30, Jun 2023
Biz Staffing Comrade to host HR Conclave – Biz Connect in Bangalore
L-R_Puneet Arora & Jasvinder Bedi, Managing Partner, Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd
L-R_Puneet Arora & Jasvinder Bedi, Managing Partner, Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd

Bangalore, June 30, 2023: Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd, a renowned name in the HR realm which provides a wide range of recruitment and selection services to diverse companies will be hosting a HR Conclave – Biz Connect at Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road on July 07, 2023. This specially curated event will consist of multiple sessions with eminent TA & HR experts from across industries with themes such as – Embracing a strategic approach to talent acquisition (TA) in today’s business environment, Unveiling the best practices in building long-term talent pools, Identifying, and overcoming the challenges along the way amongst others. The event will also have discussions around the impending recession, layoffs and challenges faced by HR leaders, companies and employees.

Shubhra Bhandari

The event and the roundtable discussion will be moderated by Shubhra Bhandari, a highly accomplished HR professional with a remarkable track record. She has around 2 decades of experience across leading technology and consumer organizations. Her presence has inspired and empowered many to drive positive change in the HR ecosystem.

Speaking on the event, Puneet Arora, Managing Partner, Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd said, “This event will offer an opportunity for HR professionals to gain insight from renowned industry experts and engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers. Today, organizations across the globe find themselves at the crossroads of the next big technology disruption. The event is expected to deliberate on how Talent Acquisition and HR can play a significant role during this macro economics.”

Over the years, the role of the talent acquisition function has changed considerably from a traditional number focused inward function to a highly quality focused outward function to achieve the organization’s broader goals. TA is now responsible for so much more within this space, from talent information to internal mobility and retention and tends to focus on long-term human resources planning.

“Considering the increased focus on people capability and the asymmetric talent war in the market the role of Talent Acquisition has become critical to organizations. Biz Connect will provide networking and knowledge sharing extravaganza and an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights, and discover the latest trends in the field of rapidly-evolving HR landscape from eminent professionals and experts.” said Jasvinder Bedi, Managing Partner, Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd.


Overall, the conclave will see participation from top – notch talent acquisition and HR leaders, ensuring an intimate and engaging experience for everyone involved in this extraordinary occasion and promises to be an event of valuable knowledge exchange.


30, Jun 2023
Commonwealth Secretary-General to attend CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago

Commonwealth Secretary-General

Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC, will attend the Conference of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Port-of-Spain from 3 to 5 July 2023 as a special guest.

This year marks 50 years since the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas in Trinidad and Tobago in 1973, which led to the establishment of the Caribbean Community. The next week’s meeting will officially launch CARICOM’s 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Speaking ahead of her visit, the Commonwealth Secretary-General commended the achievements of the organisation, stating:

“CARICOM came together 50 years ago to enhance the connections, well-being, prosperity and security of Caribbean countries and their citizens. Those objectives were prescient then, and now, half a century later, they are more important than ever.”

She added:

“The Commonwealth’s partnership with CARICOM spans over the past 50 years, and today, our co-operation on a wide array of initiatives is more comprehensive than ever before.”

In Trinidad and Tobago, the Secretary-General will engage with Caribbean leaders, seeking their perspectives and collaborating on strategies to provide more tailored and practical assistance to the region.

She will also update leaders on preparations for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled to take place in Samoa from 21 October 2024.

With 12 of the 15 CARICOM members also being part of the Commonwealth, the Secretary-General emphasised the importance of strengthening the collaboration between the two organisations.

She will highlight the targeted assistance being provided by the Secretariat to the region, particularly through the Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub. As of June 2023, the hub has helped secure over US $52 million in climate finance for Commonwealth member countries in the Caribbean.

During the conference, Secretary-General Scotland will reaffirm the Commonwealth’s unwavering commitment to championing the concerns and interests of small states on the global stage, with a focus on urgent climate action and advocating for a new global financing system that addresses the needs of the small and vulnerable.

In particular, she will draw attention to the significant gap between the ambitious climate finance pledges and the limited funding actually being disbursed to help developing countries to tackle climate change.

Secretary-General Scotland said:

“We cannot stand by as small and vulnerable states drown in rising seas and suffocate under crushing debt. Small states, least responsible for climate change, suffer a double injustice – enduring the devastating aftermath of disasters and grappling with exorbitant borrowing costs for recovery.”

She further highlighted the resilience of the Caribbean region, stating:

“For decades, when it has been faced with the worst, Caribbean leaders have shown their best. They have led the world on the issues of the day, and they have shown their true power as a united voice for those who are in need.”

Acknowledging the recent announcements made at the Paris Climate Finance Summit as “important steps in a much longer journey”, the Secretary-General added that after advocacy from the Commonwealth and the Caribbean, spearheaded by the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Hon Mia Mottley, with the support of other regional leaders, the reforms to multilateral lending practices are now being seriously considered.

There is hope, she added, that these will be amended to reflect the realities of the climate crisis and the disproportionate impact on vulnerable states.

