13, Feb 2024
Meet Nandini: Sony Entertainment Television’s Strong Protagonist Who Challenges Dowry Norms, Raises Her Voice for Change

Mumbai, 13th February 2024

Bringing viewers content with a purpose, Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering, “Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai” is a compelling drama that sees the homely, vivacious, and responsible Nandini, challenge the conventional Dahej Pratha that exists in our country. Shrouded in tradition, “dowry” is the price a woman pays with her dignity and Nandini’s stark demand – “mujhe mera dahej waapas chahiye”, paves the way for a story that matters. At the heart of “Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai” is Meera Deosthale’s portrayal of Nandini and her character serves as a beacon of strength, challenging age-old beliefs that demean the self-respect of women.


Set in the milieu of Gujarat, the show puts the spotlight on Nandini, who has been raised by her maternal uncle and aunt, played by Jagat Rawat and Sejal Jha. Deeply rooted in tradition, Nandini respects her elders, she’s well-read, and is progressive in her thoughts. Her Mama has taught her to question what she doesn’t understand, and Nandini does so fearlessly. Actor Zaan Khan essays the role of Nandini’s husband, Naren Ratanshi, while actors Dharmesh Vyas and Khushi Rajpoot play the roles of her in-laws, Hemraj Ratanshi and Chanchal Ratanshi. Despite the backdrop of a seemingly content married life, the show chronicles her courageous journey as she takes a stand against her in-laws and the custom of dowry, unveiling a poignant tale of resilience and empowerment.

“Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai” launches on 19th February and will air every