16, Apr 2024
Motorola Solutions signs up with Arya Omnitalk to promote professional and commercial radios

Bengaluru, 16th April 2024: Pune-headquartered Arya Omnitalk, a joint venture between two of India’s most reputed business houses, Arvind Ltd. and the JM Baxi Group, has secured an exclusive partnership with Motorola Solutions to distribute Professional and Commercial Radios in India.

Arya Omnitalk operates three business divisions, namely Shared Mobile Radio Services (SMR), GPS-based Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions, and Toll and Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS). Under this collaboration, Arya Omnitalk will exclusively distribute Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO Portfolio of products, along with continuing to distribute Wave PTX and associated services.

A leading provider of PMRTS (Public Mobile Radio Trunking Services), CMRTS (Captive Mobile Radio Trunking Services), and Broadband Push-to-talk devices, Arya Omnitalk holds licenses to operate in 18 cities including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Bharuch, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Jaipur.

These radios are specially designed for organizations operating in today’s fast-moving business environment. They allow real-time, instant communication among teams, improving coordination in fast-paced environments. It allows cross-platform compatibility and works across various devices and platforms, ensuring seamless communication between different teams and devices within the company. These radios connect teams spread across different locations and facilities. It can integrate with existing communication systems and tools, streamlining processes and enhancing overall connectivity within the company.

These radios provide secure communication channels, crucial for the industries where confidentiality and data protection are paramount. It enables swift response during emergencies or critical situations, ensuring immediate communication for rapid decision-making and crisis management.

These services cater to important sectors such as Municipal Corporations, Manufacturing, Security, Oil & Gas, Transport and Logistics, Warehousing, Educational Institutes, IT/ITeS, Hospitality, Hospitals, Embassies, Mines, and Construction.

Speaking of the occasion, Mr. Paresh Shetty, CEO, Arya Omnitalk said, “We are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Motorola Solutions, further solidifying the trust we’ve built with the brand and customers over the years. This exclusive partnership grants us the opportunity to sell best in class products in India. Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering unmatched customer experiences, ensuring every interaction mirrors our dedication to excellence and satisfaction.”

28, Mar 2024
Arika Singh Wins at National Fame Awards 2024, Bags Trophy for Tarot and Astrology

Arika Singh - National Fame Awards

Spiritual guidance and divination influencer Arika Singh is the founder and creator of Divine Empress Vibes, having journeyed from Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Influencing to tarot card reading, psychic healing, and astrology. She was honored with the prestigious National Fame Award 2024 recently held at the Club, Mumbai, winning the trophy for Excellence in Tarot Card Reading & Astrology. The award was presented to her by Dia Mirza.

Upon receiving the award, Arika Singh said, “I’m truly honored to receive this spiritual award; it’s a testament to the invisible threads that connect us all in the pursuit of higher knowledge and compassion. This accolade fuels my passion to delve deeper into spirituality and serve as a beacon of light, hope, and inspiration to others.”

A natural-born psychic, Arika has earned her reputation through accurate predictions, garnering numerous testimonials from satisfied clients. However, her path in spiritualism and divination was not predetermined. Arika discovered her path through an innate calling. Arika invested time and effort into mastering the craft and overcoming doubts and fears.

Born on the 7th, the most spiritual number in astrology, she is considered an old soul, a Starseed, and a Lightworker. Formerly immersed in marketing and social media, Arika’s destiny turned to spirituality, leading her to create Divine Empress Vibes, where she has impacted the lives of over 50,000 global clients. What started as a personal exploration soon transformed into a mission to provide guidance, healing, and empowerment to others.

Recognized as one of India’s top 10 tarot card readers, Arika has become a source of ageless wisdom on social media platforms. Arika possesses expertise in a diverse range of divination tools and spiritual services. She is highly skilled in various spiritual practices, including Tarot Card reading, candle magic healing, astrology, Angelic Reiki healing, Runes reading, and Akashic Records reading. Notably, Arika is also a Ph.D. candidate in tarot reading, showcasing her commitment to advancing the field of divination.