This CARICOM conference is convened under the chairmanship of the Hon Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica – the Commonwealth Secretary-General’s country of birth.

Following the CARICOM conference, the Secretary-General will embark on an official visit to The Bahamas to take part in the country’s celebrations for the 50th anniversary of independence.

30, Jun 2023
AI presents enormous opportunities, but human-like AI decades away: ReDi Digital Dialogue

ReDi Dialogue 2023

30th June 2023, Ahmedabad: Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous potential and opportunities in multiple areas, but human-like AI is still decades away, industry veteran Sunil Parekh said at the ReDi Digital Dialogue 2023 on Friday.

ReDi (Responsibly Digital), a social initiative aimed at promoting responsible digital behaviour, celebrated World Social Media Day on June 30 with the 11th annual edition of ReDi Digital Dialogue. Key thought leaders shared their thoughts at a workshop and panel discussions on two very interesting and relevant subjects organised as a part of the event.

ReDi Digital Dialogue 2023 centred around the theme “AI: Generative or Degenerative?”, a reflection of the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence in our lives. “AI has been around for a very long time but it has now been put in everyone’s hands with tools like ChatGPT. This has awakened our realisation of AI’s immense technological possibilities and it can be used for doing human tasks like passing exams, writing jingles, guiding robots, and much more. But, we also need to understand the risks associated with AI very seriously,” Mr Parekh, industry veteran and founding curator of Ahmedabad Global Shapers, said in his keynote address.

He said defence, retail, finance and BFSI, healthcare, education, preventive maintenance, city management, and precision agriculture are some of the areas where AI has enormous opportunities, but noted that the concerns over job losses due to AI are overestimated.Mr Parekh also said that human-like AI is decades away. “Humans have emotions, machines don’t. We initiate new things, we reflect, we hope, and we create. We are irrational, machines aren’t. We have the sense of good or bad. Machines can never have these. They can only duplicate what we think,” he said further.

Explaining the mission of ReDi, its Co-founder Shailesh Goyal, said, “ReDi was established with the vision of making people realise the importance of utilising the power of digital media responsibly. There has been a jump in the use of AI-powered tools, which is why the theme of the event revolves around AI. AI has been integrated into many tools, leading to enhanced levels of creativity and faster delivery across applications.”

Sahil Shah, Founder of Netsavvies Media Co. and Hungrito, set the tone for the event with an interactive workshop on “60 AI Tools in Under 90 Minutes”, providing the participants with hands-on experience with various AI applications.

Two engaging panel discussions were also organised as a part of the ReDi Digital Dialogue. The first, titled “Navigating in The Emerging AI Landscape,” featured Kamal Bansal, Managing Director of GVFL, Aashesh Shaah, CEO of Fusion Informatics, and Jaydip Binniwale, Co-founder and CTO of Downtown Club as esteemed panellists. Amit Saluja, Senior Director and Centre Head at Gandhinagar CoE at NASSCOM moderated the session.

The second panel discussion, “The Future of AI & Its Impact on Future Jobs & Organisations,” brought together M Nagarajan, Mehsana district collector, Ayaz Saiyed, Head of AI/ML at Yudiz Solutions, Deeksha Devendra, Co-founder of Virtual Slaps, and Jyoti Sudhir, Co-founder and Chief Strategist of InventIndia, to share their perspectives on the implications of AI on the job market and organisations. Kumar Manish, Co-founder ReDi, moderated the discussion.

The ReDi Digital Dialogue witnessed active participation from communication specialists, academicians, social media experts, brands, marketing professionals, influencers, social media marketers, students, and other attendees.

The event provided an invaluable platform for industry experts, thought leaders and stakeholders to discuss the responsible use of AI and its impact on society. With 100+ speakers, 2,500+ participants, and over 20 million digital impressions, in the first 10 editions of the Digital Dialogue, ReDi remains committed to promoting digital literacy and responsible digital behaviour to ensure a positive and inclusive digital future.

30, Jun 2023
Dfns Announces Hire of Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Business Development and Sales

New York, NY, June 30, 2023 – Dfns, wallet infrastructure and security firm for Web3, announced the appointment of its new Chief Technology Officer, Noah Cornwell, and Vice President of Business Development and Sales, John Conneely, to guide the continued expansion of the company.

Chief Technology Officer Noah Cornwell joins Dfns following nearly seven years at cryptocurrency exchange and custodian Gemini, where he served as Vice President of Engineering. Cornwell’s financial technology expertise includes positions with MIK Fund Services and Boston Technologies Inc. As Dfns develops new wallet-as-a-service solutions for B2B and B2B2C organizations, Cornwell’s in-depth understanding of enterprise organizations’ fintech priorities will significantly aid the company’s strategic developments.

“Dfns is transforming the digital world as we know it by leveraging the potential of decentralized technologies,” said Cornwell. “I look forward to driving technology strategy, inspiring innovation, and leading a remarkable team dedicated to making it safe and simple for developers to build and launch compliance friendly wallet infrastructure products.”

