18, Dec 2023
Year Ender Quote from Mr Sachin Patel, CMD, Swaminarayan Group


Sachin Patel, CMD, Swaminarayan Group

The Mumbai real estate market in 2023 was a vibrant and evolving landscape. The market has grown dramatically with infrastructure developments, affordable housing initiatives, and increased demand for co-working spaces. Residential sales have remained strong throughout the year, with a clear preference for big-ticket homes with modern amenities. Industry consensus indicates that 2023 housing sales have already crossed the 2022 levels, and given the ongoing holiday season, 2023 is likely to see 20-30% higher sales than 2022. Swaminarayan Group not only provides homes but also transforms them into vibrant living spaces that elevate the quality of life and provide the world’s finest living experience to its esteemed residents by combining luxury, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. Our projects have sparked significant interest from both buyers and investors, and it’s clear that the residential and commercial sectors have consistently been preferred options. The ongoing holiday season is expected to boost residential real estate further. New product launches, massive discounts, collaborations between developers and home furnishing options, innovative payment schemes, and targeted marketing campaigns are all current season flavors. The joyful atmosphere will bring an emphatic conclusion to residential real estate in 2023 and lay the groundwork for a stronger 2024. ~Mr Sachin Patel, CMD, Swaminarayan Group.