29, Apr 2023
Brakes India forays into lubricants with the all-new brand Revia

Brakes India forays into lubricants

April 2023: Brakes India, one of the most trusted names in the automotive sector for safety & quality, forays into the lubricants segment, in the all-new Revia brand. Leveraging Brakes India’s strong distribution network and 60+ years of rich legacy, the company is diversifying into the engine oil space catering to both passenger cars and commercial vehicles segments with its newest brand.

S Sujit Nayak, Vice President and Head, Aftermarket Business, Brakes India said, “Established for over 6 decades, Brakes India is known in the automotive industry for safety components from TVS Girling, TVS Apache and TVS Sprinter. We are very excited to launch the engine oil in our new brand – Revia.”

Revia engine oil has a wide product portfolio with 9 grades of engine oil – 5 for Passenger cars and 4 for commercial vehicles. The company also offers the premium fully synthetic range for SUVs and MUVs. Revia 15W40 CK4 engine oil is compliant with latest BS6 norms and caters to all new generation engines.

Speaking of the product range, Sujit explained, “Revia engine oil is formulated to provide maximum engine protection and efficiency under extreme driving conditions. Advanced additives in Revia engine oil like HyperZDP technology for passenger cars and turbo boosters for commercial vehicles, boosts engine longevity and performance.”

Speaking about the scope for growth in this market, Sujit explained, “With growing demand for efficient lubricants, evolving BS standards and growing vehicle population, the engine oil segment is poised for growth.”

29, Apr 2023
Union Cabinet’s approval of the National Medical Devices Policy: Reaction Quote : Trivitron Healthcare

Quote – Dr. GSK Velu, Chairman, and MD of Trivitron Healthcare

Great news for India’s medical device industry! The Union Cabinet has approved the National Medical Devices Policy 2023, fulfilling PM Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of making India not just Atmanirbhar Bharat but also a leading international supplier of medical devices.

This policy will drive accelerated growth, promote innovation, and create new jobs in the sector. With a patient-centric approach, we will ensure medical devices’ quality, safety, and efficacy while making them affordable and accessible to all. Let’s work towards achieving our goal of making India a global leader in medical device manufacturing, with more than 10-12% share over the next 25 years.

Ms. Chandra Ganjoo

Quote – Ms. Chandra Ganjoo, Group Chief Executive Officer, Trivitron Healthcare

I am pleased to see the Indian medical device industry making significant strides in recent times. The Indian government’s vision for the National Medical Devices Policy 2023 is a positive step toward establishing India as a world leader in the medical device industry. The policy aims to make the Indian medical device industry self-reliant and meet patients’ evolving healthcare needs. In addition, it aims to encourage domestic manufacturing, reduce imports, and boost exports, resulting in a substantial expansion of the sector.

At Trivitron Healthcare, we are glad to be a part of this journey toward a stronger, more innovative, and sustainable medical device industry in India. We strive to continue providing world-class medical devices that cater to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, both in India and globally.

29, Apr 2023
Work-life balance at the forefront: Balancehero India implements an unlimited leave policy

29 April 2023 | Noida – In recognition of the World Day of Health and Safety at Work, Balancehero India, a digital lending company with an NBFC and PPI license, has announced several new initiatives to prioritize the well-being of its employees. Notably, it has become one of the first companies in the fintech ecosystem to offer an unlimited leave policy to its employees, emphasizing its commitment to creating a safe and healthy work environment. By prioritizing the health and safety of its employees, Balancehero India aims to lead the industry in promoting a positive work-life balance.

In addition to providing unlimited leaves, Balancehero India has also introduced a range of employee programs, including flexible working hours and a hybrid working model, as well as team bonding programs like “The TB Way.” These programs are designed to make the workplace more flexible, supportive, and rewarding, allowing employees to work in a way that best suits their needs and responsibilities outside of work.

Balancehero India has also started the “Ways of Working” program, or “WOW,” designed to make new employees feel welcome, comfortable, and supported from day one. From the Buddy Program to the New Joiners Team Lunch, Balancehero India is committed to making sure every employee feels valued and included. “The TB Way is”, a quarterly team bonding program designed to boost morale, increase team bonding, and let employees unwind and have fun. Finally, the ACE (Aiding Career Enhancement) Program is designed to help employees grow and develop professionally. The program provides opportunities for career advancement and personal growth, giving employees the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Gaurav Sharma, CHRO o

Commenting on the developments, Gaurav Sharma, CHRO of Balancehero India, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to its employees, stating, “At Balancehero India, our employees are our top priority, and we believe that fostering a supportive and adaptable work culture is key to their success. As pioneers in our field, we take great pride in being one of the first organizations in the fintech ecosystem to introduce an unlimited leave policy. Through these initiatives, we are confident that our team members will have a positive impact, leading to job satisfaction and productivity, making it a desirable workplace for top talent.