John Conneely brings five years of experience steering the growth of institutional custody offerings at leading blockchain and cryptocurrency firms including Genesis and Bakkt. John will enable the successful continuation and expansion of Dfns’ partnerships as he leads new business and sales initiatives. Conneely serves as a pivotal leader for Dfns’ work to address misconceptions such as the commonly held sentiment of “not your keys, not your crypto,” and provide necessary education surrounding cryptocurrency wallet custodianship. John will be instrumental in developing partnerships for Dfns, aiming to grow our perpetually growing list of clients.

“Digital asset wallets have evolved significantly over the past 6 years, however there are still significant gaps that need to be addressed if as an industry we look to on board the next billion plus crypto users,” said Conneely. “Dfns, with its industry leading MPC technology as well as innovative and programmable APIs, are laser focused in helping banks, NFT platforms, neobanks and more, in abstracting away all the complexities of key management so that our clients can focus on what matters most, user experience.”

“We are thrilled to announce Noah as our new CTO and John as our global Vice President of Business Development and Sales,” said Clarisse Hagège, CEO of Dfns. “Noah and John have impressive careers with proven track records of strong leadership, dedicating their expertise to the growth of innovative businesses leading the blockchain industry. Bringing Noah and John to the Dfns team will allow us to continue offering new user and developer-friendly solutions without sacrificing wallet security.”

The announcement follows significant developments from the firm in recent months, including Dfns’ partnership with Cryptosat to launch the first-ever Space Wallet, and the introduction of its self-custodial wallet-as-a-service solution which leverages biometric technology for secure, user-friendly wallet management. Dfns is continuing to expand its network of integrated blockchains, clients leveraging its secure wallet-as-a-service APIs, and solutions offered in its mission to provide maximum security through seedless wallets.

30, Jun 2023
Posh Nosh Bar & Kitchen Unveils Exciting New Menu to Delight Food Enthusiasts

POsh Nosh- New Menu Launch

Hyderabad: June 30th, 2023: Posh Nosh, a lively bar and kitchen the renowned culinary destination known for its exquisite dining experience, is thrilled to announce the launch of its New Menu. This culinary wonderland promises a fascinating voyage for your taste buds with an enhanced menu featuring tantalising cuisines across India (Telangana, AP, TN, Kerala, and Karnataka), Asia, Italy, and Continental Europe. This will enable you to have a distinctive native eating experience and raise the dining experience.

With a focus on culinary innovation, exceptional flavors, and the use of premium ingredients, the revamped menu is set to tantalize the taste buds of food enthusiasts and elevate the dining experience to new heights.

Try the new menu to give your taste buds the finest experience, which includes ‘Soups & Salads’ covering all the taste buds such as, Mushroom & Broccoli Soup, Tom yam Shrimp, Gosht ka marag, ( Salads) Crapes, Black Rice Salad,

The starters include foods like (Veg) kung pao broccoli, Tandoori flowreds cheese cotted nuts, Chilli corn pokoda (Non –Veg) Double cooked crispy Korean chicken, , Charcoal roasted prawns, Pulled Chicken tikka, Nellore Chapala fry, Gongura chicken ghee roast, Trio toast, Pesto fish, to name a few.

In the Mains (Veg) Thai Red curry with Jasmin rice, Vegetable Pulao, Veg Biryani, Panne Pomodoro, Herb Oil, Parmesan crisp (Non-Veg) Butter Chicken Masala , Laccha parata, Kodi Pulao, Murgh dum Biryani, Spaghetti Bolognese, mascarpone cheese. Leaving on a sweet note with classic Gulab Jamun, Rava Laddu, Double ka meetha, Chocolate brownie with ice cream.

Inspired by Regional culinary trends and the changing seasons, the new menu at Posh Nosh Bar & Kitchen boasts a tantalizing array of dishes meticulously crafted by our team of talented chefs. Each dish showcases the finest ingredients sourced from local farmers and trusted suppliers, ensuring an unrivaled freshness and quality.

Speaking on this Mr. Sai Mohan Nallam, Managing Partner, Posh Nosh said, “We are delighted to introduce our new menu, which reflects our commitment to culinary excellence and creating memorable dining experiences for our esteemed guests. Inspired by Regional culinary trends and the changing seasons, the new menu at Posh Nosh Bar & Kitchen boasts a tantalizing array of dishes meticulously crafted by our team of talented chefs. Each dish showcases the finest ingredients sourced from local farmers and trusted suppliers, ensuring an unrivaled freshness and quality. We have taken great care in curating a selection of dishes that blend innovative flavors, unique techniques, and artful presentation to cater to the diverse palates of our patrons.”

Adding more to it Chef Srinath, Executive Chef Posh Nosh, known for the global Cuisine, said, “I am overjoyed to unveil Posh Nosh Bar & Kitchen’s new menu. Each meal has been carefully prepared to highlight the best ingredients and flavours as the pinnacle of my passion for culinary creativity. I welcome our visitors to embark on a culinary adventure and experience the harmonic fusion of creativity, skill, and flavour that is in store for them. Be prepared to be delighted and inspired.

