20, Oct 2023
3rd Edition of the Plant Based Navaratri Campaign begins

3rd Edition of the Plant Based Navaratri Campaign begins

Navaratri, a time of auspicious beginnings and spiritual reflection, encourages many to embrace simple and sattvic (pure) food choices. Building upon this tradition, the Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) supported by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) is embarking on an initiative to inspire individuals to embrace a more prosperous life by adopting plant-based food options. This campaign, running from 15th October to 24th October, is themed “Navaratri Se Shubharambh – Switch to Plant-Based Foods,” with the primary goal of addressing urgent concerns related to sustainability, climate change, and animal welfare, one plate at a time.

Plant-Based Navaratri Campaign advocates for a “Shubharambh,” a positive beginning towards adopting plant-based diets. This not only aligns with the principles of ethics, health, and environmental conservation but also presents a path to a more compassionate world. Plant-based foods offer the benefits of taste, texture, protein, and essential nutrients without guilt, contributing to a better and more sustainable world. These foods replace animal-based ingredients, such as plant-based dairy, plant-based meat, plant-based eggs, and plant-based seafood, which can be enjoyed during these festival days.

Sanjay Sethi, Executive Director, Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) & Human Utilization Advisor, South Asia, USSEC, passionately expressed the campaign’s mission, stating, “The Plant-Based Navaratri Campaign is a movement that aims to educate and inspire as many individuals as possible, addressing their questions and guiding them toward embracing plant-based foods as a positive lifestyle change.”

The Plant-Based Navaratri Campaign extends an open invitation to everyone to embrace plant-based foods and make a “Shubharambh” towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

With support from a diverse array of organizations, including the ProVeg International, Animal Climate Health Save India, Satvik Vegan Society, Ahimsa Land Foundation, Indian Culinary Forum, World Animal Protection India, FoodTechBiz, IMAGES Group, Mishry Reviews, Indo Agri Food and Feed and many others, we are able to further spread the message of compassion and sustainability.

In the series of events, a highly impactful webinar is taking place on 22nd October, bringing together individuals worldwide to celebrate and emphasize the importance of choosing plant-based foods. The event will also delve into maintaining a healthy life and utilizing plant-based nutrition for various health conditions. You can participate in the webinar by registering at this link: http://bit.ly/PBNC2023.

The campaign has generated significant enthusiasm among the youth, who actively engage by organizing outreach programs and contests within their college campuses. It has also found enthusiastic support on social media platforms and in educational institutes, such as the Indian Institute of Hotel Management Mumbai where intriguing discussions and plant-based food demonstrations will take place on 20th October on their campus.

The campaign also features product tastings from a variety of companies, offering attendees the opportunity to experience the delicious world of plant-based cuisine. Participating companies include Another Foods, Born Reborn, Continental Greenbird, BVeg, Blue Tribe, Evo Foods, Evolved Foods, GoodDot, Greenest, goCore Superfood, Grabenord, Get Sain, Hello Tempayy, Hemp Horizons, Plantmade, Plantaway, Plantwise, Shaka Harry, Seaspire, Symega, Urban Tiller, The Vegan Marketer, Urban Platter, Vezlay, Vegan Dukan, Wakao, WhiteCub, and many others.

Additionally, the campaign collaborated with the Ekatva Plant-Based Food Festival in Delhi on 15th October and supported the World Food Day event organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and NIFTEM-Kundli in partnership with Ind Food & Beverage Association, where students had a delightful experience trying out Continental Greenbird plant-based kebabs, plant-based chicken nuggets, and Born Reborn’s millet-based products.

To stay updated on exciting plant-based recipes, pledges, health benefits, and the environmental impact, follow the campaign’s social media pages using the hashtag #PlantBasedNavaratri.

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