In an era where work-life balance has become increasingly important, Balancehero India’s focus on its employees’ well-being is a commendable step. By introducing employee programs that support flexible work arrangements, career advancement opportunities, and team bonding, the company is setting an example for the industry to follow. Lastly, the company places a strong emphasis on caring for its stakeholders. This is evident from the organization’s past CSR initiative, the Sahayk Programme, which aimed at providing upskilling opportunities to 1,000 young Indians. This initiative is aligned with the government’s “Digital India” campaign and highlights the company’s dedication to creating a positive impact in the community.

29, Apr 2023
United270 Global launches new campaign for GenZ fashion e-commerce brand Virgio

Bangalore, April 29, 2023: United270 Global, a web2 to web3 creative agency has launched a fresh campaign for GenZ fashion e-commerce brand Virgio. Titled “Your Vibe Your Tribe”, the influencers campaign conceptualized & executed by United270 Global celebrates the power of being yourself and the possibility of inspiring others along the way with your self-assurance.

Positioned to resonate with the vibrant Gen-Z of today, Virgio has launched its first brand film which features five diverse individuals who through their fashion preferences showcase their personal style and life choices – much like expression through art. In the film, each character is visibly different from the next – from how they look, to their demeanor and their personalities. They are shown going about their day, tackling daily challenges and tasks. Through visual keys, this film urges people to carve their paths, live on their terms, and make their decisions for themselves – independent of the societal norms designed to limit them.

Virgio is a homegrown, deep-tech fast fashion brand that brings trendy fashion solutions to the youth of today, who come with unique styles, colorful personalities, and revolutionary ideas. Among multiple agencies, United270 Global emerged as the perfect choice that aligned with the brand’s Gen-Z-centric approach and creative outlook. United270 Global was entrusted with the responsibility of creating a memorable campaign that highlights what the brand stands for. The communication lab will also eventually be leading the brand’s gradual integration and transition into Web3 – the sustainable way of the future.

Commenting on the campaign, Jeff Emmanuel – Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, United270 Global said “We pride ourselves in the type of campaigns that we take on – usually featuring dynamic characters, strong messaging and future-first ideas. Virgio’s brand voice is in line with our ethos – expression and innovation. Counting on our young dynamic team was the key to building this narrative and speaking the brand language through design & storytelling. We were happy to be a part of this engagement as we saw potential in one day assisting a transition into the future – Web3. In the world of client-agency – we were able to collaborate to create this together. We believe “human to human” aspects become key, for any brand to start its journey. “

“We have also looked to expand our services with the Gen-Z focused brands which become key to transform brands to stay relevant & engage with consumers, through our parallel Virtual fashion setup Adamevefamily which focuses on sustainability tech for the brands who are keen on building communities.” Where we are merging AI into virtual influencers/models to be the brand custodians adds Jeff.

“United270 Global in the past has worked with similar brands that are targeted towards the youth of today – the infamous Gen Z. Right from the people we involved in creating the films to the types of characters we built the film around; all were extremely relatable to the young target audience. We saw great potential in challenging norms, especially after the tech got introduced to fashion and saw a shift to the online world post-pandemic. With this campaign and the lens through which Virgio perceives things, it will be on the same page as many leading global brands in no time.” said Sanjay Parashar – Chief Business Officer, United270 Global.

“Virgio is a brand for tomorrow – we champion individuality and unapologetic self-expression. We aimed to execute a campaign that declared our message loud and clear, and together with United270 Global we created the ‘Your Vibe Your Tribe’ campaign. We commend the collective effort by the team in not just understanding the requirement and delivering, but also building on the initial brief and bringing the idea to life – right from the film, print, digital content executions, and digital brand communication design. Great campaigns make brands memorable and in association with United270 Global, we aimed to send a strong message that we are also deeply rooted in – individuality and expression. We look forward to our association with them and doing great work together.” said a spokesperson from Virgio.

29, Apr 2023
Medical Value Travel Awards 2023: FICCI honours top hospitals across India for excellence in healthcare

Medical Value Travel Awards 2023

New Delhi, 29th April 2023 – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) felicitated
several hospitals and medical facilitators across India for their outstanding contributions to the field of healthcare. The Medical Value Travel Awards 2023 (MVTA 2023) ceremony was held in recognition of the growing trend of medical tourism and the importance of providing quality medical care to patients from around the world.