Arika’s journey into spirituality deepened during two significant spiritual awakenings triggered by the loss of both her parents within 1.5 years. This period of introspection led her to delve into Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Candle Magic, and connecting with the Divine. Arika’s personal growth and continuous learning have fueled her commitment to helping others unlock their true potential through tarot readings and spiritual guidance.

Arika’s online presence, marked by daily videos on Instagram and YouTube, went viral, attesting to the resonance of her content with a vast audience seeking spiritual guidance. Her readings provide empowerment, comfort, and emotional connection for her clients. Her journey, marked by challenges that would daunt the strongest, is a testament to her resilience. Just like the legendary phoenix, Arika’s life journey has been one of rising from the ashes, inspiring others to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Arika’s mission extends beyond providing readings; she aims to instill hope and positivity in those she touches. Her wisdom, drawn from diverse spiritual teachings, emphasizes the power of self-perception, the law of attraction, and the transformative potential within everyone. In a world where challenges abound, Arika Singh is a guiding light, illuminating paths and empowering others to create their destinies. With a heart fueled by compassion, an unwavering spirit, and a wealth of spiritual knowledge, she leaves an indelible mark on those she encounters.

22, Mar 2024
Union Living to launch 500 Beds Across Three Build-to-Suit Co-living Properties in Mumbai & Pune

Mumbai, March 22nd, 2024—Union Living, a leading co-living startup, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Build-to-Suit (BTS) co-living housing properties in Mumbai and Pune. The new BTS properties will include 200 beds property named ‘Southside’ in Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, 150 beds property named ‘Terra’ in Juhu, Mumbai, and 150 studio apartments in Koregaon Park, Pune.

union living

Union Living is dedicated to improving the co-living experience with modern, secure, and customized accommodations. This initiative represents a major milestone in the co-living sector, offering tailored living spaces designed for students and young professionals.

Co-funded by Rishab Soni and Parth Soni in 2020, Union Living is expanding its portfolio with the addition of these new beds. By June 2024, the company’s operational co-living beds are set to increase to 1,500 across nine properties in Mumbai and Pune.

The company caters to both students and working professionals. It also provides short-term stay facilities. The company provides rental accommodation at a starting price of Rs 20,000 per bed. The rate goes up to as high as Rs 45,000 per bed.

“We are thrilled to introduce first-of-its-kind build-to-suit co-living accommodation in Mumbai,” said Parth Soni, Co-Founder of Union Living.

“These BTS properties have been meticulously designed in-house by a dedicated team of architects, in collaboration with a panel of students, to ensure that their specific needs and preferences are seamlessly integrated into the design,” added Parth.

Rishabh Soni, Co-Founder of Union Living said, “Build-to-suit properties offer superior space utilization and custom-designed layouts, enhancing functionality and efficiency. Such properties can accommodate additional amenities and features that enhance the overall user experience. With long-term lease agreements, build-to-suit projects provide stability and predictability for rental income. Overall, they maximize space utilization, design flexibility, and financial benefits for operators, investors and property owners.”

Union Living’s BTS properties are scheduled to go live in May 2024 in Mahalakshmi, with plans to sign an additional 1,000 beds in the near future. These developments signify the company’s commitment to expanding its footprint and enhancing the co-living experience across Mumbai.

The demand for co-living spaces and build-to-suit properties has been steadily increasing, driven by factors such as urbanization, rising student and working professional populations, and changing lifestyle preferences.

Union Living’s innovative approach to co-living accommodation underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional living experiences that cater to the evolving needs of today’s residents. By combining quality construction, thoughtful design, and personalized services, Union Living aims to redefine the standards of co-living in Mumbai and beyond.

21, Mar 2024
GJC’s flagship event India Gems and Jewellery Show 2024 may revitalize retail jewellery sales in India

Mumbai: 21st March 2024: All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) announced on Friday that it is organising the 5th edition of its flagship event India Gems and Jewellery Show (GJS April 2024) from 2nd to 5th April 2024 at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. GJS events are known as the Indian jewellers’ #HamaraApnaShow, and have become a ‘must to attend’ for future growth.

The 5th edition of GJS is timed to support the growth in jewellery demand before Akshay Tritiya and after Gudipadwa, coinciding with the wedding season.

