16, Dec 2023
National Geographic India’s Upcoming Documentary ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Dives into WIPRO’s Efforts Towards Achieving Net Zero

India, 16th December 2023: The urgency of the climate change crisis is undeniable. It is imperative that we safeguard the world we inherited from our forefathers and preserve it for the future generations. Packed with innovative and inspiring storytelling, National Geographic in India is all set to bring forth the remarkable journey of WIPRO, giving its viewers a glimpse into the company’s commitment in trying to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Premiering on 16th December, at 8 PM on National Geographic Channel, the film titled ‘The Butterfly Effect’ sheds light on the sustainable measures adapted by Wipro to curb the adverse effects of global warming.

In an era marked by industrial progress, where electricity and energy symbolize advancement, the documentary explores the consequences of global warming and climate change. It delves into the consequences of heightened temperatures, unpredictable weather patterns, rising sea levels, and catastrophic heatwaves. While showcasing Wipro’s commitment to attain 100% renewable energy in their campuses by 2030, the short film spotlights the company’s green efforts to address the challenges of today’s climate crisis. The documentary will explore innovative, future-ready solutions such as an underfloor air distribution system for cooling, advancement in designing for efficient energy use, and the recycling of organic waste and water, all aimed at slowing down the climate crisis.

“At National Geographic, we aim to bring forth thought-provoking and insightful stories that enlighten our viewers on the significance of sustainability for a healthy planet. Our constant endeavour is to inspire and encourage our audience to embrace lifestyle changes for a better tomorrow, fostering a collective commitment to safeguarding the planet for future generations. The documentary provides unprecedented access to information, offering viewers a deeper understanding of disruptive measures to achieve sustainability.” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

“The effects of climate change are already evident in our daily lives and increasingly so. Its adverse impacts will unfortunately cascade through to our future generations. As a responsible corporation, we have been working on our climate goals over the last 15 years. We are pleased to collaborate with a credible brand like National Geographic, which has captured the key elements of our sustainability journey in a seamless, well-knit narrative,” said P S Narayan, Global Head, Sustainability & Social Initiatives, Wipro Limited.

Produced by National Geographic Creative Works, ‘The Butterfly Effect’ will premiere on December 16th, 2023, at 8 PM on National Geographic Channel in India.