9, Nov 2023
K Raheja Corp’s #IncludeHer Initiatives: Revolutionizing Workplace Equity with Progressive Women-Centric Policies

Mumbai, November 09: K Raheja Corp, India’s leading Real Estate conglomerate, launches #IncludeHer, a set of progressive policies for its women talent, with the intent of driving workplace equity. The endeavour to launch this is to fortify workplace diversity and inclusion. The initiatives introduce thoughtfully designed policies to meet the evolving needs of women at work. The group launched this initiative across its businesses of Mindspace Business Parks, K Raheja Corp Homes, Chalet Hotels Ltd., and Inorbit Mall.

K Raheja Corp - IncludeHer 3

Recognizing the evolving needs of women talent at the workplace, K Raheja Corp has unveiled two pivotal pillars of support:

Pre-Maternity Support: cognizant of the increasing number of women seeking treatments like IVF, to conceive, K Raheja Corp recognizes the unique challenges they encounter. The Company offers reduced work hours and medical reimbursement of up to 1 lac for hospitalization expenses, demonstrating commitment to meeting employees’ evolving needs.

Official Travel Support: the transition back to work post-maternity can be challenging. The initiative allows women employees to take their child and a caretaker on official trips at the company’s expense for up to 1 year.

In the commitment to offer expectant and young mothers more choice and flexibility, #IncludeHer additionally provides:

· Assistance with adoption expenses, as well as adoption leave of up to 12 weeks from the child’s arrival home.

· 6-month maternity leave, with the option for a recovery leave of up to 45 days in the unfortunate event of a miscarriage or pregnancy termination.

· Dedicated parking space across office locations.

· Option to work from home during the month leading up to the commencement of maternity leave.

· Reduced working hours in the last trimester and for the first month upon returning to work

· Providing a monthly transport allowance until the woman employee begins her maternity leave.

· Partnering with Day Care Centers in proximity to the office to assist mothers with children aged 6 months to 6 years.

· Maintaining unbiased performance appraisals to safeguard career progression, ensuring that maternity breaks have no impact.

· My Saheli, a distinct support system where a colleague from the same team aids the woman employee during her transition, ensuring continuous workflow and personal assistance.

· Facilitating counselling sessions conducted by qualified professionals to promote seamless workplace integration.

The Company keenly focused on the holistic needs of women talent across stages of their career. Some other initiatives include ‘SHEROES’ a program for women leadership development, ‘Re-Launch’ a program to support professionals seeking to return from a career break, and ‘ERGs’ – Employee Resource Groups to foster connections among our female employees.

Chief Human Resource officer Ms. Urvi Aradhya

Speaking on the organization’s consistent focus on diversity and inclusion, Urvi Aradhya, Chief Human Resources Officer, K Raheja Corp stated, “At K Raheja Corp, we deeply value the multifaceted roles women play. With #IncludeHer, we are not merely implementing policies, we are shaping a culture. Our aim is to eliminate the need for our women talent to make a trade-off between personal responsibilities and professional aspirations. Every facet of this initiative has been designed with empathy and insight, ensuring that our female colleagues experience a sense of worth, support, and empowerment at every step of their journey with us.”

With these policies, K Raheja Corp continues its tradition of being at the forefront of providing employee-centric benefits and championing the cause of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.