Among the winners of the Medical Value Travel Awards 2023 was Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Centre in Kottakal in the category of Ayurveda and Wellness Centre, which was recognised for its excellence in ayurvedic treatments and research. Shinon Healthcare, in the category of medical facilitator, was honoured for its exceptional services in arranging medical travel for patients.

Medanta Hospital, Fortis Escorts Heart and Research Institute – Okhla, and Apollo Cancer Institute – Chennai were recognised for their excellence in the categories of cardiology (cardiac surgery), cardiology (interventional cardiology) and radiation oncology, respectively. Similarly, the Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon was felicitated for its excellence in neurosciences, medical oncology, surgical oncology, and transplant–bone marrow.

Krishna Shalby Hospital was also recognized for its exceptional services in orthopaedics joint replacement, while Artemis Hospital was awarded for its excellence in spine surgery. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals was honoured for its exceptional services in transplants – kidney. Fortis Escorts Heart and Research Institute in Okhla, New Delhi was recognised for its excellence in pediatric cardiac sciences, cardiology, and cardiac surgery. Fortis Hospital – Noida was awarded for its excellence in transplant – liver.

Last but not least, the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences was given a special jury recognition during the FICCI-led award ceremony. EY (Ernst & Young) was the process advisor for the MVTA 2023, which was instrumental in finalizing the winners for different categories of awards.

Among the dignitaries who spoke on the occasion were Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Col. (Dr.) Dhani Ram Shandil; Mr Lav Agarwal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India; Mr Gopal Krishna, Special Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India; EY Partner Mr Amiya Swarup and others.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Mr Lav Agarwal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, said: “It is an honour to be here today to celebrate the FICCI Medical Value Travel Awards 2023. I am delighted to be part of this prestigious award ceremony.”

The Medical Value Travel Awards recognize the top hospitals across India that have shown excellence in the healthcare sector. These awards recognize the hard work and dedication of the hospitals to provide high-quality healthcare services to the people of India.

Medical Value Travel Awards are a great way to acknowledge and encourage the healthcare industry’s efforts. It is also a great way to motivate doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to strive for excellence in their field.

“Today, we are recognizing the achievements of some of the leading hospitals in India, which have made a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of our citizens. We recognize and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the healthcare sector,” he said.

Mr Agarwal said: “The Medical Value Travel Awards is a great platform to showcase the best practices in the healthcare sector. I am sure that the hospitals that have been recognised today will continue to set a benchmark in providing quality healthcare services to the people of India. I congratulate all the award winners for their outstanding work and I wish them all the best.”

Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Col. (Dr.) Dhani Ram Shandil said, “All fraternity and stakeholders present here, we all want humanity to be free from any disease. Travel and health combined together can improve the economy of India.”

Election Commissioner for the Union Territories Mr Sudhanshu Pandey said: “In 2015, we started MVT organisation, exhibition, and reverse buyer-seller reach and we wanted things to be taken over by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It gives us a lot of confidence that the trust we have built in this world; we have honoured that.”

EY partner Mr Amiya Swarup said, “We implemented a rigorous process in finalizing the winners for the awards in various categories and through Medical Value Travel Awards 2023, we are recognizing India’s finest healthcare service providers.”

The Medical Value Travel Awards 2023 is a testament to the growing importance of medical tourism in the global healthcare industry. These hospitals and medical facilitators have set the bar high for quality medical care and have demonstrated their commitment in providing exceptional services to patients from around the world.

29, Apr 2023
IESA Annual Members Meet 2023: Shaping the Future of Electronics and Semiconductors in India

IESA Annual Members Meet 2023

Bangalore, 29 April 2023: The Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) congregated all its esteemed members at its Annual Members Meet 2023. The event was organized on April 27, at the Conrad Bengaluru. The event served as an excellent platform for members to gain insights into the present plans, and progress metrics, and actively contribute to strategizing the future trajectory of IESA.

The Annual Members Meet is an important event in the IESA calendar. The gathering brings together industry leaders, innovators, and key stakeholders from the electronics and semiconductor sector. The convention provides a unique opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and collectively work toward the growth and development of the industry.

Speaking about the event, Sanjay Gupta, Chairman IESA said, “We are thrilled to have hosted the IESA Annual Members Meet 2023 and invite all our esteemed members to attend. This annual event is an excellent opportunity for us to share our progress, plans and vision for the future of the electronics and semiconductor industry in India. Our members’ participation in strategizing the future trajectory of IESA is vital for us to achieve our mission of making India a global leader in the ESDM industry. With prominent speakers providing valuable insights and engaging in stimulating discussions on current trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry, we are confident that our members will find the event quite enlightening.”

