8, Feb 2024
Seenu Ramasamy’s anthology ‘The Days of a Small Brook and Other Poems,’ wins hearts worldwide

New Delhi/Tamil Nadu: Seenu Ramasamy, an internationally acclaimed Director, and a Tamil poet, is making waves globally with his poetry collection ‘The Days of a Small Brook and Other Poems,’ now available in English. Translator N Elango skillfully preserves the essence of Ramasamy’s Tamil verses, offering readers a rich and emotional experience.


 This anthology is a journey of raw emotions, seamlessly navigating through real- life experiences. It explores joy, sorrow, hope, doubt, village life, and the glamour of the city with unfiltered honesty. Ramasamy, like a carefree bird, expresses his feelings without inhibition.

 ‘The Days of a Small Brook and Other Poems’ invites readers into the lives of real people, blending rural and urban existence. Through Ramasamy’s unique poetic style, elements like tamarind trees, snakes, passionate mothers, film artists, love, betrayals, gods, animals, mountains, and grandparents come alive.

 Translator N. Elango successfully retains the original charm of Ramasamy’s Tamil poetry, ensuring an authentic but relatable connection for English-speaking readers. The poet’s honesty creates a humane connection, inviting readers to see themselves in his poetic expressions. Elango emphasizes the translator’s role as a constant reader during the translation process.

 Often called as the ‘People’s Director’ in the world of cinema, Seenu Ramasamy, earns the title of ‘People’s Poet’ for his poetry. Influenced by poets like Subramania Bharathi and Na. Pichamurthy, his work reflects a rich literary heritage.

 Mr Ramaswamy was always fond of cinema and was inspired by Tamil stalwarts such as K Balachandar, Mahendran, and Barathiraja, with Balumahendra as his mentor which made his poetry inherently visual. His cinematic journey, marked by international acclaim and a National Award for the Best Tamil film (Southwest Monsoon), aligns seamlessly with the authenticity and rawness of his poetic expressions.

 Ramasamy’s passion for classical Tamil Sangam poetry infuses ecological sensibility into both his movies and poetry, offering authentic glimpses into Indian life. His latest film, ‘Maamanithan’ (Great Man-2022), celebrated as a classic worldwide, explores the raw life force that turns an ordinary person into a hero.

 Born in 1973 in Madurai, Ramasamy’s formative years at Charles School and TVS School set the stage for his later endeavors. Graduating in Mathematics from Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, his love for his wife Tharshana and daughters Thiyana and Thivya Ranjana adds a personal touch to his lyrical sensibilities.

 As ‘The Days of a Small Brook and Other Poems’ continues to resonate with readers, Seenu Ramasamy’s unique blend of cinematic vision and poetic prowess solidifies his position as a versatile artist. His work captures the raw essence of the human experience with depth and sincerity.