30, Jun 2023
APAI Pre-Counselling Fair 2023 Opens its door, Paving the Way for Engineering and Technical Education Advancements in West Bengal

APAI Pre-Counselling Fair 2023

Kolkata, 30th June 2023: Association of Professional Academic Institutions, West Bengal (APAI) inaugurated its three-day long Pre-Counselling for e-Admission in Engineering & Technical Education – ‘ APAI Pre-Counselling Fair 2023’ on 30th June, 2023 at Netaji Indoor Stadium. The inaugural event was graced by Janab Firhad Hakim, Hon’ble Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Babul Supriyo, MIC, Electronics & Information Technology, Government of West Bengal, Sovandeb Chattopadhyay, Minister for Agriculture, Government of West Bengal, Purnendu Basu, Chairperson, West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education, S. M. Ejaz Ahmed, Director, BOPT, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, Prof. Indranil Mukherjee, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, MAKAUT, Government of West Bengal, Dr. Malayendu Saha, Chairman, WBJEEB, Prof. Sonali Chakravarti Banerjee, Vice- Chairman, WBJEEB along with Satyam Roychowdhury, General Secretary APAI, West Bengal, Taranjit Singh, President APAI, West Bengal and Alok Tibrewal, Treasurer APAI, West Bengal.

APAI Pre-Counselling Fair 2023

The Pre-Counselling fair, with its comprehensive approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, serves as a stepping stone for ambitious students in West Bengal, enabling them to embark on a path of success and contribute significantly to the development and progress of the nation. The initiative has garnered support and recognition from esteemed organizations such as the Higher Education Department of the Government of West Bengal, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, and the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE). Their endorsement underscores the credibility and importance of this exposition. By bringing together renowned academic institutions, industry experts, and professionals, the fair serves as a platform for aspiring students to explore various educational opportunities and make informed decisions about their career paths. Additionally, the fair provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with representatives from various academic institutions, inquire about admission procedures, curriculum offerings, and explore scholarship opportunities. This direct engagement allows aspiring students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the available options and make well-informed choices regarding their educational journey.

Janab Firhad Hakim, Hon’ble Mayor of Kolkata Municipal Corporation said, “During my school days, a joint entrance examination was conducted, but the resulting list contained only a handful of names. Consequently, we all pursued college studies in subjects for which we had no alternative options. However, the contemporary landscape has evolved significantly, and credit is due to the private sector and the Joint Entrance Council for paving the way for diverse opportunities. The advent of a well-organized sector has set specific targets in motion. Consequently, I earnestly implore students and their parents to attend this pre-counseling session to determine the most suitable subjects for their future endeavors. Indeed, every student requires guidance and counseling in their life journey. The current scenario offers a plethora of subject choices, rendering the pursuit of a single subject futile. Notably, West Bengal now boasts numerous emerging prospects, such as the burgeoning Silicon Valley and the establishment of a data hub. Moreover, the presence of a TCS campus, accommodating up to 50 thousand professionals, further amplifies the possibilities. To all, I would emphasize the importance of steadfastly maintaining one’s goals and forging ahead with determination.”

Sovandeb Chattopadhyay, Minister for Agriculture, Government of West Bengal said, “Gratitude is extended to APAI for orchestrating this commendable pre-counseling session, facilitating invaluable guidance to students on charting their trajectory towards a prosperous future. For those fortunate enough to partake in this initiative, the prospects of advancing on a path replete with opportunities are significantly enhanced. With optimism, it is anticipated that the continuity of such endeavors will prove to be both expedient and propitious.”

Dr. Malayendu Saha, Chairman, WBJEEB, said, “This year’s joint entrance examination had 124,000 registrations and 101,000 students who took the exam, resulting in over 97,000 students receiving rankings. Preparations are underway for the allotment or e-counseling process, with the timing being a primary concern. Once we receive the seat matrix from the Director of Technical Education Higher Education, counseling can start within five days, as the Joint Entrance Board has completed its procedures. This year’s counseling will have three rounds and new features. A designated time interval between choice filling and choice locking allows students to review a mock allotment of their likely seat. Students can modify their choices in the first round if they are dissatisfied with their allocated subject. This flexibility benefits students, who can then participate in the upgradation round and the mop-up round. Both registered and non-registered students can participate in counseling, with notifications in Bengali and English emphasizing the need to read and understand the provided information. Students are encouraged to maximize their choices and stay updated on the joint entrance website. Increasing the number of engineering students is expected to contribute to the overall development of the state and the country.”

Taranjit Singh, President, APAI, West Bengal said, “We are thrilled to inaugurate the APAI Pre-Counselling Fair 2023, which symbolizes our collective dedication to nurturing the talents of young individuals who aspire to excel in the fields of engineering and technical education. Through this fair, we strive to provide an immersive and enlightening experience for students, connecting them with reputable academic institutions and facilitating meaningful discussions with experts.”