The show will cater to 350+ exhibitors, across 600+ booths, 12,000 visitors, and 2,000+Room – nights for the hosted buyers. Which will be accompanied by an array of jewellery designs, and ample parking space. GJS has streamlined the process for retailers to procure jewellery from a diverse range of manufacturers and wholesalers, all under one roof.

The main attraction of the GJS April 2024 Show will be the presence of all classes of jewellery players under one roof. Also, networking nights, and interactive seminars will help participants to exchange knowledge about the ongoing jewellery demand trend and the possibility of new launches in the upcoming season.

GJS April 2024 Show will be the one-and-only platform for new designs and fashion trends and will be attended by corporates, chain stores, and single stores from India and the world. In addition to the registered visitors, a comprehensive list of hosted buyers is expected to add to the overall business potential of the show.

Mr. Saiyam Mehra, Chairman of GJC, and Convenor of GJS April 2024 Show said, “GJS April 2024 Show will be the ultimate sourcing platform for new designs and fashion trends and a must-attend for every jeweller, small-to-big to enrich their jewellery collection in their showroom. The show will create a state-of-the-art atmosphere for the visitors to explore innovative and trendsetting jewellery and other articles to help a healthy boost in the growth of sales. The Show is timed strategically just after Gudi Padwa and before Akshaya Tritiya, creating an ideal opportunity for participants to explore and immerse themselves.”

Mr. Rajesh Rokde, Vice chairman, GJC said, “GJS April 2024 Show is a wonderful opportunity for jewellery manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, artisans, and others in the value chain to connect with budding talents and creative minds. We thank our exhibitors and attendees whose active involvement greatly contributed to the success of the past four editions of GJS – India Gems and Jewellery Show. Our efforts are focused on giving the best experience to the industry. We believe the strategically timed show will boost and encourage domestic business for growth in future.”

Mr. Nilesh S Shobhawat, Co-Convenor of GJS and Director of GJC said, “We have designed the programme after brief analysis of the interest of jewellers. Also, the needs of a large section of jewellers were analysed, and the technicality of compliance procedures was understood. We can firmly say that the GJS April 2024 Show will provide an even more extraordinary experience to jewellers.”

21, Mar 2024
Dvara Kgfs Secures Us Dollar 14.4 Million Investment From Iix’s Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 6

Mumbai / National, 21st March 2024Dvara Kshetriya Gramin Financials Pvt Ltd (Dvara KGFS), a leading NBFC operating in remote rural parts of India, has successfully raised US $14.4 million through Listed Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) from Impact Investment Exchange (IIX). IIX provided Dvara debt capital through the US$100 million Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 6 (WLB6), the largest Orange and Sustainability labelled Bond in the market. Orange Bonds are currently the only asset class at the critical nexus of gender equity and climate action in emerging markets.

As repeat beneficiaries of the WLB Series, Dvara KGFS is excited to continue the partnership with IIX, an investor who has invested over US$150 million in India through the Series. Both Dvara KGFS and IIX are committed to driving positive change through innovative financial solutions.

Dvara’s participation in IIX’s latest Orange Bond highlights the company’s dedication to catalyzing positive change while supporting the transformative work of the Orange Movement™ in India’s financial inclusion landscape. Together, Dvara KGFS will contribute significantly to the movement’s goal of mobilizing US$10 billion to empower 100 million women, girls, and gender minorities by 2030.

Dvara KGFS aims to impact 87,900 women and girls over the WLB6’s 4-year tenure, leveraging the IIX Values™ platform for transparent impact measurement. The WLB6 issuance seeks to create impact across multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly advancing SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 13: Climate Action. A portion of the proceeds to Dvara will also contribute to SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

“Dvara KGFS is a mission-oriented financial institution and has been working in the gender-inclusive finance space to empower women and help them become more economically resilient, especially in the country’s rural hinterlands. We are delighted to have received this funding from IIX as we continue to bolster our efforts to innovate and enhance our product offerings, while driving value for our customers and stakeholders,” said Mr. LVLN Murty, MD & CEO, Dvara KGFS.