The participants got a chance to engage with prominent speakers, thought leaders, and experts who shared their knowledge and experiences on the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics. The event also featured interactive sessions, and networking opportunities thereby facilitating meaningful conversations and fostering partnerships within the ESDM industry in India.

29, Apr 2023
Tamilnadu Petroproducts was awarded India’s First BIS Certification under IS 12795: 2020 for high-quality LAB Production

May 29, 2023, Chennai: Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited (TPL), part of the petrochemicals division of Singapore-headquartered AM International Holdings (AMIH) and among India’s leading manufacturers of industrial intermediate chemicals, is the first company in the country to have it’s Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) certified under IS 12795: 2020. The company was recently honored for this feat at the prestigious All India First License – Award Ceremony in Chennai. The event was conducted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

As the National Standard Body of India, the BIS is the largest of all Indian certification bodies and plays a significant role in the country’s standardization, marking, and quality certification of goods. While the BIS certification is voluntary, compliance to these is made compulsory by the Central Government for select products under various considerations, viz. public interest, protection of human, animal, or plant health, the safety of the environment, prevention of unfair trade practices, and national security.

Congratulating the company on the recognition, Mr. Ashwin Muthiah, Vice Chairman of TPL and Founder-Chairman, of AM International, said, “At TPL, we take pride in being an industry leader committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers. The recognition by BIS demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the highest manufacturing standards and continuously investing in R&D and innovation. The team’s dedication and hard work have enabled us to serve our customers and build long-term relationships.”

LAB is one such product that requires compulsory compliance with the standards stipulated by the BIS. According to the provisions of The Linear Alkyl Benzene (Quality Control) Order, 2021, only LAB manufacturers with ISI 2795:2020 certification can sell their products in the Indian markets. The certificate is a means to provide a third-party guarantee of the quality, safety, and reliability of products to customers.

The demand for LAB is rising in India due to the growing awareness through government initiatives such as the Swachh Bharat Mission. Other factors include changing lifestyles due to a considerable increase in per capita disposable income. It has led to the detergent manufacturing industry’s growth, further boosting the demand for LAB in the country.

LAB is a crucial raw material for manufacturing synthetic detergents and industrial cleaners. TPL is India’s leading manufacturer of LAB and the only producer in South India. Around 40% of the fabric detergents used in Indian households constitute TPL’s products. Its ‘Superlab brand is among the most trusted LAB brands in the country today. The compliance under IS 12795: 2020 further establishes the company as the preferred partner for the industries having LAB applications.

29, Apr 2023
Mission to Empower Teens With Financial Knowledge

Mission to Empower Teens With Financial Knowledge

Mumbai, April 29, 2023: Shaurya Kabra, a 17-year-old bright youngster, has taken up the admirable initiative of launching his book, Ek Prayaas, at a very young age. Recently, he distributed his book at Raajyakeey Uchch Praathamik Vidyaalay Manda in Ajmer to create awareness about financial literacy among students. This is one of the many projects Shaurya has undertaken to promote financial literacy in India, and to date, he has distributed 65,000 books among children in various cities.

The book, originally written in English, has been translated into Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil, and distributed in schools in different states, such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. “Half of India’s rural population lacks financial knowledge, has limited access to information, and is unbanked. We recognized that financial inclusion would instill the habit of saving and investing, provide unbanked people with access to formal funding, and reduce their vulnerability to economic shocks,” says Shaurya. “Recognizing the importance of educating them from a young age, I decided to take the first step with my book. It uses simple language, story formats, fairy tales, interactive crossword puzzles, and activities to help rural and tribal populations understand and engage. Schools have added it to the curriculum.” further added by Shaurya.

Through this book, Shaurya attempts to share his financial knowledge and that of experts in the field. Shaurya has strong views on financial literacy and is a boy on a mission with immense “prayers” (efforts). The idea behind the book is to teach people about financial opportunities and increase their understanding of investments and how to grow their money.

