovative five-minute Speed Networking Circles will facilitate the pairing of mentors and thought leaders across various fields with aspiring individuals, encouraging the exchange of ideas and inspiration to contribute to the HPS community and shape the school’s future success stories. These dedicated circles will focus on areas such as entrepreneurship, performing arts, technology, content creation, law, finance and accountancy, creative arts, healthcare, and marketing.

The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet 3

  • Entrepreneurship Panel Discussions and Workshops

Future-oriented panel discussions covering a range of topics will provide a platform for students, entrepreneurs, and founders to interact with industry visionaries. Emphasis will be on driving growth and innovation, exploring India’s ascent in entrepreneurship and technology, including space exploration, defense technology, and Agritech. A segment titled ‘Cultivating Grit’ will unveil the secrets of entrepreneurial success and offer insights into the early stages of venture building. Participants will also gain valuable knowledge on navigating early-stage funding and establishing successful partnerships in the dynamic investment landscape through a dedicated session on Angel Investing. The ‘Creator Economy’ segment will delve into the role of digital platforms and the transformative impact of AI in content generation. Additionally, a segment on ‘Intrapreneurship’ will highlight strategies for staying competitive within large corporations and multi-generational businesses.

  • Speakers and Thought leaders

A stellar list of speakers and thought-leaders include Nandan Reddy – Cofounder, Swiggy; Satish Mummareddy – Product Leader AI, Meta; Ishan Chatterjee – MD, YouTube India; Nimisha Jain – MD & Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group Rahul Tamada – Cofounder & CEO, Tamada Media; Vikas Jhabakh – MD, Motovault & Benelli India; Sanjeev Sisodia – VP Customer Success, Support & Sales – Postman; Raj Madangopal – Cofounder & COO, Banyan Nation; Sharat Potharaju – Cofounder & CEO, Beaconstac;; G. V. Sanjay Reddy – Chairman, Reddy Ventures; Sanjay Jesrani – Founder & CEO, Go North Ventures; Sarath Naru – Managing Partner, Ventureast; Rajesh Manthena – ED & CDO, Cancer Centres of America; Dr. Srikanth Sunderarajan – General Partner, Ventureast; Hari Buganna – Founder & Chairman, InvAscent; Kishore Kothaplli – Partner, SVP India.

  • Vintage Car Showcase

25th December – 10 am to 1 pm

A grand Vintage Car display shall be held in the backfield of the school and will bring together over 100 vintage cars celebrating the legacy of the past. The show is being held in association with the Hyderabad Vintage Car Club.

  • Time Capsule

26th December – 5 pm

A time capsule will be embedded to be opened in the 125th year of the school.

  • Super Car Showcase

26th December – 4 pm

A Super Car display shall be held on the campus and shall showcase to students the advanced technological advancements in the automobile sector.

  • Learning Zones

25th & 26th December – 10 am to 5 pm

A plethora of intellectual activities shall be held across the campus and will include:

  • Panel discussions:
    • Technology – The Death of Libraries
    • Social Media – Its impact of the behaviour of Students
    • Mental Health in Education: Past, Present and Future
    • How Gamification can transform education -Exploring fun and interactive learning
  • Workshops:
    • Film making
    • Photography
    • Jewelry Making
    • Scientific Temperament
    • Mental & Physical Health
    • Cooking
    • Music
  • Book Reading
  • Mock Parliament
  • Sports Reunion

25th December – All day

Sports have always been an essential part of HPS. Expect some friendly & some not-so-friendly competing matches of Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis played between Alumni, Staff & Students. This year the newly built swimming pool is also expected to see a lot of races.

  • Photography Competition

25th & 26th December

A photography competition will be held in association with Canon with the theme “Spirit of HPS – The Emotional Connect”. The four judges for the competition would be Mr. Mani Shankar, Mr. Ricken Desai, Mr. Kishor Krishnamurthy & Mr. Ismail Sheriff.

  • The Bartenders – Live in Concert

25th December – 7pm onwards

This would certainly be a night to remember as the HPS family welcomes Mike McCleary’s creation “The Bartenders” as they reinvents vintage iconic Hindi film songs with a modern twist. The concert is set to be held in the newly build Open Air Theatre of the school.

  • Centenary Alumni & Staff Reunion Dinner

26th December – 7pm onwards

The Alumni Reunion Dinner hosted by the Jagirdars College & The Hyderabad Public School Old Students Association, now in its 19th consecutive year, promises to be a night of nostalgia and reconnections. Over 2500 alumni and 500 former and present staff are set to celebrate 100 years of their alma mater. Popular pop band “Best Kept Secret” shall uplift the night with their performance as the guests enjoy their favorite school food.

  • Celebrate Art

25th & 27th December

The school campus shall be uplifted with art from the ages. Corners to allow artists to sketch will be created and the entire campus will be made lively with picnic corners and hangout zones.

  • Centenary Finale Concert

27th December – 7 pm onwards

The Finale Concert by Shankar Ehsan Loy shall be held in the front field with the majestic century old buildings as the backdrop. This concert shall be the perfect conclusion to the year long celebration as the school pays gratitude to every member of the HPS community of the last 100 years.

Many more activities comprising of dances, music, art, craft will be held throughout the campus for the finale. Preparations are in full swing for the school to host its vast network of alumni, former & present staff, students, parents, global leaders, and dignitaries commemorate its centenary year finale.