Satyam Roychowdhury, General Secretary, APAI, West Bengal commented on the event and said, “APAI Pre-Counselling Fair marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for aspiring students in West Bengal. By bringing together distinguished academic institutions, industry experts, and professionals, we aim to empower students to make well-informed decisions about their educational journey. We tried to make this fair a platform for the students to explore a multitude of possibilities and gain valuable insights into the world of engineering and technical studies.”

30, Jun 2023
Social Beat’s Digital Leadership Summit 2023 examines Growth Through Innovation
Ms. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal, Director, Google at Social Beat Leadership Summit
Ms. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal, Director, Google at Social Beat Leadership Summit

Social Beat held a ‘Growth through Innovation’ digital leadership summit in Chennai attended by more than 100 high-level marketers spread across industries from the city and elsewhere. The Key Note address of the summit was by Mr CK Ranganathan, the founder, CM&MD of CavinKare, while marketing heads of Google, Snap Chat, TVS Eurogrip and Sundaram Finance among others shared insights on their growth story with innovative strategies in expanding their customer base.

Mr. C K Ranganathan, Managing Director, CavinKare said, “Growth through innovation has be a structured process driven throughout the organization by company heads. Leaders have to be proactive, agile and develop strategic plans based on their market intelligence and trends. I think there are 5 key elements in ensuring the success of any organization and that is Strategy, Structure, People, Process and Technology. If a company understands these 5 steps and takes action in implementing them, then they are on the right track.”

Mr. Ajit Narasimhan, Chief Marketing Officer, Sundaram Mutual Fund said, “A lot has changed from around 2010 to where we are today. And I think there are three important changes with respect to the BFSI industry. One, technology. Two, Building presence. And when you build your presence, the audience wants to consume it so you need to start making investments in technology and thus the third, Adopting and embracing various digital platforms with content to reach out to our audience. Digital marketing and new technology is no more a cost centre, but an investment and revenue generator.”

Mr. Arjun Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, Matrimony.com, said, “The match making business has been in the online space for about 20 years now. But since there has been a traditional history to it we had to innovate to get people to accept our offering. Early on discovery was happening online and consumption was offline but now both the discovery and the consumption has moved online. Given the complexity of catering to the need of different groups with different beliefs, innovation via digital has helped us manage this transition and make match-making an easier process for the customer. Innovation at various levels have helped us get here.”

Ms. Kavitha Ganesan, Head-Brand Marketing, TVS Eurogrip said, “It is a challenge for an offline brand to get success via Integrated Marketing and that too for a low involvement category. A further challenge was how to move from brand communication to brand experience. At TVS Eurogrip we managed this via an innovative campaign that involved digital, traditional and innovation all focused towards making the brand speak and touch our prospects at various points. So the Integration with the Chennai Super Kings brand had to be supplemented with a well thought out innovative campaign that didn’t stop at TV Advertisements. We integrated the campaign though various touch points both in the digital and physical worlds. The end result was immensely satisfying and paid us rich dividends.”

Ms. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal, Director, Google said, “India is going through rapid digitisation. Affordability of data has levelled the field and online content is consumed by everyone. Today, an individual has multiple devices. Therefore, its relevant for a brand to be present across various devices and various mediums. You Tube shorts that was first launched in India sees more than 6 million users and businesses need to create formats of communication workable in many verticals. At Google we see consumers coming to one platform to consume content of all kinds. So clearly YouTube is now a single stop destination that an organization cannot ignore.”

Mr. Gaurav Jain, Head of Emerging Business, Share Chat, said, “Growth today is coming equally from the urban and rural areas. We at Share Chat help companies to realize that significant improvement can be attained by generating content and promotions in regional languages. Today, Share Chat has a user base of more than 325 million. More than 30 crore people come to our platform on a monthly basis to get entertained, express themselves by posting videos which is why we are confident of guiding clients to help with messaging in the right context to generate maximum hits.”

Suneil Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat, said, “Social Beat is committed to innovation in the digital world to help our Clients excel in their domain. We offer solutions and practices to help customers break through bottlenecks in their transformation journey. Social Beat seeks to constantly innovate and offer products that will enable customers to make significant strides in their business digitally.”


29, Jun 2023
Histria Books Announces the Release of The Death Tax by S.A. Hogan

Histria Books is thrilled to unveil the paperback and eBook editions of “The Death Tax” by S.A. Hogan. Published by Addison & Highsmith Publishers, an imprint of Histria Books renowned for exceptional works of fiction. This captivating novel is set to intrigue readers with its unique blend of suspense, mystery, and thought-provoking themes.

In “The Death Tax,” a small Missouri town becomes gripped by an eerie phenomenon every April 15th. Mysteriously, millions of hummingbirds descend upon Lake Tanaka, leaving behind a trail of fatalities that escalates with each passing year. Dr. Kevin Cousey, once a man with boundless potential, finds himself grappling with the aftermath of a life-altering incident two decades ago—an incident that cost him his career, his family, and nearly his life. Searching for purpose, he becomes fixated on the annual deadly hummingbird attacks and teams up with Paul Mahr, the editor of a local newspaper who shares his belief in a pattern underlying the disturbing events. Together, they uncover a tapestry of enigmatic clues, including a passionate thirteen-year-old French exchange student with an affinity for hummingbirds, a Navy diver-turned-corporate millionaire with a shadowy past, and the enigmatic figure of the patron saint of birds.