Ms. Shilpa Bhatter, CFO, Dvara KGFS, said, “The funds raised through the NCD issuance will be utilized to disburse Joint Liability Group (JLG), Micro Enterprise Loan (MEL), and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) loans for the benefit of women borrowers. Dvara KGFS remains committed to fostering financial inclusion, maintaining operational excellence, and creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

21, Mar 2024
Thai Brands Mumbai 2024: A Grand Showcase of Thailand’s Finest Products

Mumbai, 21st March 2024: The highly anticipated ‘Top Thai Brands’, Mumbai 2024 is all set to grace the prestigious Nehru Centre from March 22nd to 24th. Organized by the Thai Trade Centre, Mumbai, this event promises to bring the essence of Thailand to the heart of Mumbai, showcasing a diverse array of high-quality products.

With a curated selection of exhibitors, ‘Top Thai Brands’, Mumbai 2024 will be a melting point of Thailand’s best offerings, including Health, Beauty, Wellness, Spa Products, Lifestyle Products (Home Furnishing and Decor), Food and Beverages, Pet Care Products, as well as Fashion Jewellery and Accessories. This event provides an exclusive opportunity for Mumbaikars to explore and experience the richness of Thai craftsmanship and innovation.

For the first time in Mumbai, approximately 50 Thai exhibitors will participate, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in Thailand’s vibrant culture and discover iconic brands that have gained international acclaim.

The focal point of the event is to facilitate meaningful business connections, linking consumers, importers, distributors, and businesses with Thai exhibitors. Attendees can engage in business matching sessions, explore potential collaborations, and source high-quality products directly from Thailand.

In addition to business opportunities, Top Thai Brands Mumbai 2024 has curated a delightful program for attendees. Cultural performances will bring the spirit of Thailand to life. Meanwhile, food demonstrations by authentic Thai restaurants promise to tantalize taste buds with authentic Thai flavors. Fashion enthusiasts can also explore the latest trends in Thai Fashion Jewellery and Accessories.

Apart from this, the event will also feature “Thailand Week”, a sub-event with high-quality Thai products, a Master Chef cooking demonstration, and captivating cultural activities, allowing visitors to experience the flavors and rhythms of Thailand before their eyes.

Admission to this extraordinary event is free, providing an inclusive opportunity for everyone to discover the allure of Thai products and forge connections with the vibrant Thai market.

Join the exhibition from March 22nd to 24th at Nehru Centre, Mumbai and embark on a journey to discover the best of Thailand’s high-quality products!

23, Feb 2024
Backing films like The Kerala Story is essential for filmmakers’ integrity’, says Film Producer & Director Vipul A Shah at Ideas of India Summit 3.0

Mumbai, February 23, 2024: In a key session at Ideas of India Summit 3.0, Bollywood Film Producer and Director Vipul A Shah who is also known for the much discussed, The Kerala Story, shared his perspective on the changing landscape of Indian Entertainment Industry.

“The rise in political consciousness among Indians has significantly influenced the content of films we make and the stories

we tell. Supporting films like ‘Kerala Story’ is important, it speaks to the filmmaker’s integrity and the importance of diverse voices and narratives,” he said.

Vipul Shah, further remarked, ‘As individuals with political leanings, our religious practices should not be misconstrued as communal. It is a fundamental aspect of personal identity.’On the inaugural day of ABP Network’s flagship event, the ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0, celebrated filmmakers shared their views on ‘Anatomy of Art: Are Our Movies Dividing or Uniting Us?’ shedding light on controversial topics and the quest for authenticity in storytelling.

Explaining the complexities within the Indian film industry, Vipul A Shah, expressed, “Despite perceptions of division, the film industry remains a complex ecosystem, where narratives often become politicised. Today, the success of a film hinges not on its controversy, but on its ability to resonate with audiences through genuine, thought-provoking content. Projects like ‘Animal’ challenges societal norms and sparking important discussions. It is through daring, unconventional narratives that we provoke change and global influence.”