29, Apr 2023
Mothers Day 2023 : 5 Smart Wearables That Every Mom Should Have in Her Collection

29 April 2023  As a mom, keeping track of your health and that of your children can be a daunting task. Fortunately, smart wearables have made it easier to monitor your health and that of your children. Here are 5 smart wearables that every mom should have in her collection:

  1. Apple Watch Series 6: The latest addition to Apple’s popular smartwatch lineup, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers advanced health tracking features such as blood oxygen monitoring and ECG readings. It also includes GPS tracking, cellular connectivity, and the ability to stream music and podcasts
  2. Fitbit Versa 3: The Fitbit Versa 3 is a smartwatch that helps you track your fitness goals, monitor your heart rate, and manage stress. It also has a built-in GPS that allows you to track your runs and walks without carrying your phone.
  3.  PLAYFIT DIAL: If the person is a fitness enthusiast, this is the perfect gift. One of the most cost-effective options on this list is PLAYFIT DIAL, a one-of-its-kind smartwatch, integrated with features like a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, and others. The PLAYFIT DIAL is also dust and water-resistant and boasts an IPS display with numerous configurable watch faces. This smart device will help them to stay healthy and fit with incredibly awesome features.
  4.  Garmin Forerunner 245: This watch is great for runners, as it provides advanced running dynamics, including VO2 max and training status. It also has built-in GPS and a range of other fitness-tracking features, as well as smart notifications and music storage
  5.  Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: This watch is a great choice for Android users, with a range of health and fitness features, including body composition analysis and advanced sleep tracking. It also has a bright AMOLED display and a sleek design.

In conclusion, these smart wearables can help you and your family stay healthy and active. With features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and sleep tracking, they are an excellent investment for any mom who wants to stay on top of their health and fitness goals.

29, Apr 2023
Massive Investment Opportunities for both Start-ups and Conglomerates in the Tourism Industry, noted Shri G. Kishan Reddy, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Culture and DoNER

Mumbai, 29 April 2023: The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India organise a roadshow with the aim of raising awareness among stakeholders in the Travel and Tourism Industry about the upcoming first Global Tourism Investors’ Summit. The roadshow was chaired by Shri G. Kishan Reddy, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Culture and DoNER, along with Mr. Rakesh Kumar Verma, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Tourism.

Key dignitaries from the ministry including Sh Saurabh Vijay, Principal Secretary, Maharashtra, Sh. Hareet Shukla, Secretary Tourism, Gujarat, Sh. Vivek Shrotriya, Add. Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh, Sh. Pawan Jain, Joint Director, Rajasthan also attended and expressed their views during the event.

Addressing attendees at the roadshow, Shri G. Kishan Reddy, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Culture and DoNER, said, “Considering the plethora of experiences the Indian tourism industry offers, such as wellness tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, rural tourism, spiritual tourism and several others, both the State and Central Governments recognise the role that tourism can play in driving economic growth. Therefore, private investment,
particularly in hotels and other tourism-related infrastructure, is critical.”

The roadshow had a wide representation from the Ministry of Tourism as it attracted the participation of eminent industry leaders from the world of travel, tourism, and hospitality. Prominent industry leaders including Mr. Vishal Kamat, Co-Chair, CII WR Sub Committee on Tourism and Hospitality, CEO, Kamat Hotels India Limited, Mr. Anuraag Bhatnagar, CEO, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, Cdr Nevil Malao, VSM (Retd), Vice President Head – Cruise & Navy Cell, J. M. Baxi & Co., Mr. Dhimant Bakshi, CEO, Imagica, Mr. Santhosh Kutty, CEO – Hotels, Mahindra Hotels and Resorts graced the event with their presence.

Expressing his gratitude to all attendees, Shri Reddy added that, inspired by the ambitious vision of the honourable Prime Minister, the government is working dedicatedly towards the sustained growth and promotion of tourism in India. Various initiatives are being undertaken to provide both domestic and inbound tourists with the most memorable experiences.

In addition to promoting the summit, the roadshow also provided an opportunity for the Ministry of Tourism to gather feedback from industry stakeholders and address any concerns or questions they had.

The primary goal of the upcoming Global Tourism Investors’ Summit is to highlight India’s Travel and Tourism Sector as an “Ideal Investment Destination” and give investors as well as the Central and State Governments a unified forum to explore investment opportunities. The participating states will have the opportunity to showcase strengths and unique offerings in terms of investible ready projects in the states to attract investments for tourism infrastructure. The summit is also expected to facilitate meaningful discussions and collaborations between the government and the private sector to promote the speedy growth and development of India’s tourism industry.

The first Global Tourism Investors’ Summit (GTIS) 2023 is being organized in partnership with Invest India as the Investment Promotion and Facilitation partner, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as the Industry Partner, with an objective of providing a common platform for global and domestic players to interact and explore investment opportunities in the Indian travel and hospitality sector. The summit offers an opportune platform for investors from the G20 countries to explore the Indian tourism industry products among other areas of bilateral/multilateral engagements.