Histria Books Announces the Release of The Death Tax by S.A. Hogan

The Death Tax is an enthralling fusion of Hitchcock’s The Birds with a purpose, Nabokov’s Lolita in its darkest incarnation, and a compelling murder mystery. As the story unfolds, it fearlessly explores complex themes such as pedophilia, social apathy, intolerance, and religious hypocrisy. It also serves as a celebration of nature, offering a balance between the macabre and the beautiful. Author S.A. Hogan brings a wealth of experience to the narrative, having spent four years as a Christian lay missionary in Ghana and over seven years as an English instructor and curriculum developer in Thailand.

With 264 pages of gripping storytelling, The Death Tax (ISBN 978-1-59211-286-9) is available in paperback and eBook formats. Readers can find it at HistriaBooks.com and all major book retailers. Histria Books distributes titles published under its various imprints worldwide through the Independent Publishers Group. For more information on publishing with Histria Books, please visit HistriaBooks.com or contact us at info@histriabooks.com.

Histria Books

7181 N. Hualapai Way, Suite 130-86, Las Vegas, NV 89166 USA


(561) 299-0802

29, Jun 2023
New Age Universities should Foster New Age Learning Environment -Experts at Amity University Haryana

Atwo-week online refresher course on Digital Skills and Competencies for University Teachers: With a Special Focus on MOOC’s and E-Content Development jointly organized by Amity University Haryana and Association of Indian Universities, Academic and Administrative Development Centre in collaboration with Academic Staff College, Amity University Haryana to equip teachers with the 21st-century digital skills necessary to design, develop, and deliver MOOCs effectively so that they should be at par with national and international standards and have the ability to think critically and creatively, to collaborate with others, to clearly and effectively communicate with students. The program was held successfully from June 09-22, 2023.

amity university

The course attracted a significant number of registered participants, including deans, heads of institutions, faculty members, and a total of 146 participants from various universities, institutes, and colleges in both India and abroad

The program commenced with opening remarks by Prof Sanjna Vij, Deputy Director, Academic Staff College, Amity University Haryana and Chief organiser of the Program. In her remarks, Prof Sanjna Vij emphasized that in today’s rapidly changing world, digital skills have become essential in our daily lives. As educators, it is crucial for teachers to stay updated and equipped with the necessary tools and competencies to effectively navigate digital landscapes. Highlighting the importance of embracing digital skills, Prof Vij quoted, “Illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” This quote serves as a reminder to teachers that embracing digital skills and technology is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process of learning, unlearning outdated practices, and relearning new ones.

amity university1

Delivering the Keynote address, Prof. P.B. Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana, emphasized on creating a new age learning environment within Indian universities. Prof Sharma highlighted the significance of events like this and stressed the need for utmost seriousness. Prof Sharma stated that such gatherings signify the eagerness and determination of the teaching community to prepare for the challenges ahead, particularly in the digital age. In this new age, it is crucial to actively contribute towards establishing an educational environment that maximizes the potential of digital tools and technologies in the realm of teaching and learning. Prof. Sharma underlined the need for teachers to foster an environment that supports three key attributes: innovation, collaboration, and enterprising approach. By embracing these attributes, teachers can create a dynamic and effective learning environment that prepares students for the challenges of the digital age. Prof Sharma also stated the importance of generating new applied knowledge and expressed delight in having esteemed resource persons present during the course

The Chief Guest, Prof. S.N. Sridhara, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai in his presentation titled “Revolutionising Education: The MOOCs,” provided a comprehensive overview of MOOCs. Prof Sridhara delved into the history of MOOCs, distinguishing between cMOOCs and xMOOCs. Furthermore, he discussed the development of MOOC companies in the United States, such as Udacity, Coursera, and edX, as well as those in Asia, including SWAYAM, NPTEL, and JMOOC, and Europe’s FutureLearn, EduOPen, and MOOC.fi.Prof. S.N. Sridhara also highlighted the success story of SWAYAM MOOCs and elucidated the requirements for creating MOOCs. He elaborated on the four quadrants of LMS, which encompassed aspects such as synchronous and asynchronous engagement, E-content, AI-assisted assessment, and peer learning. Additionally, he addressed the issue of attrition in MOOCs and provided insights into the underlying reasons for it.

amity university2

Prof Vikas Madhukar, Pro-Vice Chancellor, AUH during his address emphasized the need for modern educators to stay aligned with new technological advancements. Prof Madhukar mentioned the importance of incorporating the National Education Policy (NEP) into the academic curriculum. The NEP places particular emphasis on the SWAYAM MOOCs platform, which was created by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in 2016. This platform provides Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that can benefit both teachers and students by offering flexible and accessible learning opportunities. By incorporating the NEP and leveraging platforms like SWAYAM, educators can enhance their digital skills and competencies, as well as develop e-content that aligns with the changing educational landscape. Prof. Madhukar emphasized that by embracing these technologies and platforms, educators can create engaging learning experiences and cater to the diverse needs of students in the digital age.