Sharing his take on whether polarizing movies are a recent trend, Madhur Bhandarkar, Filmmaker, Producer and Script Writer, remarked, “There is no division in the film industry; it remains unified, despite varied political and non-political leanings. While some artists are open and vocal, others choose discretion, a natural aspect of the industry. My films, like ‘Chandani Bar, Traffic signal etc.,’ have addressed issues like poverty and have always maintained a secular stance. However, my personal political alliance led to sidelining and questioning of my secularism. I am a proud practicing Hindu. Our films consistently promote unity between Hindu and Muslim communities. The success of films like ‘Animal’ has revolutionized industry norms, despite controversies surrounding their content. However, actors often hesitate to endorse politically charged projects due to fear of social media backlash and its repercussions on their careers.”

Known for movies like Parched and OTT series ‘House of Secrets’, Leena Yadav, Filmmaker and Storyteller, put forth a women’s perspective, stating, “Films cannot be made without politics. The lack of real dialogue between filmmakers is missing, and the social media is creating pressure for people to take action. It is impossible for makers not to include their political bias. Films are driven by commerce, and sentiment-driven cinema is becoming a part of mainstream and social media discussion. There are films with controversial angles which get financing and not all of them are made with conviction.”

The ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 spotlighting the ‘The People’s Agenda’ brought a confluence of ideas and ideators to a common platform celebrating the country’s people and its plurality. The two-day summit hosted policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, business leaders, economists, and leading luminaries to delve into the fundamental ideas of liberty, justice, equality, and diversity that define India, its society, culture, and politics. The meaningful deliberations on diverse topics had the brightest minds across sectors providing insights about the nation’s trajectory and its journey to become Viksit Bharat.

23, Feb 2024
Parents should stop treating young minds as ‘Project Children’: Prof. Vijender Singh Chauhan

Mumbai, February 23, 2024: Highlighting the importance of listening to the aspirations of young minds and their idea of India, in a session titled ‘Yearning to Learn: What Young People are Telling Us’ at the ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 in Mumbai, eminent academicians Prof. Vijender Singh Chauhan, Associate Professor at Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi, and Neetu Singh, Founder of KD Campus & KD Live, elaborated on the need for creating career opportunities, the role of parents in supporting their dreams, and the impact of social media algorithms and AI disruption on their future.

Known as the man who helps civil service aspirants crack interviews, Prof. Vijender Singh Chauhan said, “We need to understand that 25-year-olds are the most populous demographic in India globally. And we need to ask ourselves whether, as a society, we are preparing to sustain them when this population turns 50. Today, we are witnessing a decline in the diversification of dreams among young minds. There are only 800 jobs available in UPSC, yet 8 lakh people are applying for them. This clearly indicates that young people are not getting their desired career choices. Parents should stop treating their children as mere projects, pushing them towards preparing for IITs, then sending them to IIMs, and finally aiming for a UPSC clearance. Getting a government job should not be the sole aspiration of young minds.”

Sharing her thoughts on the importance of parents’ role in shaping the future of children, Neetu Singh, widely renowned for having developed her own style and method for English coaching, added, “We need to understand that there are still values in our society, and many students go through hardships only to fulfil the dreams of their parents. Students come from the lower economic sections of society, and the job opportunities are fewer for them. So, parents should not burden children with the weight of their expectations and dreams, so they get shattered. It is essential for students to know what is essential for them and they need to engage in grooming and self-improvement, giving their heart and soul properly.”

Elaborating on the risks of AI disruption and algorithms, Prof. Chauhan added, “Engineers doing basic coding jobs will soon find AI taking over these roles. Are we preparing them for the jobs that will emerge 10 years down the line? Also, we need to be aware of how social media algorithms and persuasive technology are making us believe in collective dreams or choices that are not our own. Algorithms are influencing career choices, personal, social, and most importantly, our political choices, which is dangerous.”

The ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0, spotlighting ‘The People’s Agenda,’ brought a confluence of ideas and ideators to a common platform celebrating the country’s people and its plurality. The two-day summit hosted policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, business leaders, economists, and leading luminaries to delve into the fundamental ideas of liberty, justice, equality, and diversity that define India, its society, culture, and politics. The meaningful deliberations on diverse topics had the brightest minds across sectors providing insights into the nation’s trajectory and its journey to becoming Viksit Bharat.

23, Feb 2024
I resonated with Jinal’s honest and upfront demeanour: Nupur Nagpal on her character in Amazon miniTV’s Dillogical

Mumbai, 23 February 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released the romantic comedy series ‘Dillogical’. Offering a delightful blend of romance and comedy, it revolves around the lives of Saransh and Jinal, whose relationship takes an unexpected turn when Jinal embarks on a journey of self-discovery. As they navigate through the complexities of love and the advent of an open relationship, the series explores the dynamics and intricacies of human emotions, embracing the different shades of love. Dialogical boasts Anshuman Malhotra, Nupur Nagpal, Priyank Sharma, Chetan Dhawan, and Prasanna Bisht in key roles.

Nupur Nagpal

Delving into the depth of her character, Nupur Nagpal, who essays the role of an independent and outspoken girl, Jinal in the series, reflected on the similarities between herself and the character. She said, “I resonated with Jinal’s honest and upfront demeanor because I too like to approach most relationships like her. When I was growing up, I used to feel extremely protected. That’s why I always felt the urge to grow and find my wings. So, I could totally relate to Jinal’s desires. Just like her, I did not just want to do the things that were expected of me but also yearned for the freedom to figure out what I liked to do. It is very difficult for girls, even for the ones from metro cities, to have that freedom. So many times, they don’t even express their desires because of the fear of being judged, and that’s exactly what drew me to this character.”

Adding to this, she further spoke about the stark differences between Jinal and Saransh. “Jinal is really bad at science and maths. Since childhood, she has been dependent on Saransh. He used to work hard and help her get through the exams. On the other hand, Jinal has a creative mind; she is more into performing arts – that’s what her heart beats for. She is not a techie like Saransh,” shared Nupur.

22, Feb 2024
Call for Papers and Performances: International Performing Arts Conference at World University of Design

Mumbai / DELHI-NCR/February 22, 2024: World University of Design invites submissions of papers and performances for its upcoming International Performing Arts Conference aimed at fostering thought-provoking discussions, academic presentations, and artistic expressions contributing to the ongoing dialogue between tradition and modernity within the Indian Knowledge System. The papers and the performances will be presented on the 9th and 10th of May at the Triveni Auditorium in Delhi, the event seeks to affirm the significance of academic endeavors in the realm of performing arts.

Under the banner of its first conference ANVESHA, the university endeavors to facilitate collaborations between artists and technologists. This initiative aims to push the boundaries of creativity while preserving the essence of cultural heritage. ANVESHA is poised to serve as a platform for discussion and idea exchange, facilitating networking opportunities among researchers, artists, technologists, choreographers, and enthusiasts, both nationally and internationally. The conference will also serve to inspire young scholars and students in the field.

The conference framework emphasizes the integration of dance and/or performing arts within various creative disciplines of design, including architecture, technology, visual arts, and fashion, as well as aspects of political and social activism, heritage creation and preservation, and international geopolitics.

In the long run, the organizers seek to contribute to the ongoing discourse on tradition and modernity within the Indian Knowledge System, propel dance into the future, and promote academic research on various facets of Indian classical dance. Accepted papers will be published in an ISBN book of proceedings, and individual E-Certificates will be awarded to registered authors.

Prof.(Dr.)Parul Purohit Vats (Dean, School of Performing Arts, WUD) remarked, “In today’s world, performing arts education is a beacon of creativity, critical thinking, and cultural appreciation. Conferences like ANVESHANA blend tradition with innovation, showing how our heritage inspires modern expression. We aim to spark youth interest, showcasing diverse career paths in this dynamic field.”

The inaugural edition of the conference is organized by the Performing Arts department of the World University of Design under the guidance of an academic expert committee comprising heads of various international institutions and esteemed academicians from institutions such as the India International Performing Arts Centre Singapore, Pagrav Dance Company UK, Shoebox Arts Productions Inc. Calgary, Canada, and Center Mandapa, Paris, among others, indicating a high level of international involvement and collaboration.