Dr. B. Shadrach, Director, Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, Commonwealth of Learning, New Delhi, emphasized the significance of understanding the learners and their individual learning styles for educators. During the presentation, Dr. Shadrach discussed the importance of teachers understanding the theoretical grounding of their teaching practices as well as their practical orientation. By having a strong theoretical foundation, teachers can design and deliver effective digital learning experiences for their students. Additionally, understanding the practical aspects of teaching allows teachers to align their digital skills and competencies with the needs of their students.

Dr.BrijuThankachan, Executive Director, Educational Technology Society of India& Ex-Visiting Faculty, Educational Technology, IIT Bombay touched upon the paradigm shift in the education system and introduced the concept of the information age paradigm, which highlights the changing role of teachers from being mere information providers to becoming facilitators of information. Dr.Thankachanalso emphasized that in the information age, teachers are no longer the sole repositories of knowledge. Instead, they play a crucial role in guiding students in accessing and critically analysing information. The focus has shifted towards developing skills such as digital literacy, information evaluation, and problem-solving.

Dr.AmrendraPani, Joint Director & Head, Research Division, Association of Indian Universities, Delhi during his address emphasized the importance of AIU’s objective to modernize digital education through the introduction of online activities for teachers, such as teaching, learning, and integrating technology into the research and revolution process of teaching and learning.

During the two-week event, excellent and fruitful deliberations were shared by esteemed speakers from various domains included – Jake Olivier, Adviser: Higher Education at the Commonwealth of Learning, Burnaby, Canada, Dr. Fawzi Baroud, Chairholder, UNESCO Chair on Open Educational Resources (OER) for Access and Success, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology, Notre Dame University -Louaize (NDU), Lebanon, Dr Md Shuhel Miah, Deputy Dean, Brittany University, Malaysia, Prof. Uma Kanjilal, Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, Prof Sameer Sahasrabudhe, Professor of Practice (Design), IIT Gandhinagar, Prof B.S. Balaji, School of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Prof Ramesh C. Sharma, Associate Professor, School of Global Affairs, Director, Human Resource Development Centre, Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, Delhi, Ms. Subha Das Mollick, Independent filmmaker, visiting faculty Aliah University and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, Prof Manas Ranjan Panigrahi, Director, Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL), Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Pune, Prof. Kushal Sen, Indian Institute of Technology Department of Textile Technology Hauz Khas, New Delhi and many more esteemed speakers during the event contribute to the overall objectives of the NEP-2020, fostering a culture of lifelong learning, professional growth, and effective pedagogy among teachers.

Overall, the two weeks of the refresher course were filled with a wealth of information, wisdom, fresh perspectives, and cherished memories.

Maj Gen (Dr) J.S.Dhull, VSM (Retd), Director, Amity Institute of Defence Technology & Deputy Director, ASET, AUH delivered Vote of Thanksexpressing gratitude to all the dignitaries, organisers, and participants.

29, Jun 2023
Homebuyer’s Remorse – Causes and How to Avoid It

akash pharandeby Akash Pharande, Managing Director – Pharande Spaces


Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for some homebuyers to experience doubt and regret after the purchase. This is known as buyer’s remorse and can apply to any purchase, but buying a home is not the same as buying a mobile phone or air conditioner, for various obvious reasons.

The stress that comes from buying the ‘wrong’ home is considerable, with far-reaching financial implications, and it is very difficult to reverse. Obviously, the best strategy is not damage control but avoiding a regrettable home purchase altogether. Ultimately, the journey of homeownership is supposed to be joyous, fulfilling, and enriching. It is unthinkable to have to factor in and prepare for possible disappointment.

In short, buyer’s remorse, as it applies to a home purchase, must be avoided at all costs because the cost of not avoiding it is massive. Let’s delve into its causes and discuss some mitigating strategies you can use. To understand it, let’s look at the most common causes of homebuyers’ remorse.

The ‘Real’ Cost of a Cheap Home

The initial euphoria of having sealed a ‘steal’ deal on a home tends to dissipate quickly. Cheap homes are inexpensive for good reasons. To deliver that attractively low price tag, the developer has cut corners and ‘optimized’ costs. These cost-cutting measures will invariably reflect in location, specifications, project amenities and facilities, overall security, ‘smart’ features, and construction quality.

Location: The real drawbacks of a wrong location come to light only gradually, long after the sales deed has been signed, and irrevocable financial commitments have been made. In marketing material, the tag ’emerging location’ (usually coupled with qualifiers like ‘promising’ and ‘exciting’) certainly indicates that prices here will be lower than in ‘established’ areas.

But it can also mean that the area lacks the kind of social and civic infrastructure that makes life comfortable and convenient. If you’re interested in a project in an ’emerging’ area, ask others who live there whether they feel that it is developing quickly, slowly, or at all, and how easy or hard it is to live there.

Is there adequate water supply, or does the area rely on an endless parade of water tankers? Is the electric supply reliable or given to frequent outages? How close is the project to a major road that creates a lot of traffic noise and air pollution? Are you happy with the view from the apartment’s windows and balcony?

Check whether you can easily buy your daily necessities nearby, how close the children’s school is, and how easily and quickly you can commute to work and back. Evaluate the neighborhood: Is it safe, or do you see a lot of ‘informal’ housing like hutments and chawls, which could indicate a higher crime rate?

Project amenities and facilities: The lower the price tag, the fewer of these will be available. Compared to a bigger project by a well-known developer in the same area, the cheaper project you’re considering will fall short on the lifestyle quotient. The developer would have sacrificed space, effort, and expense in favor of churning out more flats.

While you may be able to live without a swimming pool, the absence of a clubhouse, jogging track, children’s playground, and well-maintained green open spaces will eventually impact the quality of your family’s life.

Smart features: A home without technology to make living there more enjoyable cannot stand the test of time. Smart features such as electronic surveillance, electronic kitchen hobs, and adequate Internet availability are absolutely essential nowadays.

Our kids are growing up with technology in their DNA. Education is increasingly Internet-based, and you yourself may have the opportunity to work from home or in hybrid mode. Modern electronic security systems make life safer. If you’ve bought a home that does not support the growing tech revolution, you will regret it sooner rather than later.

Green open spaces: If all you see around you is concrete or construction rubble, you will grow tired of the new home pretty quickly. The human senses long for the sights and sounds of nature, and adequate greenery also fulfills vital physiological needs. Do not be swept away by the cheap price if it means that your children will grow up without the sounds of birds chirping and tree leaves rustling in the breeze, and you cannot sit under a tree when you feel like it.

Construction quality: Most homebuyers, especially those buying their first homes, lack the knowledge to judge between good and substandard construction quality and the materials used. Here again, flaws will show up only after the sale is done.

Construction quality means many things, including the quality of cement and the ratio of sand mixed into it, the grade of internal steel rods used, the overall engineering and architectural design, the quality of fixtures and fittings, and many other aspects.

An inexperienced buyer cannot evaluate most of these. However, there are some rudimentary tell-tale signs to look out for:

a) Exterior structural flaws that have been patched may indicate a weak foundation for the project.
b) Small cracks in a flat’s walls, squeaking or sticking doors and windows, water leakage patches, and incorrectly positioned or uneven floors and bathroom and kitchen tiles.
c) Non-branded taps and electrical fittings and cheap paint on the walls.
d) Lifts manufactured by obscure local players whose names you have not heard before.
e) Walls and ceilings thin enough to hear the neighbor’s TV blaring or footsteps upstairs.

Any indication of obscure or unfamiliar brands is a warning sign. Such properties will deteriorate quickly, require frequent, costly repairs by the homeowners, and result in a significantly lower resale value. Buying a home in a cheaply constructed and badly designed project will lead to buyer’s remorse as surely as night follows day.

The only way to avoid this trap is to go for a property in a well-established, reputed developer with a strong brand and a reputation to uphold. Branded builders use high-quality construction materials and architectural designs, hire only reliable contractors, and guarantee thorough quality control throughout the construction process.

Major Remorse Factor – Downsizing Your Future

It is crucial to thoroughly assess your family’s current and future needs before buying a home to ensure it provides adequate space and functionality to support your lifestyle. While a smaller home will doubtlessly be cheaper, limited living space makes it difficult for family members to have their own personal areas or find privacy.

Cramped living environments lead to eventual conflicts among family members, make it challenging to store belongings, and limit the activities you can comfortably engage in. If your family expands or your needs change, a small home may quickly become inadequate.

You would eventually find it necessary to sell it and move to a larger property sooner than you expected. At that stage, you will find that smaller homes are harder to sell than bigger ones. The limited size will deter potential buyers, resulting in a longer time on the market and potentially affecting the home’s overall value.

There are obviously other aspects that can lead to homebuyer’s remorse, such as over-leveraged home loans, unforeseen financial setbacks such as job loss, and generally unrealistic expectations. However, those may have nothing to do with the property itself and need to be thought through no matter what kind of home you buy.

Avoiding homebuyer’s remorse requires thorough research and also enough insight into your own current and future needs, expectations, and potential lifestyle changes.

One of the best ways to ensure that the property stays relevant, useful, and enjoyable is to buy it in a modern integrated township. Not only do township developers include all the above-mentioned features, but they also ensure that the project runs flawlessly and sustainably.

To quote famous financial advisor Suze Orman – “Buyer’s remorse is the feeling of sadness or regret after making a purchase. The best way to avoid it is to think carefully before buying.” This may seem self-evident, but when it comes to buying a home, it is the best advice possible.